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We are excited to introduce you to our new partner Interactiv4. The company is famous for developing various e-commerce projects for both B2B and B2C customers as well as providing Magento training and doing lots of other technical aspects of an online business, while you can focus on various management goals.

With Interactiv4, you get rapid access to a team of more than 50 e-commerce specialists who can implement a custom project of any complexity. The company not only develops a project but also controls every step of its construction. With more than 150 international clients, Interactiv4 is definitely worth your attention.

Introduction to Interactiv4

Being an international e-commerce consulting and development company, Interactiv4 specializes in our favorite platform – Magento. The company takes care of all the customer’s needs. While specialists analyze all the requirements to understand business objectives, they figure out the most critical goals and figure out individual features. Next, a phased plan is created to achieve all of them most efficiently.

As a result, customers are provided with the best solution entirely suitable for their needs, while Interactiv4 contributes with the experience of more than ten years in the sector. You only need to worry about your company and its growth.


The primary goal of Interactiv4 is to help clients sell more online. Every project is structured into stages involving the customer throughout. Besides, the company provides all the necessary training and additional support, becoming an essential part of your business.

Another vital goal is to help clients achieve their objectives. Interactiv4 helps companies establish new online sales channels as well as enhance the existing ones. And you can implement your craziest ideas into a fully-functional project working with the company from start to finish.


Below, you can find the core services Interactiv4 provides.

eCommerce Consulting

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using right now or want to use in the future. With Interactiv4 and the company’s large experience in e-commerce, it is not a problem to give valuable advice on making every online business better. The participation in more than 150 projects is a value that makes the company visible among other competitors. Interactiv4 can show you the best ways of reducing risks, where to look for vulnerabilities, how to increase the efficiency of your business, etc.

Project Development

Of course, project development is also among the vital services provided by Interactive 4. As mentioned above, you can create a project of any complexity from scratch with the company’s help. There are several areas to draw your attention to:

B2B Development

Interactiv4 developed projects for more than 50 national and international B2B companies, so it is a reliable experience that will be leveraged towards your business. B2B e-commerce has its unique features and requirements, but the Interactiv4 specialists always aware of them. Although Magento becomes more B2B-friendly with each new release, you can still make it better, and our partner knows how to do that.

B2C Development

Retailers can also rely on Interactiv4. Since the birth of the company, it provides services for small and midsize merchants specialized in fashion industries, consumer electronics, etc. With the status of one of the leading B2C e-commerce consulting and development companies, Interactiv4 has developed projects for more than 70 national and international B2C companies, and you can always join the group of satisfied clients!

Marketplace Development

Marketplace development is another sphere where Interactiv4 operates. Being the most demanding ones, it provides lots of challenges, but our partner knows how to overcome them. With tremendous e-commerce experience, Interactiv4 implements an individual approach to every customer, providing the most efficient and flexible solutions.

ERP Integration

Here at Firebear, we know for sure how important it is to integrate your store with external systems. That’s why our main product is the Improved Import & Export extension – your number one solution when it comes to Magento 2 integrations including data synchronizations with ERP systems. Guys from Interactiv4 also know that providing their customers with the most flexible and user-friendly opportunities in this area.

Magento Training

Magento training and management are two other services Interactiv4 offers. Thus, you can not only become an owner of a beautiful e-commerce website but also get all the necessary recommendations regarding its further maintenance as well as advice on how to manage your e-commerce enterprise right.

Happy Clients

Below, you can see some Interactiv4 clients. Visit the company website for the full list.






And these are awards Interactiv4 is proud of:

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