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Magento 2 SYSPRO Connector

SYSPRO ERP is an industry-specific system that fits businesses of all sizes and grows with them seamlessly. New features based on the latest technologies satisfy even the most demanding e-commerce needs, and below we discuss core aspects of the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration. The following article sheds light on the ERP aspects of the platform and provides a Magento 2 SYSPRO connector designed to leverage all aspects of the platform in collaboration with your business.


SYSPRO ERP introduces a merchant-friendly way to digitize your business. The Magento 2 SYSPRO integration allows streamlining your supply chain by leveraging an absolutely new degree of control and visibility. At the same time, you get an entirely revamped experience of managing the system. Everything is simplified and personalized providing you with one of the most merchant-oriented tools in the industry.

The entire supply chain is based on the following aspects introduced by SYSPRO:

  • Industry-Specific Solution. SYSPRO ERP leverages a vast experience that lasts for more than 40 years. Specialists male the system precisely oriented according to the needs of each specific industry so that you can get only the necessary features that work for your business. With the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration, you can customize the industry-built ERP to adapt, streamline, and simplify your management routine. Streamline industry-specific operations and enable differentiated competitiveness to achieve better business results.
  • Advanced Flexibility. SYSPRO introduces several ways to deploy the ERP. It can be either on-premise or in the cloud solution. The combined approach is offered as well. Thus, you can use a solution that covers all your business needs accessing and deploying your ERP tools on your terms. In addition to a deployment that suits your needs, you can also select a device that best meets the task at hand: SYSPRO can be both mobile and desktop.
  • Business Critical Insights. Another great feature of SYSPRO is business critical insights. The Magento 2 SYSPRO integration will provide you with some vital metrics necessary for running your enterprise more successful. The use of the ERP leads to faster analysis, decision making, and execution. Note that relevant data trends are updated in real time in a user-friendly manner providing the perfect opportunity to increase the performance of your e-commerce business.
  • Well Defined Integration. You can effortlessly connect any system to SYSPRO. Flexible integration standards allow synchronizing two platforms for the highest efficiency. Of course, you need a Magento 2 SYSPRO connector, but we describe it below. As for well-defined integration offered by ERP, it leads to the ability to leverage the machine learning and AI of the platform analyzing structured and unstructured data and trends as well as pointing you towards exceptions and anomalies. Other benefits of the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration include better supply chain collaboration, faster decision-making, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Working Environment. Complicated tools always lead to a decreased performance. To motivate your team to achieve better results, you should provide them with user-friendly applications like once offered by SYSPRO. One of the ERP’s goals is to increase the productivity of your workforce due to engaging experience and intuitive tools.
  • Personalized Workspace. In addition to the aforementioned feature, we should also mention that SYSPRO offers a personalized experience for every user in your organization. Due to a highly adaptive nature, everyone can configure the ERP’s interface in the most convenient way reaching the needed information as and when necessary.
  • Continuous Innovations. The modern world of digital tools and platforms is rapidly growing. Every year, new companies try to enter the game. At the same time, the existing giants always update their core products and add something new to the portfolio. SYSPRO is not an exception, so if you choose the ERP right now, you will always get the ability to leverage the latest technologies implemented on the platform.
  • Scalability. With the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration, you get tools that always match your continually growing needs. Seamlessly scale the ERP to adapt to your current and future needs: process as many transactions as you need as fast as possible. Get the enterprise-strength and performance that suits your demands despite the size of your company.

All these features are typical for two fundamental directions: Manufacturing and Distribution. Manufacturing software includes industry-specific applications for the following areas: Automotive Parts and Accessories, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Electronics, Fabricated Metal, Food and Beverage, Furniture and Fittings, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Medical Devices, Packaging, Plastics and Rubber, etc.

In its turn distribution software provides industry-specific apps for Automotive Parts and Accessories, Computer and Electronics Products, Food and Beverage, and Industrial Machinery and Capital Equipment.

Magento 2 SYSPRO Connector

As for the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration, it can be implemented most efficiently with the help of a third-party connector. Since there are lots of limited integrators, we’ve decided to develop our own solution that completely satisfies the most critical requirements of the Magento 2 ERP integration. Meet the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension.

The module is designed to connect Magento 2 to SYSPRO or any external platform including shopping engines, price comparison sites, and online marketplaces. To achieve this goal, the plugin provides a fully-automated two-way synchronization based on the features described below.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module incorporates two profile types (import and export) that act independently. Even if you create an import profile and the corresponding export scheme for SYSPRO, they can be configured differently. It adds extra flexibility to every integration. Furthermore, if import or export functionality is not necessary, you don’t need to create a similar scheme which is especially convenient in case of price comparison engines that don’t provide any data back to your store.

To enable the extensive connectability, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension supports multiple integration types. First of all, you can leverage the standard file exchange. Generate a data file and transfer it to the platform you want to synchronize your e-commerce store with. Our module supports numerous file formats to satisfy various needs. First of all, it works with the standard CSV supported by multiple platforms by default. Secondly, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension allows transferring data with the help of a flexible XML format. To extend the connectivity standards, we’ve also added the support for TXT and native Excel files.

When it comes to data files, it is necessary to mention that the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module supports several file sources. Due to the extensive FTP/SFTP support, the extension allows moving information via a local or remote server. The second way to transfer data is based on Dropbox. You can create an account on the popular cloud storage to move files with its help. Besides, the extension allows importing files right via a URL. Note that all compressed data is unzipped automatically.

The second integration standard is based on Google Sheets. No data files are generated in this case. Instead, the transfer takes place via the popular Google service, where you can view data in a user-friendly manner.

As for the Magento 2 SYSPRO integration, it may require a more complex approach to data synchronization than data files or Google Sheets. Luckily, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension supports the API connection between platforms. Thus, it can fully satisfy the requirements of the ERP. Contact our support for further details.

Another substantial benefit of the Improved Import 7 Export Magento 2 extension is support for cron. The feature allows creating any custom schedule of updates satisfying even the most demanding integrations. For instance, some price comparison engines require product data several times a day. With our module, you will provide them with the required information automatically.

At the same time, the plugin offers a list of predefined intervals. Just choose the necessary update period, and Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 will create a corresponding schedule. Also, note that the module allows creating profiles designed for a manual run only. And you can launch the update before the scheduled date in the asynchronous mode.

Another feature that adds an extra layer of automation and dramatically improves the backend routine is mapping. Since every platform has its requirements regarding the transferred data, you cannot take the standard Magento 2 output and move it to a third-party system without applying multiple manual edits. The same is about imported data files. Thus, it is necessary to spend lots of time matching default Magento 2 attributes to the external requirements on every update.

Luckily, this procedure is substantially simplified with the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. Due to a user-friendly mapping interface, you need to match Magento 2 attributes to the attributes of the external system only once. Create a mapping scheme, and it will be used for all further updates on every import/export.

Moreover, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers mapping presets – predefined mapping schemes for specific integrations. Thus, to map Magento 2 attributes to external rules, you only need to apply the corresponding preset. Please, contact our support regarding presets that cover your particular integration.

And these are just core features of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. To discover more benefits provided by the module, watch the following overview:

As for the Magento 2 SYSPRO connector, you can get it for free. It is only necessary to purchase the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. Note that the plugin offers lots of other free connectors. For any further information, contact our support team and follow the link below:

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