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Modern e-commerce is absolutely dependent on extensions from third parties. E-commerce businesses can use it to increase the features of their stores. You can improve customer relations, increase sales, and accomplish a lot more with the help of these apps. Today, we’ll look at one of these plugins. With the AIRBYTES Payment Profiles Magento 2 Extension, retailers can quickly create and manage customer payment profiles, making it simple to handle subscriptions and recurring payments. With this extension, merchants can automate the payment process and make sure that payments are processed on time, saving them time and lowering the chance of errors. Let’s start.

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Let’s go over this app’s features. 

You can set different payment methods per customer or per customer group with the Magento extension payment profile / payment restriction. In addition to individuals and groups of individuals, you can also define a condition as an access restriction (similar to catalog rule prices). The customer is then limited to selecting the Payment Method that was set up for him.

  • Create, modify, and remove payment profiles for individuals and groups of individuals
  • A payment profile is layered with a customer-specific payment profile at the level of customer groups
  • Accommodates the standard payment methods used by third-party providers 
  • You can also link payment profiles with different conditions. 
  • Apply the payment method limitations in the front end
  • Support for environments with multiple stores and websites


Let’s start with the plugin’s front end. During checkout, your customers will have the option of selecting an existing payment profile. Customers can click “My Billing and Shipping Address Are the Same” and proceed with checkout without any issues.


There are three sections for settings in the plugin’s backend. Paymentprofile, Conditions and Customers.


The primary settings for payment profiles are located here. You can select a priority, customer groups, and payment methods in addition to the name.


You can set up the terms for payment profiles in this section. It’s a good choice for a better pricing structure.


You can find details about your customers’ payment histories in this section. Here, you will also find client emails.

Final Words

In conclusion, AIRBYTES Payment Profiles Magento 2 Extension is a valuable addition to the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. It provides merchants with the ability to easily manage and configure customer payment profiles, streamlining the checkout process and improving the customer experience. The extension is highly customizable and offers a range of features and functionalities that allow merchants to tailor their payment profiles to meet their specific needs. You can try this app for $249.

Get AIRBYTES Payment Profiles Magento 2 Extension