Customer relationship management (CRM) Magento integration

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Customer relationship management (or CRM) is a system, which manages company’s interactions with both current and future customers. CRM’s spheres of influence include marketing, sales, customer services, and technical support. Customer relationship management involves using different technologies and techniques to organize, synchronize and automate all the aforementioned activities. To integrate CRM system into your Magento e-commerce store, you just need to install one of the following CRM Magento integration extensions and modules.

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

Customer relationship management (CRM) Magento 2 integration

SugarCRM Bridge

CRM Magento extension

This CRM Magento integration extension will help you to connect an offline store with an online e-commerce shop and synchronize information about your business activities. By installing Magento SugarCRM Bridge you will connect your Magento store with SugarCRM. The extension will synchronize purchases and site users with customers, opportunities and cases in CRM system. SugarCRM Bridge costs $299 and you can purchase it here.

SugarCRM Bridge Magento extension features

  • Flexible mapping
  • Easy export from Magento to SugarCRM
  • Logged-out and logged-in customers tracking
  • Abandoned shopping carts tracking
  • No Cron job needed
  • Error handling system

OroCRM Bridge

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

This is another open source CRM Magento integration tool. OroCRM Bridge extension includes different built-in customer service and sales performance improvement tools. It also provides dashboards and out-of-the-box reports for the better understanding of your customers. You can download OroCRM Bridge extension here for free.

OroCRM Magento extension features

  • Active shopping carts list
  • Newsletter subscribers list
  • Viewed products list
  • Information about customer wish list

OneSaas Connect

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

By installing OneSaas Connect, you will be able to integrate Magento with your CRM as well. As a result, the extension will synchronize your online sales, contact, accounting and billing data between the store and the customer relationship management system. The synchronization is possible on an hourly or a daily basis. OneSaas Connect extension is free, but there are differen paid plans. Hit this link to download the extension.

Features of OneSaas Connect Magento extension

  • Detailed customer information list
  • All the necessary data about Magento products
  • Information about orders

eCS CloudGento

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

This CRM Magento integration extension allows you to link your Magento store with The service, which includes over 125,000 customers, is among leaders of on-demand cloud–based CRM. eCS CloudGento works with customer, inventory, order, and shipping information from an e-commerce store. The extension unites all the data from Magento, Amazon, eBay, Volusion and other platforms. You can purchase eCS CloudGento here for $99.

eCS CloudGento Features

  • Database for customer’s purchases, messages, emails, calls, returns
  • Database for orders from different platforms
  • Automated inventory updates after every purchase
  • Order tracking


CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

This is a CRM and ERP Management System by STI, which was developed especially for Magento. The extension includes 10 Modules: CRM Contact, Calendar, Company, Timesheets, Project Manager, Sales-Automation, Email support, HR Manager, Import and Export. STI-CRM-ERP costs $549 and you can purchase it here.


  • Contacts and customer information brochure
  • Events and calendars
  • Companies and clients information brochure
  • Timesheets and employee information brochure
  • Data export and import

VtigerCRM Bidirectional Synchronization

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

VtigerCRM allows you to synchronize data between your Magento store and Vtiger CRM system. It works with information about customers, carts, products, orders, invoices, etc. VtigerCRM Bidirectional Synchronization for Magento costs $299. Hit this link for more information.


  • Image synchronization
  • Manual mapping between Magento attributes and Vtiger fields
  • Multi stores data synchronization
  • Multi currencies support