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Managing returns is not a pleasant task regardless of what kind of business you have. It even gets harder when you deal with E-commerce where sellers and customers are separated by distance and a computer screen, which makes it completely impossible to identify who is right and who is not until the product is actually returned. However, if your products are secured by a warranty, you have more chances to benefit from regular RMA routine.

Generally, RMA, or a return merchandise authorization, is a standard procedure of returning a product to a seller with the aim of further replacement, repair, or refunding. The first two options are considered to be the most favourable for a merchant, as they require minimal costs when compared to a full or even partial refund of a purchase. Customers, in their turn, often tend to stick to their original product choice preferring to receive the same but flawless product rather than just money and no product at all. Nevertheless, the best scenario for both a seller and a customer would be to completely prevent a return situation unless it’s highly demanded.

The Best RMA Magento 2 Extensions

For a seller, the primary aim must be to make his or her customers secure about the quality of the products and services. It is also recommended to provide them with all the additional information concerning shipping conditions as well as return and refund policies. The secondary task is to create an effective RMA management system that would enable fast and simple merchant-customer interaction through the online store interface.

Magento merchants have an opportunity to provide their websites with the most flexible RMA features to improve their reliability and encourage customers to make more purchases. This became possible thanks to a set of Magento RMA modules that can significantly improve the quality of your customer service and prevent you from undesirable expenses. Below you can find more information about these modules and choose the one that suits you best.

RMA by Mirasvit

Magento RMA Extension by Mirasvit

This is a powerful tool for introducing high-end RMA in Magento stores. It will provide your website with an easy-to-use self-service feature that will help your customers to effectively request and manage product returns and replacement without any hindrances. RMA by Mirasvit tool can automatically generate all the necessary RMA operations and helps to monitor the status of every operation in real time. Thus, your customers will now manage to choose which product to return, select specific reasons for return, briefly describe the current condition of a product and finally – specify what kind of resolution they expect to get after the completion of a return: repair, exchange, refund, or store credit.

This Magento RMA extension has a lot of handy features for both a customer and a seller.

Customer features include:

  • Unregistered customers can also have an access to requesting and managing their returns.
  • Registered customers can monitor the status of their returns right through their user accounts.
  • In case if a customer purchases several items in one order, he or she can return only defective item(s) without the necessity to return the whole order.
  • Any product can be exchanged to the same one, but not necessarily. Customers can choose an item with a different color, size, etc., which makes it possible to get a certain financial difference in result of exchange. If the price for an exchanged item appears to be lower, the difference will be stored in a customer store credit balance.
  • When creating a return request, customers will need to set up the following parameters: Status, Reason, Condition, and Resolution.
  • After a return request is accepted, a customer will receive a notification with RMA Shipping Label containing information about items to return and return address they should be sent to. This document needs to be printed out and attached to a product itself.
  • While RMA is being processed, a customer has still an opportunity to leave additional comments concerning the item(s).
  • Customers can have an access to the whole message history of their RMA procedure and monitor its status changes.
  • Customers are also regularly notified by e-mail about every status change or a message from an online store administration.
  • It is possible to  reply on RMA messages by e-mail as well without the necessity to log in to a user account each time there is a new message coming (this feature is only available with Help Desk extension).
  • Customers can also return items they received as gifts.

Seller features include:

  • Supports all Magento versions.
  • Ability to create RMA requests through the backend.
  • Ability to monitor the entire message history and RMA status of every customer.
  • Store owners can set up the preferable notification system to inform their customers about RMA status changes.
  • Possibility to leave private messages that can only be seen by a store team.
  • Sellers can assign RMA requests to various members of their store team.
  • Shipping Label image is offered from backend to be uploaded for customers when their RMA request is accepted.
  • Sellers can create custom names for all RMA request parameters as well as translate them into different languages.
  • Sellers can also enable Quick Response feature containing a set of answer templates to frequently asked questions concerning RMA procedure.
  • There is an opportunity to set up custom fields for entering text, choosing dates, or selecting appropriate type or resolution when completing standard steps of RMA request. Additional fields for entering complete shipping information are also available.
  • Sellers also can create custom algorithms that would automatically perform specific action under certain conditions.

For this Magento RMA extension to have a full set of features, you should integrate it with Store Credit & Refund extension and Help Desk MX extension. Store Credit & Refund extension provides your website with your own store credit system that will help to significantly improve return and refund management and increase customer loyalty. Help Desk MX extension creates perfect conditions for efficient customer feedback when it comes to dealing with unforeseen consequences of making a purchase.

