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Are you looking for an email marketing platform that can help your conversions? Then we got a solution for you. 

Many people are looking for the best email marketing strategy. Not everyone understands the importance of this. But with a quality strategy and tools, you can easily attract a large number of new customers. Or bring back old ones. Such services could help you to ship email to your customers and remind them of the existence of your store.

To do this, you can use several SaaS systems or other versions. There are quite a few of them on the market. But now we’ll focus on a single platform, Saleshandy.

We’ll go through its features, cost, alternatives, and other details. After reading this article, you will be able to make a picture of this platform for yourself and decide: Use it or not.

So, let’s start.

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What is Saleshandy?

First, let’s define Saleshandy. 

Saleshandy is an app that helps you boost conversions with email marketing and outreach features. It offers a wide range of email-related operations. You could automate email campaigns, personalize pop-ups, send cold emails, and monitor everything. 

SalesHandy is clearly a collection of solutions. It is web-based and is intended to assist you centralize email monitoring, document management, file sharing, and lead generation.

It assists the sales team in correctly tracking their sales resources and gaining user insights in order to develop and implement marketing plans that provide results. 

Who is Saleshandy for?

In general, Saleshandy will appeal to anyone looking to swiftly automate and optimize their email marketing efforts. With solid outreach skills, you may make your life a lot simpler by outsourcing some of your jobs to Saleshandy. You might work as a marketer, an affiliate specialist, or just as an SEO. Saleshandy is ideal for you and will improve your conversions.

If you are a marketer, you may automate your email outreach efforts to increase conversion and sales. It could work in their favor.

If you are an outreach specialist, you could simplify your daily routine. Simply automate your emails to all of the sites you need to contact. 

Saleshandy Pricing

Saleshandy provides very standard price choices. You have three fixed-price plans and one with configurable pricing. Let’s take a look at them. 

I nearly forgot to mention that you may utilize each plan for free for 7 days. This is a trial period.

Outreach Basic

If you’ve never used this platform before, here is a fantastic place to start. It comes for $27 per month. It is appropriate for novices to begin their cold email outreach with limitless email accounts. 

You get features like: 

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Warm-up
  • 2,000 Total prospects
  • 10,000 Monthly Emails
  • 2,500 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Pro

This plan is more developed than the previous one. It comes for $79 per month. It is better suited to more advanced outreacher specialists who know where to begin and what to accomplish. You get features like: 

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Email Warm-up
  • 25,000 Total Prospects
  • 125,000 Monthly Emails
  • 10,000 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Scale

This plan is ideal for firms looking to expand their reach with high-volume but effective cold emails. It comes for $150 per month. You get the following benefits: 

  • 50,000 Total Prospects
  • 250,000 Monthly Emails
  • 25,000 Email Verification Credits

And the custom option. There goes the bespoke collaboration, which might entail varying amounts of money and platform features. This is mainly for major corporations looking to form a long-term collaboration with the program.

Saleshandy Features

Let’s take a look at platform features. Saleshandy has a plethora of options to assist you in increasing conversions. 

Track Your Emails Statistic

You may link Saleshandy with Zapier, much like most tracking tools, to replicate your email data analytics to your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM. This allows you to better categorize clients, see customer relationships holistically, and trigger sales activities based on email interaction.

It’s a great tool that can show you the success of your email marketing. It allowed you to see:

  • Email Open Rate. Find the number of times your email was opened by a client.
  • Email Click-Through Rate. Individual link tracking can tell you how many times each link in your email was clicked.
  • Email Reply Rate. Knowing how many people responded to your emails allows you to swiftly focus on the most significant answers.
  • Email Bounce Rate. Discover which emails did not make it into the inboxes of the receivers.

Email Sequence

Sequences are a key aspect of this platform. It’s similar to email marketing efforts. You design an email series that begins with the letter of the prism. In essence, you are automating your mailer labor. 

For example, suppose you write one email greeting. Following that, you create an email reminding you to visit your store and others.

It’s possibly one of the most important aspects of automation. It allows you to simply relieve yourself of the day’s workload and do tasks more quickly. As a result, you will have more time for the future.

