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 A/B testing is a randomized experiment with A and B variants, which are the control and the treatment in the testing. Variant A (the control) is the currently used version, while Variant B (the treatment) is modified. The goal of Magento A/B testing is to identify changes to an online store that increase an outcome of interest. More and more e-commerce merchants use A/B testing to get the most out of their traffic and improve sales. You can use it to test almost everything in your e-commerce business.

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There are a lot of reasons to do A/B testing for a Magento store. At least, we can name 5 examples, which illustrate the importance of A/B testing. First one is a similarity. If two similar goods have the same price (the control), consumers are much less likely to pay for one of them than if their prices are a little bit different (the treatment).

The second reason is a price comparisons. Asking customers to compare often causes them to fear that they are being tricked. In this situation you should focus on why prices are cheaper (Variant B), not just that they are (Variant A).

The third one is different levels of pricing. Remember, that customers determine the acceptability of price by utilizing exterior information. For example, you can sell cheap, regular, premium, and ultra premium products. If you sell regular and premium products, the premium one will be much more popular. If you add the cheap product of the same kind to your assortment, you make the regular product overwhelming, because the premium one seems much more expensive. You can also change the situation by using ultra premium products.

ab testing magento

The fourth reason is KISS principle, which is an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid”. Prices with more syllables seem drastically higher to consumers, so there is a difference between $2,999.00, $2,999 and $2999. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine is perceived as a higher price than twenty nine ninety-nine. So, use minimalistic prices and give your customers more more opportunities to focus on the items from your store. In this situation prices with more syllables are the control and simple prices are the treatment.

Last but not least is the Number 9 principle. Prices ending in 9 are even able to outsell the exact same product with a lower price. Imagine, that you have a situation, than the price for a random item is $50, but you’ve changed it to only $35. It is Variant A. Variant B would be the same situation, but with the higher new price, which is $39. The new sale price from Variant B would outsell the one from Variant A, even though it is more expensive.

And there are dozens of other examples, but let’s talk directly about A/B testing of every Magento store. Amasty names 6 most important things to A/B test on a Magento website. The first one is a product title, as it is the most important content part of every selling page. The second candidate for A/B testing of every Magento store is an area of product images. The third place goes to a product badging. And don’t forget to A/B test your product descriptions, they should make your customers click on the “Add to cart” button immediately. The fifth place goes to stock availability notes, and last but not least is an A/B testing of call-to-action-buttons of your e-commerce store.

A/B Testing Tools

A/B Testing Magento extensions

A/B Testing by Amasty

Magento A/B Testing Extension by Amasty

A/B Testing by Amasty. Having installed this Magento A/B testing extension, you can examine different product parameters by running various split and multivariate tests. Improving your product pages is a piece of cake if you use Amasty A/B Testing. The module is able to:

A/B Testing Magento Extension by Amasty

  • run numerous tests simultaneously;
  • test whole product page design or particular attributes;
  • provide stats reports;
  • display different test variants to different customers.

A/B Testing MAgento Extension by Amasty

Besides, you can easily manage the duration of your tests. This Magento A/B testing extension is extremely popular within the Magento community, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Besides, you can compare A/B Testing by Amasty with the furthermentioned tools and modules, but we think that this solution is the most reliable, user-friendly, and robust.

Download A/B Testing by Amasty

Other A/B Testing Magento Extensions

A/B Testing MagentoOptimizely. It is the official extension for integrating Optimizely with your e-commerce store, which also adds some extra functionality. The extension is free and you can download it here.

A/B Testing Magento extensionsA/B Testing. A/B Testing from GoTop developer. The extension costs $200 and you can purchase it here.

Blue Acorn Convert Experiments for Magento. Another extension from Magento’s most professional and reputable partners, which is free. Hit this link for further information. You can download Blue Acorn Convert Experiments here.

A/B Testing Magento extensions