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Make your customers more interested in your e-commerce store and goods by showing them all the related products. Often, it is very convenient. Imagine the situation, when occasional visitor is dissatisfied with the specific product from your store: the price is too high, the color is not desired, or its functionality is not like your visitor imagined. But you have the substitute with lower price, desired color, or necessary functionality. Chances are you occasional visitor will leave you e-commerce store without any attempts to find this substitute. By using correct related products Magento extension, you can change the situation. You will automatically generate related products for the entire catalog of you web-store, so all the substitutes will be displayed on appropriate product pages. Below, we’ve gathered the most popular related products Magento extensions.

related products magentoRelated Products Magento 2 Extensions

Related Products Manager

Related Products Magento Extensions

The popularity score of this extension is 7368, and rating is 3.5/5, and it is absolutely free. Related Products Manager generates related items, cross-sells and up-sells for the entire catalog. The extension uses existing shopper data, as a result your customers get all the necessary information, based on behavior of other shoppers. Related Products Manager is a perfect solution for smaller shops. For shops with more advanced needs there are paid tiers. Hit this link for more information.

Automatic Related Products by aheadWorks

Related Products Magento Extensions

This extension has lower popularity score – 1640, but higher rating – 4.8. Prepare $139 to get it. With the Automatic Related Products, you will forget about your old algorithm of adding related products. The extension automates this process. You just have to define the rules for related products, and people will get alternatives to the current goods automatically! Automatic Related Products also enables you to display auto-assigned related products anywhere. You can use shopping cart, product or category pages to place such blocks as “We Recommend”, “Similar Products”, “Daily Deal” or “People Who Viewed This Ultimately Bought”. You can download Automatic Related Products from this page.

Customers Also Viewed

Related Products Magento Extensions

Stimulate your customers to buy more by showing them products relevant to customers’ interests. Increase average order amount and save your precious time with Customers Also Viewed extension from Amasty. For more information go here.

iWeb Auto Related Products

Related Products Magento Extensions

iWeb Auto Related Products extension has very high rating – 4.9, but the popularity score is only 826. Its purpose is to extend Magento’s out of the box related products. iWeb Auto Related Products automatically pulls in a random set of products from a category of current product. The extension is absolutely free, and you can download it here.

Related Products

Related Products Magento Extensions

The popularity score of this extension is 841, and rating – 3.8. It sets related, up-sell and cross-sell products by categories. With Related Products you can also get random products from two or more related categories. The extension is free, and you can get it from this page.

Random Related Products

Related Products Magento Extensions

With the highest possible rating, Random Related Products has popularity score of 3646. The extension controls the quantity of randomly chosen items displayed in the related products side menu. The shown products are chosen randomly. Hit this link to download this free extension.