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Are you looking for a new hosting platform that will help to start and manage your webstore? Maybe we have an option for you. 

It’s not always possible to find the perfect hosting for the site. It often happens that the prices are overpriced or the performance is not very good. But due to the lack of alternatives, we have to make do with what we have. 

And many people suffer because of it.

But now there are more and more new platforms that offer great hosting for good money. Today we will talk about one of them. 

HostArmada is a newcomer. But it offers great services.

We will look at the services, prices, and other aspects that the platform offers.

Let’s start.

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What Is HostArmada? 

HostArmada is a website hosting company. It’s a fresh addition to the game. This company was started in November 2020 and has already been in business for about four years. It’s not that long, but in that time HostArmada has already managed to establish itself. However, it has already shown itself throughout this period. Offering a low-cost yet high-quality product. With a plethora of contemporary upgrades and gadgets. 

The platform offers all of the fundamental hosting services. In fact, everything you need for successful website hosting may be found here. 

Who Is HostArmada For?

This platform is suitable for anyone looking for hosting services. HostArmada can handle both huge organizations that require heavy hosting and small businesses that want a simple website. 

If you’re new to eCommerce and wish to host your website on WordPress, HostArmada is an excellent option. You may test out the platform for free and learn about hosting. 

Or if you want to change your old hosting and are looking for solutions, HostArmada may be useful to you.

What services does HostArmada offer? 

HostArmada has several possible hosting options. Let’s look at them and their features. 

Cloud Share And WordPress Hosting

You may host your WordPress site using these options. You receive cPanel-based Web Hosting with optimal loading speed. Furthermore, it is built on a cloud platform with fast and redundant SSD storage. 

This implies that the speed will be fairly high and trouble-free. 

You get:

  • SSL for all websites
  • Website Migration
  • Web Server Caches
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Daily Backups

All of this comes with 24/7 technical assistance from the platform. Human-powered technical help for quick and safe website transfers, template or module installations, and any additional website-related concerns.


These web hosting uses the same price strategy. You receive three price options with identical capabilities. However, the more costly the better. 

You get: 

  • Start Dock. It comes for $ 9.95/month. It is the perfect option for your initial store’s fresh new hosting. 
  • Web Warp. It costs $16,4 per month. This is the most suitable package for hosting many websites and extending their availability. It enables larger firms to handle more diverse jobs. 
  • Speed Reaper. It comes to $19,7 per month. It best suits people who want to improve the loading speed of your website.

Reseller Hosting

With our Fast, Stable, and Secure white-labeled Reseller Web Hosting Plans, you may start a profitable web hosting business. You will receive: 

  • SSL for all websites
  • WAF & Malware Protection
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
  • White-Label and Personal Nameservers
  • Daily Backups


Let’s look at the hosting’s cost options. You get: 

  • Sitedust. It comes for $32,95 per month. This is the best plan if you are just starting your Reseller Hosting mission. 
  • Protoseller. The monthly cost for this plan is $43,95. If you want to expand your reseller hosting capabilities and succeed, this is an excellent fit. 
  • Web Giant. The monthly cost for this plan is $54,95. It’s fantastic for growing to be a titan in the reseller hosting industry. 
  • Site Nova. This is a wonderful strategy for expanding your company. It costs $76,95.

Cloud VSP Hosting

This option gives you limitless control over a redundant Cloud-powered, scalable solution for your rapidly growing organization. You receive Cloud SSD VPS Hosting packages that provide you total control since the operating system’s root user was given access on demand. 


With this hosting option, you get few pricing plans: 

  • Web Shuttle. The cost of this plan is $60,4 per month. Your websites will load quickly on our Cloud VPS. You also get a 1 Core CPU and 50 GB of SSD storage with it. 
  • Web Voyager. The cost of this plan is $71,4 per month. You have an 80 GB SSD, a 2 Core CPU, and 4 GB of RAM here. 
  • Web Raider. The cost of this plan is $93,4 per month. You now have a 160 GB SSD and a faster 4 core CPU. So it will provide you a solid foundation for your website. 
  • Site Carrier. This plan comes for $148 per month and give you 320 GB SSD Storage CPU and 6 Cores CPU.

Dedicated CPU Hosting

Additionally, HostArmada offers dedicated CPU server hosting. 

Due to the root operating system user’s On Demand access, this Dedicated CPU Server Hosting service offers total control. 

Additionally, Native Solid State Drives are the sturdy base on which our Dedicated CPU Server Hosting plans will begin to gain your respect.

You will be able to use obscene amounts of dedicated power based on a redundant Cloud SSD infrastructure for unrivaled website performance. 

What Features do you get? 

We looked at everything that the platform provides. Let’s take a look at the features that stand out quite a bit. 

Free SSL and Multi-Level Security Solutions

This is quite significant. Since not every platform provides that.

All of HostArmada’s hosting plans incorporate the same security measures. This gives every customer the impression that they matter, regardless of the scope or scale of their online project. 

All HostArmada plans provide free SSL certificates, which are necessary for building a user’s confidence when they visit your website and give it the’s’ in https. All options include the installation of SSL, and all SSL certificates renew on their own.

Nice Storage Limits

The storage that comes with each plan from HostArmada is one possible issue. 

Examine your website and how you want it to develop. Magazine-style websites, blogs, and portfolios can gather thousands of assets over time, taking up space. 

This is a really excellent feature that enables big businesses to use this platform to expand. They don’t need to find a substitute for a substantial item. 


In short, HostArmada is great for hosting sites of any size. You can own a single page or a large number of sites: HostArmada can help you with anything. The variability of this platform very much makes its name. 

Also, a fairly cheap price also gives a plus to this platform. Because it’s not always possible to find good hosting with protection, which will not cost much. But it’s pretty important. 

We advise you to test the platform. I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself. 

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