The Best BigCommerce Apps for Payments & Security

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Today, the foundation for conducting business online is extensions and applications. The major objective of these add-ons is to make it simpler for you to set up and manage your store by minimizing repetitive tasks. Your online store won’t be able to provide many new features or products without it. This has led to the existence of individual App Stores for platforms like Magento, Shopify, Shopware, and others. The best BigCommerce payment and security options will be reviewed in this article. You will also be familiar with extensions for payment processors & gateways, cryptocurrency, age verification & compliance, and many other things. You will also be able to decide for yourself which practical applications you will employ moving forward after reading this essay. Let’s start.

What is eCommerce Payment procces?

The procedure that takes place when a company accepts payments from clients via an e-commerce portal is known as ecommerce payment. It’s done via a secure terminal, or gateway, which guards consumers’ private financial data and provides a conduit for money transfers from them to the retailer.

How is the processing of online payments done?

Start with payment gateway

Customers enter their credit or debit card information at the checkout to start an eCommerce transaction, whether they are purchasing a gift, paying a bill, or making an online donation.

Work the payment processor

Once users click the button to submit the information, the encrypted payment data are delivered to the payment processor via the payment gateway.

Approved or Denied

Before deducting the sale money from that user’s account, the payment processor notifies the card-issuing bank to investigate the transaction. The transaction will be approved if the bank certifies that the customer has enough money. However, the customer and the payment processor are informed if the transaction is declined due to a lack of funds.

Signal the completion of the transaction

The payment gateway is then informed of the authorization or denial by your payment processor. The gateway will send a notification to the merchant’s website if the transaction is successful.

Popular Methods of Online Payment

In the world of digital commerce, there are many widely used payment options. They are interchangeable, practical, and versatile. You may now see a list of the most widely used solutions:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Smart Card
  • E-Money

Best BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps


With Signifyd, rising e-commerce companies can overcome problems like the billions of dollars lost to chargebacks, consumer resentment over erroneous declines, and operational costs associated with laborious, manual transaction inquiry. A full-service cloud platform that automates fraud prevention through real-time machine learning underpins Signifyd’s guaranteed fraud protection, enabling businesses to grow sales and enter new markets while lowering risk. Signifyd automatically examines an order that a consumer placed on your BigCommerce store and notifies you whether or not to ship it. You get such features as:

  • Zero fraud liability. Since every Signifyd transaction is guaranteed to increase your revenue, you can increase it without taking any unnecessary risks. We reimburse you, along with chargeback fees and shipping, if you receive a fraudulent chargeback, and we do so within 48 hours.
  • Ship more. Accept more domestic and international orders than you would typically deny thanks to Signifyd’s industry-leading acceptance rates.
  • Automate your back office. Skip the research and the hold time for a callback from the customer. Every decision is accompanied by a lovely report that contains a score and an in-depth justification.
  • Integrate quickly. Signifyd can be set up quickly. Simply install the app, select your preferences, and you’ll see orders pouring in with complete data enrichment right away.

You can use this application for $1,500/month. Get Signifyd App for BigCommerce.

PayWhirl Subscriptions

With PayWhirl Recurring Payments, BigCommerce users can easily create and manage subscriptions, payment schedules, and automated invoicing. Plugins do all the custom work necessary to create the numerous pages that let your clients log in, manage their subscriptions, credit/debit cards on file, addresses, and profile information, and subscribe to payment plans. Your customers may log in, manage their personal information, view their billing history, and make changes to their accounts using PayWhirl + BigCommerce. The ability to add or remove payment plans, update cards on file, store multiple addresses and profiles, view upcoming payments, and more can all be done by customers without having to get in touch with anyone at your company. With this app, you will get such functions as

  • Subscriptions, payment plans, build-a-boxes, and preorders are all available. 
  • Customers are able to easily create and manage their own unique subscriptions. 
  • Automated billing and inadequate payment processing 
  • Order, customer, and theme integration with BigCommerce is seamless
  • Automated & Manual Invoicing Tools 
  • Digital Download Support

You can start using this plugin for nothing. Get PayWhirl Subscriptions App for BigCommerce.

