Beacons – Tiny Devices with Huge Potential

- E-Commerce

Beacons - future of commerce: e-commerce, m-commerce, brick-and-mortar

Since nowadays the world technology process finds itself in an impressively rapid development pace, the life of people is becoming easier and more convenient. Therefore, we found it crucial to touch upon a recent technological advancement called Beacons.

So, what is Beacons Technology?

Basically, it is a small well-elaborated hardware device which, by utilizing low-energy Bluetooth connections (BEL), provides companies with the ability to communicate with smartphones or tablets provided a customer is within its covering range. In fact, having applied them, brick-and-mortar shops are likely to gain momentum, becoming a great competitor to online shops, as they engage customers in the physical shop experience. Furthermore, Beacons do not require a lot of investments, since per one unit you may be charged about $20. Moreover, there are actually companies that supply the devices free of charge. Hence, having taken into account their significance, let us explain to you how it really works.

To be honest, there are numerous ways of applying the device, and yet not all of them have been disclosed. That’s why, in order to provide you with well-structured information on Beacons functionality conception, we’ve decided to divide their principal functions into different categories.

1. Engage your customer

With the permission of a consumer, Beacons receive the access to his/her mobile device and its location. What kind of data can they transmit? As we have already mentioned above, they are created to simplify our lives, therefore having interaction with a customer’s mobile device, Beacons play the role of a personal shop assistant, who greets coming people, suggests appealing to them products, being based on their preferences  which are gathered from wish lists or Pinterest pins, tells them about attractive sales, and simply takes care of clients. Thus, having installed the device, you will be able to enhance customers’ loyalty.

Beacons - future of commerce: e-commerce, m-commerce, brick-and-mortar

2. Contactless payment

Cisco has recently uploaded the results of its survey as regards shopping behavior, in which it indicated that the aspect of brick-and-mortar shopping experience which irritates customers the most, is long checkout lines. However, now there is a solution, since PayPal has recently presented its BLE device (PayPal Beacon), which provides clients with the ability to make a purchase in a store by simply using PayPal mobile application with no need to come up to a check-out counter.

Contactless payments with PayPal Beacon

3. GPS in stores

Having found your location, Beacons technology makes it possible to navigate you in a store. So, instead of walking around a shop, the device easily demonstrates you where you can find your favorite pasta, for example. As a result, it reduces the time you spend there and makes your purchasing process more engaging.

GPS in stores with Beacons Technology

4. Know your customer

Beacons technology helps to memorize each time customers enter your store and create its purchasing history. Thus, you are able to provide consumers with products that they might be interested in. Besides, the device measures the time consumers spend in your shop and shows what department they usually go. Consequently, this utile information may increase your sales.

Personalized customer experience with Beacons

However, there are some things you shouldn’t exaggerate with.

While talking about popping up ads on a customer’s smartphone or tablet, you should always keep in mind that the excessive number of such advertisements may pave the way to consumer’s annoyance. Therefore, we suggest you sending no more than 3 ads while consumer’s staying.

So, as you have already realized beacons are a great tool for brick-and-mortar shops which aims at increasing sales in physical shops, by interacting with mobile devices. If you have decided to apply beacons in your stores, here are some major providers you might me interested in: GP Shopper, Swirl, and Estimote.

As long as you have any question, feel free to contact us, we are always here to help you.