How to Add, Export and Import Magento 2 Taxes

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It’s a known fact, that you can add taxes in Magento 2, however, you can also import and export taxes. Importing taxes can save time when moving to another store, or migrating from Magento 1.

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How to add Magento 2 taxes

Let’s first remind ourselves how to create taxes, and then have a break down on taxes import.

The taxes are added at the Stores > Tax Zones and Rates. Click ‘Add New Tax Rate’ button to proceed.

The available settings are pretty simple and are self explanatory. Now, let’s export the tax table to see how it looks in Magento 2 CSV format and break down the tax attributes we will need to import taxes.

How to export Magento 2 taxes

To export the tax table navigate to System > Import and Export Tax Rates and click ‘Export Tax Rates’ button. You will get the CSV table with your store taxes. The table comes with the following tax attributes:

Attribute name Reference Values Values example
Code Tax Identifier Any characters allowed by Magento 2 for the Tax Name New Tax Name
Country Country Country name as per Magento 2 country table United States
State State Name of the state as per Magento 2 state table Alabama
Zip/Post Code Zip/Post Code Only numerals allowed 12345
Rate Rate Percent Only numerals allowed 10
Zip/Post is Range Zip/Post is Range 1 – Yes, the Zip/Post code is range from-to

0 – No, the Zip/Post code is not range

Range From Range From Only numerals allowed 12345
Range To Range To Only numerals allowed 54321

How to import Magento 2 taxes

Knowing all the tax attributes and values you can now import taxes from the same page System > Import and Export Tax Rates. The taxes should be imported in Magento 2 formatted CSV table. You can get the pre-formatted table from Google Sheet Master Table:

Tax Rates Import Table Google Sheet

The Tax Rates Google Sheet comes with short description of every attribute and data validation for the columns where appropriate. FireBear team has composed this Master Table to make sure Magento 2 merchants have all necessary information to make import procedure and matter of minutes instead of days. More information on this Google Sheet can be found in dedicated post:

Magento 2 Google Sheet Import post

Now, back to the import. For taxes Magento 2 has a dedicated entity ‘Import and Export Tax Rates’.

Here you need to click ‘Browse’ button to find the tax import table you have composed previously and hit ‘Import Tax Rates’. If the table has been composed properly your newly added taxes will be available within Magento 2 store.

That’s it. Hope the article was helpful. If you still have any questions – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Improving your Magento 2 import and export functionality

Whether you are looking to automate import and export processes, use such file formats as XML, Excel or OpenOffice, import Magento 2 product directly from Google Sheets, you need to check out Improved Import and Export extension by FireBear Studio.

It is one of the must-have extensions for your Magento 2. Why? Here is the list of use cases:

  • Update your product catalog automatically every week – ask your supplier to post updates in the Google Sheets and configure an import job.
  • Integrate your ERP or CRM systems with Magento 2 using Rest API support of the extension.
  • Migrate from M1, Shopify and Prestashop, or transfer all data from your old Magento 2 in few clicks – the import jobs support attribute mapping and come with the mapping presets.
  • Upload your custom formatted Excel, CSV and XML tables with products or customers to Magento 2. For CSV and Excel the extension offers separators mapping, for XML extension comes with XSLT transformation support.

The use of the extension is limited only by your wishes. For the full list of features visit Improved Import and Export product page and check out explicit Magento 2 import Guide List we have composed for you.

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