Rebillia Platform

Without sacrificing the client experience, this plugin offers BigCommerce the fastest and most adaptable business subscription management platform. Your clients won’t even be aware that we are present if you use app totally embedded integration. Combining that with our vertical-based plan distribution plugin, our self-built proprietary subscription engine, and other features ensures you get the features you require without paying for those you do not. You get features as

  • Subscriptions, Memberships, Auto-Ships. Rebillia combines our product-based subscription module with our in-house subscription engines to provide the highest level of billing flexibility.  
  • Fully integrated with BigCommerce and synchronized. While totally maintaining the back-end management of your store, Rebillia integrates itself with your store’s interfaces and features to give your customers the greatest possible shopping experience. 
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider & GDPR Compliant.  The PCI Council has certified Rebillia as the only level 1 PCI compliant and GDPR compliant payment solution app available on the BigCommerce marketplace. 
  • Compatible with several StoreFronts. With Rebillia’s channel-based connection, you may link as many sales channels as you like to a single main account. That also covers the MSF (Multi Storefront) features of BigCommerce.

The pricing for this plugin is customized. Get Rebillia Platform App for BigCommerce.

FraudLabs Pro

By checking all order transactions for signs of fraud, the FraudLabs Pro module helps merchants safeguard their online stores from dishonest criminals. Its thorough and sophisticated algorithm engines verify all components, including geolocation, proxy, email, blacklist, credit card, transaction velocity, and others, to properly uncover fraud orders. This plugin works in the background without interfering with the payment process, and it gives the merchant thorough reports on every order. You get features as

  • Analysis and scoring of fraud 
  • Geolocation of IP addresses and proxy verification 
  • Validating email addresses 
  • Confirmation of transaction velocity 
  • Authentication of device transactions 
  • Validation of a blacklist 
  • Comparison of export-controlled nations 
  • Testing of malware exploits 
  • Custom rules are invoked 
  • Network of Pro Merchant FraudLabs 
  • Merchant Administrative Interface for FraudLabs Pro 
  • Orders for fraud notification via email 
  • Notification of fraud orders via mobile app 
  • Search by Social Profile

This application is free to use. Get FraudLabs Pro App for BigCommerce.  


Offering memberships in your store will increase sales. Customers only need to choose the subscription period with the help of Subscrimia’s subscription management tools. You may start selling subscriptions in your store right away for nothing. You get features as

  • Based on the subscription duration chosen during checkout, Subscrimia will automatically plan and collect recurring payments from your clients.
  • Your customers can manage their own payment methods on file, address information, custom questions, subscriptions, and even place subsequent orders using a responsive customer portal
  • You don’t need to worry about taxes or shipping costs because our recurring orders use your current Bigcommerce configuration to obtain this information

This software has a custom pricing structure. Get Subsctimia App for BigCommerce

Fraud Protection by Eye4Fraud

With the help of Eye4Fraud’s robust software, you may accept any order from anywhere in the world without taking any chances. 

  • Highest approval rate. No other fraud company approves more orders, period
  • Responsible account manager. You’ll never need to use a bot or create a ticket. A (human) account manager who is familiar with you will respond the same day if you have a query or need urgent assistance
  • The plugin also supports phone orders

You can use this plugin with custom prices. Get Fraud Protection by Eye4Fraud App for BigCommerce

Recurring Billing & Vaulting By MINIBC

The primary objective of this application is to offer you automated recurring billing. You can take advantage of features like:

  • Full Support for One-Page Checkouts
  • Support for BigCommerce Product V3 
  • Customers use BigCommerce Checkout to complete their purchases. No one ever takes them off-site
  • Token-based card vaulting and billing that is fully PCI compliant. The real credit card is never seen or touched 
  • Vaulting system to store cards is included at no additional cost, enabling your clients to have their cards on account. 
  • Using our flexible product creation wizard, you may build up membership plans, boxes of the month, T-shirts of the week, quarterly boxes, auto-ships, and many more configurations
  • Operating Enterprise stores with a premium BigCommerce subscription for an introductory rate

This application costs $99.00 per month to use. Get Recurring Billing & Vaulting By MINIBC App for BigCommerce.

