Magento 2 Age Verification by Ulmod

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Nowadays the age gate is a crucial element for online stores if you are selling certain products which require customers to verify their age before purchasing. For some reasons, you may need your store visitors to confirm their age before viewing some pages of your site.

Unfortunately, Magento 2 by default does not have such age restriction features. Ulmod Age verification for Magento was specially build to overcome this limitation. The extension adds a gate verification to your store where visitors can verify their age before visiting some page of your site.

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Key Features

  • Create any number of age verification with different content
  • Display age verification at the CMS, home, cart, category, and product pages;
  • Display age verification at any other pages and position using the predefined code insert (template, layout, CMS tag);
  • Support 2 layout type: checkbox and inputs
  • Restrict age verification display to one  customer group or a store view;
  • Responsive for mobile devices;
  • Flexible age verification management from the admin panel.
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store view supported
  • Preview age verification from the backend to see how it  will popup looks at frontend;
  • Support multiple customization options to adjust the default design.


The extension’s configuration contains only one section, where you can enable/disable the extension

Managing Age Verifications

To view, edit or create new age verification, go to CONTENT ⟶ Age Verification by Ulmod ⟶ Manage Age Verifications.

While creating an age verification item, you will deal with 5e sections: General, Display on Pages, Display on Categories, Display on Products and Display on Other Pages. 

In the first section, you can enable/disable the  age verification, defines the name of the age gate, set a time interval, when an age verification is activated, select the store views and customer group to assign the age verification, choose the type of layout to display the age verification: Buttons or Checkbox layout.

If Buttons layout is selected, you can define the content to appear in age verification block, specify the agree and disagree button text, defines the disagree message, show/hide regulation and define the defines the total time in (hour) cookie is stored.

If Checkbox layout is selected, you can specify the content to appear in age verification block, defines the checkbox text and cookie lifetime.

Next, you can specify the URL visitors will be redirected after clicking on “Leave” button, specify the text to appear on the leave button, specify the content to appear in the footer of age verification block.

Define the popup width in pixels, background, text, button and links Color of the age verification block. Also, you can insert a custom CSS to adjust/override the default age verification design.

In the Display on Pages section, you can choose the pages to Display age verification block. Additionally, you can show/hide the age verification at the checkout cart page.

Under the Display on Categories section, you can use the categories to display age verification block. Multiple select allowed.

In the Display on Products section, you can choose the products to display age verification block.

The Display on Other Pages provides a generated predefined CMS template tag, template or layout code to display age verification at any other pages.


You can copy and paste it into either the content editor of a CMS page or static block (for template tag), a template file (for template code), a Layout XML file or a Custom Layout Update XML field (Layout XML code).

Once the age verification settings are completed, the store administrator can preview the Age verification by clicking on the “Preview” button.


Example of Age Verification Layout 1 (Buttons)

Example of Age Verification Layout 2 (Checkbox)

The extension is responsive to mobile devices and works great regardless of the type of screen or device used to view your store

Final Words

The Age Verification extension is a powerful tool, for websites that require a user to confirm that they agree to follow specific rules and conditions

such as meeting the required age, agreeing with the terms of services, and more. The extension allows to carry out adult verification checks on users before allowing them to access your website.


Download/Buy Magento 2 Age Verification by Ulmod