Exploring Shopware: How to Create a Product in Shopware 6

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In one of our previous articles, we’ve mentioned that the Shopware 6 dashboard contains a checklist to get your shop ready. The very first point in it is a guide on how to add a product in Shopware 6. Below, we describe this process and touch upon a related topic – Shopware 6 product import. So, let’s see how to create a product in Shopware 6.


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Creating Shopware 6 Products: Product Page Structure

When you add a new product in Shopware 6, the system provides you with numerous sections, where you have to specify data about your new item. The structure of a page where you create a product in Shopware looks as follows:

  • Header;
  • General Information;
  • Prices;
  • Deliverability;
  • Assignment;
  • Media;
  • Labelling;
  • SEO;
  • SEO URLs;
  • Measures & Packaging;
  • Essential Characteristics;
  • Reviews.

Let’s explore each section of a Shopware 6 admin product page in more detail.


The header section of a product page in Shopware 6 lets you specify a product language, cancel its creation, or save a new item. Alternatively, you can save and duplicate a product in Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 product page

General Information

When you create a new product in Shopware 6, you have to specify its title and description. It happens in the General Information section:

Shopware 6 product page

As you can see, the description field contains basic editing instruments.

After that, you edit a product number, which is assigned to your new item by default. Also, the system lets you choose a manufacturer, enable/disable the item, and turn on its promotion.

Shopware 6 product page


In this section, you specify a tax rate as well as net and gross price, purchase price, and list price. Besides, it is possible to configure currency dependent pricing here.

Shopware 6 product page


Here, Shopware 6 lets you specify the number of items in stock, choose an available stock, disable backorders, enter the delivery and restock time, turn on free shipping, as well as decide on min. and max order quantity and purchase steps.

Shopware 6 product page


The Assignment section of the Shopware 6 product creation page lets you assign your new product to categories and sales channels. Besides, you specify tags and search keywords related to your new product.

Shopware 6 product page


You can drag or upload media files that will be displayed on the product page. Note that the system lets you choose a cover image and add more photos here.

Shopware 6 product page


This section lets you specify the release date of your new product as well as its EAN number and the associated manufacturer product number.

Shopware 6 product page


The SEO section is quite standard. It contains meta title, description, and keywords.

Shopware 6 product page


In SEO URLs, you can create an SEO-friendly link to your product. Shopware 6 offers this opportunity by default. 

Shopware 6 product page

Measures & Packaging

The Measures & Packaging section lets you specify such parameters as product width, height, length, and weight. Besides, you can add selling, scale, packaging, and basic units.

Shopware 6 product page

Essential Characteristics

In this section, Shopware lets you define what is important about your products. Note that this information is displayed in a shopping cart and during the checkout. You have to create Essential Characteristics templates first to be able to assign them to your products.

Shopware 6 product page


There are no reviews yet. But they appear here right after someone leaves them on the frontend.

Shopware 6 product page

How to Import Products to Shopware 6

Our team lets you avoid the complex product creation routine of Shopware 6 if you already have an existing store with a catalog of items. We can help you import your existing goods to Shopware 6. Contact our support for more details. You can also try our Improved Import & Export Extension for Shopware to import products to Shopware 6. Please, consult our specialists before using the module. We will help you achieve the highest efficiency in this process.