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Fedobe ecommerce

We are very excited to announce a new partner! Meet Fedobe – a full-service digital commerce agency based out of Stockholm/India. The company is aimed to deliver online success for its clients via scalable commerce technology solutions and enhance the existing achievements with data-driven marketing strategies.

Fedobe has a huge experience of more than a decade of successful e-commerce projects. Founded in 2010, the company steadily occupied a position of a leading digital commerce solution provider. The current portfolio of Fedobe includes 200+ projects and continues to grow. The leading Magento solution provider is warmly welcomed across Scandinavia, Germany, Australia, and other regions all over the globe. Firebear is proud to share the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension and its add-ons with the company to help Fedobe reach new horizons and simplify the life of its customers.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Fedobe Technology

Fedobe creates future-ready e-commerce solutions by connecting all channels. The company provides the ability to integrate B2C & B2B, supply chains, marketplaces, and any systems situated beyond your existing platforms. Everything is gathered under one umbrella, letting you scale your business smoothly and keep your customer always at the center.

  • Omnichannel Commerce. Fedobe provides a unified experience across all channels. The company integrates the website, in-store, app, mobile and social media experiences to create an outstanding customer journey and admin-friendly management routine. You can no longer ignore the fact that your potential customers prefer different customer journeys. Some of them enjoy good-old brick-and-mortar shopping, while others choose online experiences. Some buyers still use desktop devices to make an order, while others prefer smartphones. You can reach all of them with Fedobe. 
  • B2B Commerce. The B2B market is huge and hulking when it comes to adopting new e-commerce achievements. Many solutions look outdated in 2020 and it doesn’t seem that they will be revamped soon. However, more and more B2B buyers want B2B features on a platform that is as powerful, agile, and user-centric as top B2C websites are. The good news is that you can get such a solution with Fedobe. The company covers both B2B and B2C implementations of an e-commerce project, participating in seamless management of accounts, smart order & inventory management, quote management with other B2B features, and of course engaging customer experience. 
  • Global Expansion. Modern buyers are very diverse. They prefer different ways of purchasing: online and offline, in-store and on-the-go, mobile and desktop, etc. A potential customer is everywhere, including other countries. That’s why it is important to expand your business not only to all platforms and devices but also to go globally. You get this opportunity with Fedobe. Don’t let multiple languages, currency, tax systems, and cultures stop your e-commerce growth.
  • Mobile Commerce. More and more buyers choose their smartphones to purchase everything from food to services. You not only have to be prepared for this transformation but also have to impress your store visitors to turn them into buyers. The importance of mobile-centric customer experience in such processes as customer acquisition, conversion, and repeat purchases is rapidly rising. Don’t lose the opportunity to stay on the top of the wave with Fedobe. The company offers a fast way to create an engaging mobile experience.

To provide this and other solutions, Fedobe incorporates the following platforms and systems: Magento, Adobe, SAP Hybris, Shopify, Akeneo, SalesForce, and others. It also provides the following services: 

  • Customer experience design;
  • Product data management;
  • Supply chain automation;
  • Marketplace integration and management;
  • Integration with other external systems;
  • Advanced analytics.  

Marketing Solutions

Fedobe Marketing

To increase the efficiency of e-commerce tools, Fedobe helps you integrate technology with media, providing winning marketing strategies across all business dimensions. The agency offers the following ROI-driven, conversion-optimized, and individually-tailored solutions:

  • Social Media Marketing. Everyone knows that content is vital for EVERY online business. The way you speak to your audience plays one of the most essential roles in commerce. And since your potential buyers are everywhere, it is necessary to be prepared on all fronts, especially on social media. SMM is the flag bearer of your marketing goals since social networks are the place where your clients spend the most time. You need a well-structured and targeted social media content production strategy across top channels, and Fedobe can help you reach your potential buyers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.  The company specialists help your brand to be heard and shared. 
  • Email Marketing. A modern e-commerce enterprise also needs a reliable email marketing strategy. The corresponding services help brands engage existing customers and nurture leads for years, and their efficiency cannot be overestimated. Fedobe’s specialists will help you develop a successful marketing strategy. You will be able to send highly engaging emails as well as keep hands on the pulse of every campaign with tracking mechanisms and constantly optimize your results with A/B tests. Gather customers on targeted landing pages during personalized campaigns and monitor customer reactions.
  • Paid Advertising. Another vital source of customers and sales is paid ads. Fedobe leverages Facebook ads to give businesses the power to target and reach any specific market. Companies of all sizes can leverage the transformation of their digital marketing strategies by driving conversions via this source. Fedobe’s specialists can help you streamline dynamic audiences, high-quality ad copy, and detailed targeting. With in-depth insights and precise analysis, you will achieve better results with paid ads. 
  • Search Engine Marketing. Google, Bing, YouTube, or other search engines offer wide opportunities for every brand. Thousands of potential customers use them to find products and services they need. Thus, ignoring them is an unforgiven mistake. With Fedobe, you will easily set up your SEM campaigns on the key search engines. The company’s specialists will help you define campaign goals and targeting, configure conversion tracking, and bring more potential buyers to your website.
  • Content Marketing. We’ve already mentioned the role of the content above, so you know that it is vital for every business. However, successful content strategies don’t end up in Social networks. They cover multiple more areas. Fedobe offers industry-leading content marketing services developed to achieve your business goals. With the company’s help, you will master all aspects of content marketing from strategy development to content creation, from publishing to distribution and promotion. Loading your brand with engaging content has never been so easy. 
  • Marketplace Management. Fedobe also offers an opportunity to improve your presence on marketplaces. Increase sales, online visibility, and market dominance by using optimized product descriptions and better content. You will get better positions in search results and engage shoppers to work with your brand. Run promotional campaigns, create targeted ads, and synchronize marketplace accounts with your ecommerce website with the help of Fedobe.

Fedobe works with the following platforms to provide you with outstanding marketing opportunities: Adobe Experience Cloud, Nost, Channable, DotDigital, MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc. Marketing campaigns across social media services, emails, and marketplaces incorporate the following features to deliver top-notch efficiency:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads;
  • Work with influencers;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Google Shopping Integration;
  • Integration with Amazon and other marketplaces.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Follow this link to become our partner: Firebear Partner Loyalty Program. Feel free to describe all the nuances of your business so that we can customize our Partner Program, tailoring it for our mutual benefit.