Magento 2 Customer Group Shipping and Payment Method


Sellers, confused about payment from each customer? Each one is different as light and dark. How will you manage? Here comes the extension to solve your problem Magento 2 Customer group shipping and payment method. What exactly does this extension do for your business? It helps you to group your customers under different types. Not only it does that but it also offers different payment methods according to the customer needs. What else do you need? Let us look in more detail.

Key Features

  • Unique customization for every group
  • Set individual payment and shipping method for each group
  • Design separately for each website
  • Easy to use interface
  • Shipping and payment methods on the same page

b>CSPM Customer addition screen

  • Gives you the option to add as many as customers you want.
  • Configure at your own will

One of the key features or I can say the main feature is the freedom to configure your own custom groups. Good news is there is no limit on them. Configure them as per your requirement and needs. You can have your own classification and not stick to set norm. The customer details are entered as you seem fit.

Enabling and Disabling Menu

  • Easy enabling and disabling
  • Individual configuration

Magento 2 customer group based shipping and payment extension doesn’t require much technical expertise to install. Its simple interface makes a person with basic computer knowledge easy to install and use. It gives multiple choices in shipping and payment options for each group. Not only for one website but different configurations for every website you have.

Different customer groups at one place

  • Different types of customers at one place
  • Easy configuration

The other noteworthy feature is that you can see the customer groups you have configured in different websites at the same place. This provides ease of altering your groups at your fingertips. That means you get all the info at the click of a button. Isn’t that easy?

What does every customer require from the website they purchase? Ease of making payment and convenient shipping options at their fingertips. Magento 2 customer group shipping and payment extension provides exactly that.

Payment and Shipping Window

  • Shipping and payment configuration at the same place
  • Multiple option at your fingertips

One more point to be noted by us for this extension. Presenting the Magento 2 restrict shipping method you can handle your website more effectively. Each group is given their pre-defined shipping methods from which they choose. So you have a hassle-free experience in servicing your customer.

Shipping Methods

  • Shipping details and shipping methods on the same page
  • Easy demarcation of the customer groups

Here as you can see we can find all the details regards to the particular order placed by the customer. With this extension, you apply the shipment method you have configured for that group.  It provides the ease of having all the details you require at one place. This extension provides you with flexibility. You can decide the shipping and payment methods suited to your business and set them accordingly.

The extension is configured in such a way that the shipping and payment methods offered to one customer group cannot be viewed by another group. So it offers you the confidentiality required by your customers.

Magento 2 customer group shipping and payment method is your ideal companion for your website needs. Just install it once, configure it and watch as it weaves its magic at the touch of a button. Also to know we at MageAnts are there to provide with round the clock assistance for your every need. A dedicated teams of experts just a phone call away. All your issues solved at a click of a button.

Finally, to sum this up, this is the one extension every seller has to have on his website. It allows not only the flexibility but also the versatility to define different customer groups. Your payment and shipping methods are configured as per your business needs. Furthermore, the shipping and payment method offered to one group is not visible to another group. There is also the feature where all the classifications can be viewed from a single page. Installing this extension doesn’t require technical knowledge but basic computer knowledge is sufficient.

Magento 2 customer group shipping and payment method an easy to use the extension with a whole lot of commendable features and easy to use interface for your every business need. We, at MageAnts, provide you with excellent support with a dedicated team of experts at a click of a button. An extension to have and an extension to grow your business a whole lot more in a productive way.