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Being an award-winning digital agency, BORN operates globally concentrating on creativity, content, and commerce. The company provides a holistic suite of market-leading services. Its clients get the ability to leverage a wide range of solutions from large-scale image production to innovative e-commerce offers. Let’s see why the agency is so popular.

BORN operates and evolves for more than 25 years delivering fully integrated creative work to its global clients. It helps brands create powerful media assets so that they can tell their story meaningfully and sell their products and services seamlessly all over the globe.


BORN Group offers numerous accelerators for various platforms including Magento. The company provides pre-coded frameworks with wireframes and best-of-breed integrations. Such tools enable you to launch an e-commerce shop much faster than a typical implementation At the same time, you dramatically reduce costs.

Below, you can see all the accelerators provided by BORN:


Consulting is another service that BORN offers. The company helps its clients follow technology roadmaps, select platforms, create digital strategies, process changes to support transformations across many channels, etc. The key services in this area include:

  • Platform and technology evaluation;
  • Omnichannel mapping;
  • Experience definition.

ERP Practice 

BORN covers implementations in all enterprise building blocks from planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidations to reporting, manufacturing, supply chain management, CRM, etc. The key services in this area are:

  • ERP platform selection and initial consulting;
  • ERP customization and configuration;
  • Functional and technical expertise;
  • Integrations;
  • Application maintenance and support.

Digital Experience

Another area of services BORN provides is innovative digital experiences. The company will help you create and provide user experiences that make people’s lives better. With the help of data and human insight, BORN drives design thinking, recreating people’s relationships with the world around them. The company offers such key services as:

  • User research;
  • Website analytics;
  • Scenario modeling;
  • Strategic roadmaps;
  • Information architecture;
  • Prototyping;
  • User-centered experience design;
  • Concept development.

360º Content

BORN is also responsible for developing a full end to end content solution. The company implements a holistic approach to planning and content creation, providing the most straightforward way to tell your story. Key services in this area include:

  • Content strategy;
  • Content planning;
  • Editorial creation;
  • E-commerce content;
  • Full-service video content;
  • Motion graphics;
  • SEO strategies;
  • Content repurposing;
  • Content for social, mobile and gaming.


BORN can also help you with building an intuitive, useful and accessible e-commerce solution on the basis of Magento or other platforms. The company has been launched when e-commerce was in its infancy, so it has a huge experience, knowing how to satisfy even the most demanding business requirements. It offers solutions in the following directions:

  • B2C and B2B implementations
  • Social, mobile and web e-commerce;
  • Technical roadmaps;
  • Platform assessments;
  • Integrations for Hybris, Demandware, Magento, Netsuite;
  • PIMs and MDMs implementations;
  • Integration with ERP, OMS, CRM;
  • Custom tax systems, loyalty programs, payment gateways, fraud detection.

Process & Collaboration

Top-notch collaboration mechanisms enable highly efficient processes when it comes to the collaboration between your team members. As a result, BORN manages high-quality production, generating significant cost and time efficiencies. The central creative production team manages production across digital marketing and campaign advertising, ecommerce, publishing, marketing communications, etc. The following features are under your disposal:

  • Account management;
  • Project management;
  • Design;
  • Copywriting;
  • Digital production;
  • Photography and retouching;
  • Motion graphics & VFX;
  • Live-action production.

Marketing & Technology

BORN helps to unite marketing with technology to drive innovation. The company implements the newest achievements from the field of e-commerce and related areas to make your business more successful and efficient. You can leverage the following services:

  • CMS configuration, implementation, and customization for numerous systems;
  • Custom mobile app development;
  • Front-end and back-end development;
  • Numerous integrations (Enterprise Service Bus and Point to Point); 
  • Custom development;
  • Technology audits/roadmaps;
  • Deployment.

Data Analytics

If you need an advanced data analytics solution, BORN will also help you. With the company’s participation, you will quickly realize measurable and actionable insights. Of course, it usually takes some time to look at all performance indicators through a detailed analysis of your site data. But after that, you get recommendations on how to optimize your e-commerce store. With BORN, you can leverage the following services:

  • User experience audit;
  • Site optimization;
  • A/B & MV testing;
  • Conversion analysis;
  • KPI specific dashboards;
  • Custom reports and recommendations;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • User feedback research;
  • Advanced tracking.

Omnichannel Digital Strategy

Leverage all marketing channels with BORN. The company partners with clients to build and execute a comprehensive digital strategy across numerous sources. Paid media, email marketing, social media, and numerous others are under your disposal. The company provides such services as:

  • PPC;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Banner Advertising;
  • Affiliate Networks;
  • Blogger Outreach;
  • Influencer Networks;
  • SEO;
  • Inbound Link Building;
  • Off-page Support;
  • Online Shopping Channel Management.


And you get comprehensive support with BORN. The company offers a dedicated, 24/7 support service that incorporates a full end-to-end solution. It means that is includes hosting, maintenance, and further development. The following services are under your disposal:

  • Application and infrastructure support;
  • 24/7 site uptime;
  • 24/7 performance monitoring;
  • Ongoing site enhancements;
  • Security and performance audits;
  • Infrastructure hosting.

BORN Projects

You can see the company’s portfolio here: BORN Projects.

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