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Today, we’d like to introduce you to ECOMMBITS – a Spanish company specialized in e-commerce in general and Magento in particular. If you want a brand new digital storefront or the existing one needs improvements, you’ve come to the right place. Recently, we’ve become partners, so let’s take a look at some key aspects of ECOMMBITS and figure out why to work with the company.

Introduction to ECOMBITS

The main goal of the company is the usability of e-commerce projects they are working on. It means that the company specialists try to enhance both sides of a store: its frontend – oriented towards visitors, as well as its backend – hidden from potential buyers but visible to you and your stuff. The first aspect is the main pillar on your way to achieving excellent user-experience, creating a better perception of your brand, generating trust and loyalty, and increasing conversion. The second one leads to better productivity of your team (that’s why our Improved Import & Export is used for various operations).

Nothing special, you will say, and we will agree that this approach is obvious and straightforward, but it is not always easy to achieve, especially if you hire unprofessional developers. That’s why we recommend ECOMMBITS as a trusted partner. The company aims to provide customers with a unique experience from both the operative and emotional point of view.

To achieve the maximum usability, ECOMMBITS takes into account the entire experience, which a user expects to find, as well as your needs and goals with buyers at the center.

Share your needs and goals

The collaboration with ECOMMBITS specialists makes your projects better. Share your thoughts and needs describing the smallest details to get the final results that impress everyone. Define all processes in each area to figure out the challenge and create the most needed enhancements. ECOMMBITS offers a briefing where all your ideas can be discussed and all aspirational and functional aspects – figured out.

Show your audience and history

Another critical stage in all projects is related to your past and present activities. ECOMMBITS specialists discover your customers and figure out their needs to provide the best in class user experience. They analyze your history, main business KPIs, competition, and users using NPS tests, heat maps, recordings, eye tracking, as well as focus groups.

Get the right content architecture

ECOMMBITS specialists always think about your visitors and workers especially while creating a proper content architecture. They generate an individual content structure for each client thinking out the smallest details both globally and specifically to each area of your store. If it is not properly defined, your users and administrators will face many difficulties navigating through your e-commerce store. Consequently, you may lose sales and decrease the productivity of your employees to inadequate content architecture.

To avoid these problems, ECOMMBITS offers multiple connections for each part of the architecture defining how you want them to interact at every point of a customer’s journey.

Make your project better with prototyping

When all aspects are agreed, prototyping kicks into action. Being the most visual and clearly the most complex stage in the development of every project, it provides the most in-depth understanding of future results. All the goals and needs defined in previous stages are fulfilled: specialists figure out how to make a store simple, intuitive, and capable of generating a good experience for everyone. Only when everyone is satisfied with the prototype, the final design is accepted and implemented.

Six reasons to choose ECOMBITS

  1. Vast e-commerce experience. 90% of the company’s clients have an e-commerce website or conduct their business online partly.
  2. Usability team. There is a usability team among ECOMMBITS specialists, so you can expect for the best user experience.
  3. Full coverage. The company specializes in all e-commerce aspects so that you can create a small B2C store or a huge B2B platform with the help of its specialists.
  4. Marketing experts. Leverage marketing experts launching CRO strategies with ECOMMBITS. Increase conversion without contacting anyone from the side.
  5. In-depth analysis. ECOMMBITS analyses, tests, and measures final results, improving customer’s satisfaction and conversion.
  6. Usability/technology balance. The company specialists always achieve a balance between usability and technology creating a store with the features you need and particularly to your budget.

ECOMBITS solutions

ECOMMBITS works in the following three directions when it comes to the Magento ecosystem:

  • Magento websites
  • Hosting
  • Performance improvements

ECOMMBITS offers a scalable and optimized Magento suite which is a good product ready to sell and keep growing. So, if you need a new Magento website or want to enhance the existing one, feel free to contact the company – you will get help immediately and your project will be implemented as soon as possible!

Happy Clients

You can explore the company’s portfolio here: ECOMMBITS Projects.


The company is proud to be the Magento Solution Partner and have the following awards and badges:

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

If you also want to become our partner, follow this link: Firebear Partner Loyalty Program. We can discuss all the nuances of our Partner Program to make it suitable for your business model.