Google Merchant Center Magento Integration

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 Magento Integration with Google Merchant Center

In this post, we are going to look at Google Merchant Center (Google Base) and its integration with Magento. Google Merchant Center is a service designed to help you with your store and product information integration into Google Shopping and other platforms. In order to work with Google Merchant Center you must use your Google account or create a new one. Every Google account can be associated only with one Google Merchant Center account, but you can add extra users to your Google Base.

Google Merchant Center Magento 2 Integration

At this stage, there are also two other conditions. Firstly, you have to configure your account and choose your location, and then – agree to the Terms of Service. After setting up your account and verify your website URL, you have to submit your product data. Before uploading any data files into Google Merchant Center, you have to create and register your data feed – a file, which includes attributes that define your products in a special way. A data feed is built like a classic RSS data feed, but it also includes specific XML tags. Of course, you can perform all the aforementioned actions manually, but there are a lot of Magento extensions, designed to simplify your interaction with Google Merchant Center.

Free open source solutions

Below, you can find some free solutions aimed at Magento integration with Google Merchant Center. All modules are available on GitHub.

Free Magento Google Merchant extensions on GitHub

GoogleShoppingApi by Zookal

Magento integration with Google Merchant Center: GoogleShoppingApi by Zookal

The extension is based on the official solution for Magento Google Shopping integration. It combines the default features with new abilities, providing enhanced experience related to products data editing, as well as other important operations. Having installed the extension, you are able to update the date of item expiration, renew items which are not listed, and  remove disabled items on synchronisation. Moreover, the module supports converting HTML entities from descriptions into UTF-8 chars, as well as stripping tags from descriptions.

Besides, it makes sales prices available outside the US; defines separate Google Shopping images with base image fallbacks; and adds Google Analytics source or custom parameters to your product links. Examine the below link to discover more features.

Get Zookal GoogleShoppingApi Magento extension

GoogleShoppingApi v2 by bluevisiontec

bluevisiontec GoogleShoppingApi Magento extension

GoogleShoppingApi v2 by bluevisiontec provides the same features as the solution described above. Check its GitHub page for additional information related to features, installation, and configuration.

Download bluevisiontec GoogleShoppingApi v2

You can find the following modules on Magento Connect. Despite they offer slightly different features, all of them are designed to help you with Google Merchant Center Magento integration.

Paid Google Merchant Extensions on Magento Connect

Simple Google Shopping

 Magento integration with Google Merchant Center: Simple Google Shopping

This extension is designed to export a well structured and valid data feed from your Magento store to the Google Merchant account. Simple Google Shopping is highly configurable, easy to use  and supports several stores, VAT rates and currencies. The extension costs €40.

Get Simple Google Shopping Magento Extension

Google Shopping Feed

 Magento Google Merchant Data Feed with Google Shopping Feed module

This extension is recommended by Google reps. With Google Shopping Feed you will be able to make a feed according to Google’s full specification with ease. The main goal of the extension is to get as close as possible to perfect data feed, combined with zero maintenance after it is setup. Google Shopping Feed is more expensive than Simple Google Shopping and costs $199.

Download Google Shopping Feed Magento Extension

Magento Product Feed Generator Extension

 magento feed for google merchant with Magento Product Feed Generator

By installing Magento Product Feed Generator, you will get the ability to create Google Feed, Ebay Feed and GetPrice Feed for all the products from your Magento store. CSV, XML, TXT and other formats are supported. With this extension you can also generate product details right from the admin panel. Magento Product Feed Generator Extension is budget friendly, and you can purchase it for just $50.

Get Magento Product Feed Generator Extension

Product Feed by Amasty

Magento Google Merchant Feed with Amasty Product Feed extension

With this extension you will be able to generate a product feed in a short period of time (not more than a few minutes). And it will take a day or two to put your products on high-traffic shopping platforms with your targeted audience. By installing Product Feed by Amasty, you will get a possibility to create an unlimited number of product feeds and separate feeds for all store views of your e-commerce site. The extension works with,,,,, and Product Feed by Amasty costs $129.

Purchase Product Feed by Amasty

Product Feed Creator / Shopping Feeds

Magento Google Merchant Data Feed: Product Feed Creator

This is a feed generator that allows you not only to create custom data feeds, but also submit them to various product search engines. Product Feed Creator generates feeds for Google Product Search, Amazon,, Yahoo! Store, Channel Advisor, and dozens more. With the extension you get all the tools required to create feeds for each of these platforms. You can also create feeds for your customers, which is useful for dropshipping and wholesale businesses. Product Feed Creator costs $129.

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