RMA extension by Mirasvit is very intuitive, user-friendly and easily installed. You can purchase it for your store for $119.

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RMA by Amasty

RMA Magento module by Amasty

This is another cool Magento RMA module offering a bunch of user-friendly RMA features to your Magento store. The extension consists of advanced features that enable thorough customization of the entire MRA request process. With RMA by Amasty at hand, you will sufficiently improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase their loyalty.

The extension helps to lead customers through a smooth RMA path consisting of several steps that will finally bring them to the desired product. RMA starts with creating a return request which then converts to a return itself; further, the item is repaired or replaced by a new one and shipped back to the customer. Every step can be timely fixed by the module letting customers know about the changed status of their request.

RMA by Amasty features the following:

1. Effective RMA request management. Thanks to its advanced features, the module provides sellers with a full control over every RMA request submitted in their stores. They can quickly react on every request right away due to a well-managed notification system.

2. Customer self-service. This feature is likely to improve the level of overall customer satisfaction with your customer service. RMA by Amasty also allows customers to make return requests while being logged out from their in-store accounts. Apart from the main information required for making a query, customers can add supporting attachments to provide store administration with more details concerning the product.

3. RMA process customization. You can adjust RMA feature on your website according to peculiarities of the store or its goods to make your RMA management process more productive. For instance, you can add a custom field among standard RMA parameters requiring users to specify the urgency of a return. Additionally, you can set up an unlimited amount of RMA statuses as well as reasons, conditions, and resolutions of a return.

4. Multistore support. Multistore feature assumes that you can extend RMA possibility to other language versions of your Magento store. You can translate RMA parameters to various languages and change the number of fields for specific versions depending on customers’ location.

This Magento RMA extension will cost you $149, which includes 4 months of free module support and regular updates.

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Product Return by Boost my Shop

Boost my Shop Product Return RMA Magento module

Here’s another option for Magento store owners to provide a high-end RMA service for their customers. The general scheme is the same: customers get an opportunity to request a return or previously acquired product from your online store by choosing one or several reasons for making this request. After the request is submitted, your administration team will see it in their query list, which would indicate that the request can be processed. In addition, you get an opportunity to accept the request or deny it in case if it does not meet you store warranty terms and conditions.

Depending on the resolution chosen by a customer, you can process the given request in various ways:

1. You can send a refund to a customer and put the previously purchased item back in stock (in case if it was not defective or damaged).

2. You can exchange the returned product by a similar item and create a new order that will automatically replace the previous one.

3. You can repair the damaged product and ship it back to the customer for additional fees.

Other useful features include:

  • Previous product RMA reservation;
  • Ability to set up deadlines for products to be returned;
  • Ability to choose final destination for the products that have been returned (stock or a vendor);
  • Ability to set up additional fees for secondary services that take place during RMA processing;
  • Automatic RMA history retention;
  • Embedded ERP Stock Management support.

This Magento RMA Module is available for $169.

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RMA by aheadWorks

RMAMagento extension by aheadWorks

This is the last competitor among worth-while Magento RMA modules that has a lot to offer to its users. RMA by aheadWorks provides a flexible system allowing your customers to easily manage their return requests and get their products proficiently repaired, replaced, or refunded. Customers also get an opportunity to keep track of their products until the transaction is concluded. This RMA solution has:

  • Intuitive interface that will help your customers to choose any type or resolution they want to get from their purchase, write a detailed description of the product condition, attach additional files that would help to determine whether a return can be processed, and agree with your store’s main warranty terms and conditions.
  • Anonymous RMA support allowing unregistered customers to send RMA requests on the same basis as registered customers do.
  • Ability to return one or several items per order
  • Ability to repair/replace/refund one or several components of a bundle product
  • Ability to create RMA request from backend
  • Full RMA management process customization allowing website owners to create additional request types, apart from replacement and refund types that are available by default.
  • Ability to set up  store-specific RMA terms and conditions policy
  • Ability to set up time limits for requesting a return
  • Ability to set up the maximum size for files that can be attached to one RMA request
  • Pop-up window for shipping confirmation dialogue
  • Multistore support
  • …and many more…

…for only $149!

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These were the best Magento RMA extensions. If you know other reliable solutions, please let us know in comments. If you don’t know how to install Magento modules, check this guide: How to install Magento extensions.