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Magento 2 Private Composer

Composer is a dependency managing tool in PHP. It allows determining on which libraries the current project depends. It also arranges all the processes connected with the library installation and updating. It’s a mistake to think that Composer is a package manager. It handles packages, but it makes it per project. Thus, Composer enables a global installation option without installing anything globally in the default mode.

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That’s is a piece of theory, but to realize the actual benefit of this solution let’s see the main pains which Composer can fix.

  • The new project with a framework in usage requires you to deal with its updated versions. It’s not a time-saving approach to download updates manually each time when they are issued. Composer allows solving this issue as it downloads all the updates automatically.
  • Libraries or frameworks used in the project depend on some other libraries. As this chain can be seamless, it’s impossible to escape bugs caused by incompatibility or clash. Composer helps to settle this issue keeping one library copy with a suitable version or declining the installation request.
  • After the library is downloaded, it’s necessary to take one or several steps to install and setup it. The package creators should write the detailed procedures inserted into guidelines and react to the support requests caused by customers’ complaints about errors. Composer scripts are a real catch here. With Composer installed, the steps described can be easily coded, and automated. It operates as a script at the different package download step.

Certainly, that’s not a final list of the issues that Composer can arrange easily. Now let’s take a closer look at the custom Composer solution –  Private Composer by Aheadworks.

Magento 2 Private Composer

What makes Private Composer by Aheadworks winning?

Forward access management

You can assign or deny any permissions easily increasing or decreasing the number of products available for particular clients.

No additional fees

Once you have purchased Private Composer, you prevent yourself from any extra charges caused by additional users or other use restrictions.

Convenient way of installation

You can download Private Composer and benefit from its open source code written in PHP with no service fee.

Instant updates


Customers will obtain new products, product updates, security patches as soon as the new code is pushed.

The product of choice for software providers

With Private Composer on the go, PHP software providers allow their clients to install and update purchased packages with the composer.

Access control security


Authentication and permission records provide reliability and customization of access restrictions.

Seamless integration opportunities


You can integrate Private Composer with REST API interface with no trouble.

Extended scope of application

Private Composer can be beneficial for any PHP Software including but not limited by Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others.

Final Words

Private Composer certainly wins if you sell the products directly from your own private repository. Particularly, this technical solution allows you to limit and manage the access to specified products for specified clients or companies. With Private Composer installed, you can enable the access to the specific repository areas for separate repository areas. Package installations and updates are streamlined while composer resolves assigned dependencies by default.

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