Firebear & Shopware: Becoming Shopware Ambassador

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Firebear Improved Import & Export plugin for Shopware

We are thrilled to announce that Firebear has become a Shopware ambassador. We’ve recently joined the platform’s partner program and started working on a new import and export project. Read this article for further information.

Get Improved Import & Export for Shopware by Firebear Studio

The Most Developer-Friendly E-commerce Ecosystem

Shopware is an open-source ecommerce platform built around the community. Once Magento shared similar principles but became commercialized to the very roots of its being. Now, Shopware shows promise in this direction. Some time ago, we focussed on the platform to learn all its nuances, and now Firebear is a Shopware ambassador. What does it mean? 

Whether you’re a small agency or a groundbreaking group of enthusiasts, you can create an innovative feature within the Shopware ecosystem. Everyone willing to make the e-commerce world better can become a Shopware partner! 

Since one of our main goals is to optimize and automate data exchanges between systems, we’ve decided to make a significant step, becoming a Shopware partner. What advantages did we get? 

Shopware Partner Program

The status of a Shopware partner opens much wider opportunities than the position associated with an ecosystem member. You get the ability to support Shopware merchants across the globe with your solutions. The higher service potential lets you help merchants achieve greater success with your products. At the same time, you can count on Shopware. As a manufacturer, the platform is always at your disposal, providing additional help and support. You get the following benefits:

  • Consultations;
  • Workshops;
  • Customer support;
  • Technical support;
  • Robust onboarding;
  • Product roadmap;
  • Standardization;
  • Marketing services;
  • Visibility in the Shopware world.

There are three ways to choose depending on your specification: sales partner, technology partner, or hosting partner. 

Sales partner

Shopware lets you become a sales partner. The platform empowers you with profitable margins, support in pitches and workshops, and attractive marketing services. 

Technology partner

At the same time, you can leverage the ecosystem, becoming a technology partner. Take advantage of the community and earn revenue through the Shopware Store, placing your products there. As you’ve probably guessed already, it’s what we are going to do. At least, partly. 

Hosting partnership

If you create conditions to provide and maintain strong shop performance, Shopware also has something worth your attention. All hosting service providers interested in strengthening the success of Shopware customers can become Shopware partners. 

Let’s summarize the most important facts of the Shopware partner program. You can leverage the direct connection with the people behind the platform. It means that you always get competent answers to your questions via first-hand technical support. Besides, you can always leave your feedback and share ideas on how to improve Shopware. Don’t forget that the e-commerce platform has been based on feedback from the community. So, what’s our role in the ecosystem? 

Firebear & Shopware: Our New Chapter

We’ve decided to take part in shaping the story of the platform. For us, Shopware delivers conditions reminiscent of Magento’s early years when it was open and community-oriented. Shopware lets us leverage our past experiences and transform them into a completely new solution tailored according to the platform’s demands. Shopware helps us craft the future and, at the same time, grow as an agency. 

We are thrilled to announce that our specialists continue working on the Improved Import & Export solution for Shopware, garnering the support of the platform’s official team. 

The Improved Import & Export solution for Shopware is going to help merchants with the following features:

  • Import & Export Jobs – profiles that automate and optimize data transfers;
  • Data Transfer Automation – two ways to automate your import and export processes:
    • Schedules – intervals to launch data transfers automatically;
    • Events – conditions when the module should launch import and export processes;
  • Data Mapping – various features that transform data according to Shiopware’s requirements:
    • Mapping Presets – pre-configured matching schemes;
    • Matching Interface – an interface to map attributes manually;
    • Attribute Values – an interface to map attribute values;
    • Filters – an interface to narrow down the selection of records;
    • Categories – an interface to map product categories;
    • Attributes On-The-Fly – an interface to recreate missing data;
  • Connectivity Options – various features that enable numerous channels for data import/export;
  • File Formats – support for numerous file formats;
  • File Sources – support for numerous sources to transfer files through;
  • Alternative Transfers – support for API connections and third-party platforms, such as Google Sheet.

It is our basic vision of how the Improved Import & Export solution for Shopware should work. However, it is not the final roadmap, so follow us to get the latest news on the project and our impact on the Shopware ecosystem.

Get Improved Import & Export for Shopware by Firebear Studio