ReferralCandy Review 2022: Increase your sales using word-of-mouth advertising

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Every organization looks for the best strategy to increase the value of the business. Everybody can utilize a variety of techniques for this, including marketing tools and shop conversion rate optimization. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the platforms that let you create client referral programs. For this, ReferralCandy is a fantastic tool. We will discuss platform features, costs, alternatives, and other topics in this article. You may be wondering: “What can ReferralCandy give me, and how can it increase my sales?” You will have a complete understanding of the platform and be able to get answers to these queries after reading this article. So let’s get going.

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ReferralCandy Introduction

What is ReferralCandy, then? ReferralCandy incorporates a marketing strategy based on referrals into your store. It enables you to track outcomes, eliminate fraud, and automate referral programs. All of these things aid in boosting your store’s overall worth and sales. It’s a remarkably simple process. Additionally, ReferralCandy can be easily linked to well-known e-commerce sites.

What you can do with ReferralCandy? 

It is quite easy, as we already stated. You may provide your consumers the opportunity to make their first referrals in only 10 minutes with ReferralCandy. 

Connect Store

Through email connect or app integrations, ReferralCandy can be used with any eCommerce store. You only need to link your store and platform. For instance, a one-click connection is available with Shopify and BigCommerce. On the other hand, you must use a plugin connection for WooCommerce and an email connection for Magento.

Choose your rewards

You must decide what rewards to offer for recommending clients after connecting your store. Reward programs can be altered to look as you choose. You could, for instance, give incentives like:

  • Percentage Discount. 30% off the next purchase
  • Dollar Discount. $20 off the next purchase
  • Cash. $5 in cash
  • Custom Gift. Free shipping

Setup Theme

Additionally, ReferralCandy lets you customize the appearance of your referral banner. You can alter the font, color, logo, and banner options. 

And that’s all. Now, you can use referral campaigns in your store.

ReferralCandy Features

You may satisfy all of your referral marketing requirements with ReferralCandy’s single solution. A full set of building blocks are offered by ReferralCandy to support all referral marketing models. 


You have access to excellent integration opportunities through ReferralCandy. You can get various integrations, including

  • Automatic integration. Connect your BigCommerce or Shopify store right now to begin going. 
  • Simple email integration. Put the ReferralCandy tracking code in the checkout area of your store.
  • Custom developer integration. For greater versatility, use advanced options like JS integration and API integration. 
  • Subscription app integration. Connect third-party applications like Bold, PayWhirl, and ReCharge.


With ReferralCandy automation, you can also streamline your regular activities. Your entire referral campaign can be automated. You may recognize successful referrals and award prizes to your consumers, automatically invite customers at predetermined intervals, such as after checkout, and quickly comprehend and address shady referral activity.


You can also view data-driven insights. You receive features like:

  • Sales and traffic insights. Keep track of new sales generated by referrals and your top traffic sources. 
  • Customer insights. Understand your main referral sources and what they have to say about your brand on social media. 
  • Industry benchmark. Compare the results of your referral program against those of the industry.


ReferralCandy also gives you access to the design templates. It provides you with advantages like:

  • Optimizing for increased sales. Utilize platform best practices that have been shown to increase referral income for our templates.
  • Mobile-first experience. ReferralCandy Pages and emails function flawlessly on all devices. 
  • Easy-to-use customization. Use the templates as-is or add your brand’s flavor by following a few easy steps. 
  • Complete freedom for developers. HTML & CSS editing gives you complete control over your templates.


You can advertise your referral program through various marketing channels using ReferralCandy. It provides you with advantages like:

  • Send email newsletters. All of your mailing list subscribers are invited to sign up for your referral program. 
  • Employ a landing page. Customers should be directed to a landing page so they may obtain their referral link. 
  • During checkout, invite consumers. After checkout, send popups to customers inviting them to join. 
  • Embed a signup form. As customers browse your online store, permit them to register as members. 
  • Email new customers. After customers have purchased or received their stuff, send them an invitation email.

ReferralCandy Integrations

ReferralCandy interacts with a variety of programs and tools that enable you to increase the effectiveness of your referral programs through email marketing, social proof, retargeting, and robust analytics. You can connect ReferralCandy to 

  • Shopify 
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • ReCharge

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ReferralCandy Alternatives & Competitors

Referral Rock

Software for affiliate and referral programs is called Referral Rock. Referral Rock assists businesses in automating several time-consuming procedures, enabling you to maintain your referral programs on autopilot. Users may create marketing campaigns that will make your company shareable in a matter of days. By outlining your procedure, Referral Rock allows you to create a customizable referral campaign. You can launch and optimize after that. It has integrations with several platforms that make workflows simpler:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • HubSpot
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress
  • Intercom
  • Shopify


Another referral tool that can assist you in starting a campaign is ReferralHero. ReferralHero works by using customer recommendations to create enduring growth for your company. Customers can be guided through the entire marketing funnel using this tool, which users can customize.


A referral program called Friendbuy assists brands in incorporating referral marketing into the consumer journey. By compensating current consumers for promoting your brand or product, promotes customer acquisition, to put it simply. Marketers may start growth campaigns, conduct A/B testing, and monitor the outcomes using Friendbuy’s customizable APIs and event-based triggers. By looking through their many templates, which streamline the onboarding process for clients and their peers via email, a special referral link, social media, and SMS, you can start your referral campaign.

ReferralCandy Pros & Cons


  • Simple to set up and begin developing referral programs 
  • Rewards are disbursed automatically. 
  • Enduring email templates 
  • Relevant analytics 
  • Extremely inexpensive in comparison to rivals 
  • Elaborate dashboards


  • An interface that isn’t very user-friendly

Final Words

ReferralCandy is a terrific tool for implementing referral programs for your store, to put it briefly. With it, it would be simple for you to offer your consumer recommendations that are both user-friendly and well-designed. Additionally, ReferralCandy gives you the option to connect with your store on a variety of platforms, including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and Spotify. When you begin using this system, your clients might start providing their first recommendations in 10 minutes. We advise you to test out this platform on your own.

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What is ReferralCandy?

A marketing tool for increasing referrals to your online store is ReferralCandy. ReferralCandy increases your client base by rewarding recommendations. Referral marketing campaigns have been implemented for this solution.

What does ReferralCandy do?

ReferralCandy assists Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants in expanding their client base, increasing brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing, and fostering customer loyalty through a refer-a-friend scheme. With the help of ReferralCandy, our top merchants have produced millions in referral sales.

How does a referral code operate and what is it?

An individual combination of numbers and/or letters known as a referral code (or referral tracking code) is used to identify the participants in a customer referral program. Every participant in a program is given a referral code as soon as they sign up.