Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist Extension by MageAnts

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Not every time a customer visits an online store buys things. Sometimes customers just love to explore the new trends or check out any upcoming sales for which they can pin some products to their wishlist to buy later. But, it happens at times that due to a certain limit in adding things to the wishlist, customers cannot save all their favorites to their wishlist. For which, multiple Magento 2 Wishlists Extension comes to rescue.

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Key Features

Magento 2 multiple wishlists, is one such extension which upon adding to your Magento store will give your customer the freedom to create an unlimited number of wishlists in which they can save as many products as they want.

In all e-commerce store, generally, there is only one ‘Add to Wishlist’ but with multiple wishlist extension you can not only give them the benefit of adding multiple products to multiple wishlists but also get and give the below benefits;

  • Help customers plan their shopping in advance
  • Allow customers to save lists of as many favorite products they want
  • Allows to add products to wishlist via convenient popup
  • Makes repeat purchases easy for customers
  • Gives the wishlist customization control to the user
  • Reminds the customer about the unfinished order

Backend Features

What more a customer can rejoice than getting more space to save their favorite products for later? By adding Magento 2 multiple wishlists extension to your online store you can allow your customers to create not one or two but multiple wishlists as per their choice. Not only that, the customers will be able to customize it as they want. Add a name, move products to another wish list or favorite list, add products to the cart, edit/remove/create a wishlist, etc. using this extension.

You can even select the email template, senders and set the maximum number of email allowed to share any wishlist.

Magento 2 wishlist extension gives more than just creating wishlists. It allows customers the option to save their shopping cart items to either existing or new favorite products. This also helps them plan and prioritize their shopping and buy in the future accordingly.

Some products the moment we lay our eyes on we go crazy and chances are they may get lost among other products at any moment. In order to prevent that from happening, Magento 2 wishlist comes with an interesting and convenient pop-up feature which will enable the customers to save their favorite product instantly right from anywhere, the product page, category, search result, homepage, cms, shopping cart, related, and cross-sell block.

Final thoughts

Magento 2 wishlist extension is undoubtedly a best and must-have addition for all online store owners as it will reduce the number of cart abandonment to a great extent. It is designed to help customers plan their shopping in advance by allowing them to save their favorite products in multiple wishlists.

When any customer adds the products to their wishlists, the store admin will get a notification which will help the store admin to remind the user and give offers accordingly to initiate the purchase. Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist Extension by MageAnts is actually a blessing for shoppers as it also offers free lifetime updates, 90 days free support, 30 days money back guarantee, and quick support, all at $89.00 only.

Get Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist Extension by MageAnts