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In order to create their online storefronts, many new enterprises turn to a variety of services. Such services are extremely prevalent and provide a wide range of features and assistance. Wix is one of these. We shall examine this solution today. We’ll go over the Wix platform’s capabilities, costs, and other options. You may ask: Why should I use Wix and what can it offer me? Don’t worry; this article contains all the answers. You will be familiar with the key platform features after reading this and will be able to decide whether to use Wix or not. Let’s begin. 

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Wix Summary

  • Wix is a website-building platform with various features
  • No coding knowledge is necessary when using Wix to build a powerful, professional website
  • You can create almost any website you want
  • Wix provides outstanding design templates
  • The most effective premium features on Wix are cheap per month

Wix Introduction

What is Wix? A complete solution is provided by this website builder, which includes everything from business features and infrastructure of the highest quality to sophisticated SEO and marketing tools. You may expand your store and increase its success by using these features. 

Wix is a very significant player in this industry. Everybody may go online and have a personalized, credible web presence thanks to Solution’s strong technology. You may find the tools and solutions you need to design a great website, regardless matter whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro. Let’s explore the features of the platform.

Wix Features 

We divided our features section into smaller categories because Wix is a very large platform. We will begin with website Creation-Assisting features. Then, we examine qualities that are Business-Related. After that, the Resources and Growth will be explored.


Here, you can find a such tools as

  • Website Design 
  • Website Templates 
  • Advanced Web Development 
  • Editor X
  • Mobile App
  • Hire a Professional Option

You can find a ton of helpful tools to aid in the creation of an online store in this Wix section. First, Wix provides you with a Website Design option that enables you to build an online store with all the essential features. This function will provide you with a

  • Design Ingredients 
  • Built-in Tools
  • Advanced Functionality 
  • Professional Features
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Mobile Experience

You also receive Website Templates. Wix offers a ton of fantastic templates that are user-friendly and help you make your store appear beautiful. 

A Mobile App Development option is one of Wix’s most distinctive offerings. The Wix Owner app may be used to manage and expand your community or business while you’re on the move. You receive components like

  • In charge of your website 
  • Chatting Live with Visitors 
  • Analyze business data 
  • Expand Your Online Shop 
  • Create and disperse blog entries 
  • Accept reservations and payments 
  • Maintain Community Control 
  • Take Care of Your Restaurant 
  • Make an engaging mobile app experience

Additionally, Wix gives you the option to hire with a freelancer or professional agency to design, manage, develop, or even market your webstore.

Additionally, Wix offers a Responsive Editor X. Using a simple drag and drop interface, this special tool can build websites using responsive CSS.


In this section, Wix offers you such features as

  • eCommerce Website
  • Online Sevices 
  • Restaurants 
  • Blog Website 
  • Fitness Website 

In terms of the Business sector, Wix offers a wide range of other functions as well. 

Wix has a stand-alone Wix Commerce platform, in general. This will be discussed in a later post.

The platform also offers a variety of online services with a wide range of options. You get features as

  • Tools for Scheduling That Will Manage & Expand Your Business 
  • Scheduler for Group Sessions & Appointments 
  • Offer services 
  • Schedule Management 
  • Safe Payment Methods 
  • Associations & Packages 
  • Staff Control 
  • Management of Clients 
  • Analytics & Reports 
  • Mobile App with Customization

Plus, Wix gives you the choice to build a Full-Service Restaurant Website. With this choice, you can create a professional menu and alter the design, accept online orders free of charge, allow clients to reserve tables whenever they want, and market your restaurant using effective marketing tools.

You are able to build a blog website. You can obtain a complete package of user-friendly design elements and effective marketing tools to build a distinctive blog that makes an impact. You can select from 900+ free customisable templates packed with everything you need thanks to Wix. Or begin with a blank canvas and draw something original.

Or, you probably need a website if you create fitness-related content. You may get this from Wix. Making your clients feel their best, keeping up with a changing industry, and increasing efficiency can all be done from a single platform. You may sell membership plans and packages, stream live and on-demand workouts, engage customers with a custom mobile app, allow customers to sign up online and pay anywhere, and motivate members with online programs and class bundles.

Growth Features

You may find elements that can aid in managing and expanding your store here. For example, Email Marketing campaign creator. You can launch successful email marketing campaigns with a Wix website that engage your audience and increase site traffic. With our simple editor, you can produce stunning mobile-optimized emails in a matter of minutes. Start from scratch or modify one of our email marketing templates created by designers.

Social Media Graphics are another tool you may use to increase website traffic. You may create social media postings to advertise your company, improve website traffic, and boost conversions. Choose a blank canvas and alter it however you see fit to reflect your brand. Then you may add your content and use social media graphics after selecting a background.

We also can’t forget about Wix’s Facebook Ads solution. Paid Facebook and Instagram advertising can increase your store’s visibility, create leads, and enhance sales. By using focused campaigns to attract potential clients, you may produce results and obtain insightful information by keeping track of important metrics like site visits, clicks, and more. Get advice on how to improve your campaign whenever you want, wherever, on your PC or mobile device.

