UX MAZE: Creating Magento 2 Websites From Scratch

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

UX MAZE is an agency that focuses on the uniqueness of their products, making complete Magento 2 solutions for customers of all ranges: brands, wholesalers, and retailers. Every customer is treated individually so that the portfolio of the company is bright and exciting. 

UX MAZE operates on the market since 2012, helping hundreds of companies with their online success. Creating ultimate online experiences based on the Magento 2 platform is the leading company’s goal. Below, you can find several reasons to become a client of UX MAZE. 


  • Top specialists. The company’s portfolio already includes almost a hundred projects. With such an impressive experience, specialists behind UX MAZE provide top e-commerce services. 
  • Results-oriented workflow. The focus on results and success measurement are two values the default company’s workflow is based on. UX MAZE not only wants to create a website but aims to make it useful and efficient.
  • Creativity. While being fluent in all standard techniques and approaches, the company’s specialists also focus on creativity. The freedom to experiment is another crucial aspect of why we recommend choosing UX MAZE.
  • Responsibility. The personal development of the company’s specialists is based on the firm belief that there is always room for improvement. They are very responsible not only in terms of the websites they create but also from the perspective of updating their skills with the latest IT achievements.
  • Quality. Quality is not a competitive advantage – nowadays, it is a must. And you will get it with UX MAZE!

E-Commerce From Scratch

With UX MAZE, you will launch a Magento 2 webshop from scratch. The team of specialists organizes several brainstorming sessions to clarify your goal. Next, it figures out what target groups are in your focus and chooses the best strategy. As a merchant, you can leverage the following services:

  • Online marketing;
  • UX design;
  • Magento development & support.

From strategy to SEO

To become a successful online merchant, you need a well-prepared strategy. UX MAZE provides marketing plans that deliver returns in both the short and long term, combining SEO, SEA, Social media, and email marketing.

UX and design

The right design for the right target group ensures a higher conversion rate. Only a few clicks are enough for an average visitor to determine whether your website is good enough. With UX MAZE, you get visual attractiveness and ease of use sufficient to become a brand people trust.

Magento 2

The primary technology, UX MAZE utilizes, is Magento 2. With certified developers, you will get the most out of the platform. And the individual approach makes every project unique. The superior flexibility of the platform makes it suitable for companies of all sizes.


And you can establish long-term relations with UX MAZE because maintaining and improving your Magento webshop determines your success. And the company’s specialists are always willing to help you with this goal. Certified solution specialists, developers, designers, and marketers are under your disposal every day!

UX MAZE Projects

You can find the company’s portfolio here: UX MAZE Projects.

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