Sufio Invoices

For orders in your store, this plugin automatically generates and sends invoices. Additionally, send invoices that are legal in 50 different nations. You can stand out and create a strong brand by sending stunning invoices. You get such features as

  • Sell to businesses. Automatically set European business customers as tax free customers in your store by collecting and validating their VAT and GST numbers. 
  • Custom Design. Create a one-of-a-kind invoice by changing the template’s colors and other components. 
  • Print in Bulk. Print or download a number of PDF invoices simultaneously and provide them to your accountant. 
  • Additional Documents. Additional papers should be made, including quotes, pro forma invoices, and credit notes. 
  • Multiple Currencies. Create invoices in the same currencies that your consumers used to make purchases at your store. 
  • Comprehensive Support. A knowledgeable support team can assist you in setting up invoicing and taxes for your store.

You can use this application for $19 per month after a 14-day free trial. Get Sufio Invoices App for BigCommerce.

Bread Finance

A full-funnel, white label financing solution called Bread helps businesses increase customer acquisition and conversion. Retailers who utilize Bread have seen sales rise by 5–15%, AOV rise by up to 120%, and email click-through rates rise by 84%. By keeping customers interested throughout the sales funnel and providing a financing experience that is consistent with the brand, plugin tools have been shown to lower friction and increase conversion. With Bread, customers can pre-qualify for financing and apply for it earlier in the purchasing process, giving them access to clear financing options that increase their purchasing power and boost sales. This app provides you such functionality as

  • Entire Funnel. Presenting financing choices earlier in the purchasing process will help you engage customers even before they reach the checkout. 
  • Real-time decision. Pre-qualification is a simple and quick process. Allow your consumers to quickly discover their purchasing power without ever leaving your website. 
  • Flexible Financing Options. Offer terms and financing plans that are suited to your consumers, order values, and products.
  • Retargeting Drive. Use Bread’s powerful APIs to reach abandoned customers and recoup lost sales.
  • Useful Information. Utilize the comprehensive data available on our platform to make wise decisions about how to increase client loyalty. 

This application is free to use. Get Bread Finance App for BigCommerce. 

Affirm Marketing

With the help of customized programs from Affirm, you can convert surfers into buyers, raise the average order value, and grow your clientele. Modernizing consumer credit and transforming how people shop are also goals of Affirm. To give our network of more than 12.7 million members the freedom to buy what they want today and make easy payments over time, we collaborate with 207,000 retailers. You get such feature as

  • Promotional Messaging. You may show a customer’s anticipated monthly payment amount on product pages and at checkout thanks to the Affirm Marketing app. Prices can be reframed as a manageable monthly payment, which will increase conversion and average order value.

You can utilize this plugin for free. Get Affirm Marketing App for BigCommerce.


What is the e-commerce payment process?

When a company accepts payments from clients via an e-commerce platform, ecommerce payment processing takes place. It’s done via a secure terminal, or gateway, which guards consumers’ private financial data and provides a conduit for money transfers from them to the retailer.

What are e-payments and how are they used?

A digital transaction between two parties is referred to as an electronic payment; examples of this form of payment include ACH, cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, mobile pay, and more. Businesses might be directed by a wide range of criteria toward the electronic payment methods that would be most effective for them.

Which 4 payment types are there?

– Cash (bills and change)
– Personal Cheque
– Debit Card
– Credit Card