A complete client management system is offered by Wix. With a comprehensive CRM solution integrated directly into your website, you can gather leads, turn them into customers, and improve your workflow. You can get a full client management solution from Ascend by Wix. It’s intended to assist you in acquiring leads, converting them, creating enduring bonds with your clients, and managing your workflow. You already have everything you need to expand your business thanks to the integration of your CRM package with your website.


Wix also provides you with a variety of resources. You can find the most beautiful and eye-catching ideas from Wix developers in the website design inspiration section.

You also have access to Wix Learn. You may find a ton of helpful articles on a variety of subjects here that can advance your understanding of website building. You can also get instructional videos.

The final option is Wix Blog. The tutorials section and the blog are fairly similar. Many various articles that are mostly on the creation or management of digital sites may be found here. You may find articles like “How to Get a Business Loan in 5 Steps” or even “The 10 Best URL Shorteners On the Market” here.

Wix Integrations

You can utilize your preferred marketing tools in conjunction with your Wix site by connecting them via Wix Marketing Integrations. Connect your website to services like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel to begin tracking your online marketing activities, gathering insightful data on the behavior of your users, and generating useful insights for enhancing your website.

On external websites, Wix connections are also possible. Basically, you can search the Internet for Wix connectors for nearly any service.

Wix Competitors & Alternatives

A website creation tool is called Wix. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternatives here.


With a beginner-friendly UI and more complex customization choices than the other, more straightforward website builders, Squarespace is most like Wix. Although it’s a small distinction, Squarespace is a little more sophisticated than Wix, so there are a few more design options but a little more of a learning curve. 

The aesthetic templates offered by Squarespace are also well-known; these are typically superior to Wix’s templates right out of the box. However, it doesn’t have the add-ons and apps that other Wix rivals provide, so you’re essentially limited to using Squarespace’s features.


Weebly provides a third middle-of-the-road website builder that is suitable for novices but has sufficient advanced features to appease experts, following in the footsteps of Wix and Squarespace. The least customizable of the three, Weebly nonetheless offers enough possibilities for you to create a bespoke website. 

Weebly may be used to create any type of website, however they seem to favor e-commerce. With additional features for online sales like discount codes, product ratings, and on-site calculators—some of which Wix doesn’t provide—Weebly, which was acquired by Square, caters to online retailers. Because of this, Weebly is among the best Wix alternatives you should consider using to create an e-commerce website.


GoDaddy markets itself as the all-in-one solution and includes capabilities for email marketing and social media integration right in the platform. Because of this, especially if you choose their ecommerce package, it’s an excellent choice for ambitious site builders that have already planned multi-channel campaigns. With the lower tier plans, however, access to those tools is constrained. 

One of the main criticisms of GoDaddy is that it can impede SEO, as evidenced by automatically created page URLs that alter each time a page is edited. There is no app store or add-on marketplace, just like some other Wix alternatives.

Wix Pricing

For two different types of customers, Wix offers Premium plans. Plans for websites come first. This area is excellent for showcasing a credible website.

Here, Wix offers you four different pricing options.

  • VIP – $24,50 per month
  • Unlimited – $12,50 per month
  • Combo – $8,50 per month
  • Connect Domain – $4,50 per month

Next are the business and online store plans. This strategy is necessary for accepting payments online. Wix only provides three options in this area.

  • Business VIP – $35 per month
  • Business Unlimited – $25 per month
  • Business Basic – $17 per month

Wix Pros & Cons


  • Wix’s editor is incredibly simple to use, especially for newbies without any prior tech knowledge, thanks to its drag-and-drop building capabilities. 
  • Great online store offering – Wix is a large option if you want to start an online store because it has a great selection of eCommerce tools. 
  • Everything you need to scale and grow No of the size of the website you’re constructing, it has the tools you need thanks to its remarkable features and wide-ranging app store. 
  • A ton of flexibility and creative freedom, allowing you to simply alter your template to have the precise appearance you desire.


  • Once your website has been published, changing your template requires starting over from scratch. 
  • Installing third-party apps could cost more if you want more advanced features. 
  • When you first open the Wix editor, it may feel intimidating because there are many functionality and design options available.

Final Words

In conclusion, Wix is an extremely diverse platform that offers something for everyone. Wix offers fantastic layouts, SEO and marketing capabilities, as well as a ton of apps to help you scale, for enterprises. You have all the tools you require for blogging, portfolios, and CVs on personal websites. Wix is a fantastic solution for a good reason. We advise you to go to Wix and give it a shot on your own.  

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What is Wix used for?

Wix is a free, straightforward tool for creating websites. The platform’s user-friendly technology and robust built-in features provide customers with the ability to easily create professional websites that look fantastic on any device.

Why is Wix so popular?

Wix has a lot of design templates and a pretty simple user interface. Wix’s drag-and-drop interface, which makes it simple to add content and create your website without any coding knowledge, is one of its strongest features.

Is Wix really a free platform?

Wix provides you with all the tools you need, including free web hosting, to build a beautiful website. But you can utilize WIx premium options with various costs.

What kinds of websites is Wix excellent for?

For everyone, in our opinion. Wix is a fantastic platform where you can build practically any website you desire. From a personal website to a fish-focused restaurant.