Aheadworks POS Integration Magento Extension

AheadWorks POS Integration Magento Extension Overview

Aheadworks promotes a very interesting partner product through its website. Although it is not a company’s extension, we’d like to draw your attention to the tool. As you might have guessed from the name, POS Integration is designed to connect your online and offline businesses. The tool supports 11 popular POS systems and works on a subscription basis. Below, we shed light on its core features, but note that the product was developed by Aheadworks’ partner, so it has its unique features and interface that are not common to company’s products.  

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With Aheadworks POS Integration, you can fully automate data exchange between online (Magento) and offline (choose among 11 providers) systems utilized in your business. The tool helps to synchronize inventory and order/customer data, saving time and resources necessary for arranging manual data transition.

As for available POS providers, Aheadworks POS Integration works with the following ones:

  1. QuickBooks POS
  2. RunIt
  3. RICS Software
  4. CounterPoint
  5. Visual Retail Plus
  6. RetailEdge
  7. TylerNet
  8. Retail Backbone
  9. Tri-Technical Systems
  10. CAP Software
  11. Yellow Dog Software

AheadWorks POS Integration Magento Extension Overview

The principle behind the Aheadworks POS Integration Magento extension is quite simple: the tool links Magento and your POS system providing data exchange in both directions. It synchronizes 4 major data types: new products, product updates, orders, and customers.

AheadWorks POS Integration Magento Extension Overview

Thus, each time you add a new item to the POS system, it is synchronized with Magento. Then, you can edit product name, description, images, and other details as always within the Magento admin.

The same is about inventory and pricing changes: from the POS system, they are automatically sent to Magento, updating your ecommerce website. As a result, you always keep your stock information up to date.

As for Magento order and customer information, it is constantly updated with your POS system, providing you with a deep insight into your online and offline customers’ buying habits and updating the inventory from both sides. Online and offline returns are also considered, so you, your employees, and buyers always get only the most precise information.

Benefits of Aheadworks POS Integration

Aheadworks highlights the following benefits of POS Integration:

  • The extension synchronizes inventory between Magento and your POS system (It is really so, but only if your POS system is supported by the module).
  • Orders flow down from Magento to a POS system automatically (the feature is very useful since it helps to display online purchases as completed sales in your POS system).
  • Nobody buys out of stock or unavailable products (in case your online and offline systems are not integrated, this happens quite often).
  • You and your staff save time and effort (Aheadworks POS Integration helps to eliminate manual data entry necessary in case your online store is not synchronized with a POS system)
  • The tool minimizes the chance of human error (manual work is no longer necessary!).

Final Words

Note that Aheadworks only acts as a distributor of the extension. The installation and maintenance of Magento POS Integration module are provided by Modern Retail. As for pricing, you should pay a one time fee of $2,000 that includes installation and 30 days of free use. Then, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee of $75. The subscription covers ongoing technical support, maintenance, and updates. The price seems overvalued at the first blush, but if you need to integrate your ecommerce business with its offline component, AheadWorks POS Integration is a must-have extension.

Download / Buy Aheadworks POS Integration Magento Extension