Customize Campaigns

Saleshandy allows you to personalize your email marketing. Personalized emails, independent of email client, can increase email open rates. A customized email, as opposed to a generic marketing email, is tailored to a specific receiver. It typically contains information such as the recipient’s name, company name, industry, alma mater, affiliations, interests, and more.

It is an extremely significant platform capability. 

You simply need to supply a CSV file containing the recipients’ information. Then you craft and personalize your email message. 

Auto Follow-Up

Another critical platform feature. 

Auto Follow-Ups is a powerful method for increasing your open and response rates. 

Sending follow-up emails to a large email list, on the other hand, may be laborious and time-consuming. This is where Saleshandy’s email sequence feature comes in handy.

In the same thread, you can also send automated follow-up emails to help recipients see a new email message in the context of previous emails. This can boost your team’s sales effectiveness by increasing email open rates.

Email Scheduling

This is a fantastic moment to save time. 

You may send one from anywhere at any time if you have a working internet connection. Even better, because an email inbox does not close for the night like the local postal service, you are guaranteed fast round-the-clock delivery.

Overall, the most impressive feature is unlimited email scheduling. There is no limit to the amount of emails you may schedule. As a result, you are free to set up as many emails as you like at any time of day or night.

Powerful Integrations

SalesHandy integrates with other major platforms, allowing you to get the most out of this program. This program connects with Gmail, G Suite, Office Outlook, Office 365, and other applications to help you do more tasks.

Saleshandy Benefits

But what do you get when you combine all of these features? Let’s have a look at them.

Save Time

It is critical that you can simply save your time. 

You will be able to spend more time to more essential tasks by automating several operations. It will not only make your regular duties easier, but it will also help you complete them quicker and better.

That is a very useful attribute. 

More Conversion and Sales

The fact that you can do a large amount of work rapidly pays you in terms of increased conversions and revenues.

Furthermore, Saleshandy offers high-quality features that will undoubtedly help you elevate your store. With mailings, you can remind old customers about you while also attracting new ones. 

Saleshandy Alternatives

Let’s have a look at a platform option. 


GMass is a powerful email outreach and marketing automation technology that operates directly within your Gmail inbox. Its robust mail-merging features have made it popular among employees at digital behemoths such as Uber, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

It could be an excellent replacement for Saleshandy. 

Small enterprises, SaaS startups, universities, marketing and sales teams, customer support teams, and even everyday email senders will benefit from the program.

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot sales include a wealth of sale engagement options to help you improve your email marketing efforts. It allows you to generate automatic follow-up emails, as well as access to configurable reports that allow you to track campaign deliverability and engagement, among other things. 

While Hubspot is a viable alternative, its pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum, making it unsuitable for a small sales team.

However, the free plan provides so much value that you may not need to subscribe to a paid plan at all. Of course, this is only viable if no substantial email outreach is planned.

Right Inbox

Despite being the most affordable email monitoring tool on this Saleshandy alternative list, Right Inbox has the same capabilities as top-tier sales engagement solutions.

Email monitoring, email reminders, templates, sequences mail merge, Gmail CRM connection, embedded Gifs in emails, and many more features are available.

Right Inbox mostly works with Gmail via browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The installation is simple. Simply download the browser extension and activate it in less than ten seconds.

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You can design fantastic campaigns using Saleshandy. Make your life simpler with automation and other platform features. Also, if you work as an outreach specialist, you can make your job much easier by creating email templates. 

The email template functionality includes the following features: template performance tracking, HTML template creation, template management in folders, using templates in mail merge campaigns, and using extension templates in Gmail and Outlook.

Document monitoring keeps track of the document’s open rate, access location, time spent on the document, viewer information, and the exact pages seen.

Users may allow and disable document downloading, create a password for document access, and specify a date for documents to expire.

If you’re unsure about Saleshandy, don’t be. The modest extra expense might actually improve your business. We encourage you to check out this platform. 

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Is there a free trial for Saleshandy?

Yes, Saleshandy provides you with the 7-day free trial on each pricing plans. In fact, you can try one of all the plans you want.