QuillBot Review: Perfect Writing Assistant With Paraphrasing?

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Are you looking for a cure for your “writer’s block”? Or do you just want to diversify your texts? Add new word combinations and interesting structures to them. Then, maybe we got a solution for you. 

A lot of writers and just copywriters meet with the same problem. They’re just running out of words. And the texts either become too monotonous and similar to each other, or it just becomes difficult to generate and come up with text. This problem can be combated in a variety of ways. Some people read more and expand their vocabulary, some people rest, and some people start using AI and similar tools.

We are going to talk about one such platform now. We are going to talk about one such platform right now. QuillBot AI is exactly what has become the assistant of a very large number of people. 

And if you haven’t heard of it, then this article is definitely for you. We will look at what it is, its features, prices, and what you can get from QuillBot. 

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What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI platform that combines in it useful tools for writing. It can serve a large number of tasks. The tool might assist you in improving your writing abilities by recommending more natural and polished language. The program may be used for academic writing, generating material for work, posting on social media, and communicating with friends and family.

Using this platform you get features such as:

  • Paraphraser. Paste or write your sentence and the bot will paraphrase it according to the parameters you set.
  • Grammar Checker. Upload a document or simply paste your text and the platform will check your text for grammar and point out errors.
  • Plagiarism Checker. With QuillBot you can easily receive your report about your text and see its plagiarism problems.
  • Co-Writer. It is your “pocket” writing assistant. It will do all functions simultaneously in real-time.
  • Summarizer. If you need to summarize something quickly or make a conclusion, this feature is great for you. 

QuillBot provides some more features like Translation and Citation Generator. You can also find here a variety of extensions for different browsers. You can download extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and macOS. This makes it very flexible to use on any platform. So if you get bored with the browser you know what to do.

For free, you can use all features except Plagiarism. You’ll already need to take out a subscription for it. But that’s okay, because now all advanced plagiarism sites require a subscription or purchase of their services. 

Who Is QuillBot For?

QuillBot is suitable for anyone who needs to work with text. You may be a copywriter or a student who requires a lot of “water” in your job. And QuillBot produces high-quality results. 

QuillBot has a plethora of student-friendly features, including a plagiarism detector, a summarizer, and a Co-Writer. However, copywriters will benefit from QuillBot’s paraphrasing, grammar checker, and other capabilities.

If you’ve suddenly run out of a set of words, or you’re just tired and can’t think of anything interesting to write, this platform can help. 

Or you can simply simplify and speed up your content writing. 

QuillBot Pricing

The payment of this platform is a nice one. It doesn’t cost super expensive, and for one premium subscription, you get all the closed features. 

That is, you don’t need to separately buy plagiarism and separately buy tones for the paraphraser. Buy one subscription and that’s it. 

You get three pricing options. You can pay monthly, semi-annually, and annually

For a subscription that will go every month, you will be asked for $9.95. For semi-annually – $39,95 every 6 months. And for annually – $49,95. 

It’s certainly more economical to take a year’s subscription. But I still advise you to try the free platform first. If you like it, then take a monthly subscription. 

And there, if QuillBot starts to be your routine, then buy a yearly subscription and enjoy.

QuillBot Features

We have briefly listed what QuillBot can provide you with from the features. Now let’s go a little deeper into this issue and go through each function individually.


To me, this is the coolest tool QuillBot has. I use this tool very often and it helps me in different areas of my work. 

It is with this tool that you can diversify your text with different words. Also, paraphraser provides you with different writing styles. You can use it in modes such as:

  • Standard. Text is rewritten in a consistent manner to preserve meaning.
  • Fluency. Ensures text is readable and free of errors.
  • Formal. Presents text in a more sophisticated and professional way
  • Simple. Presents text in a way most people can understand
  • Creative. Expresses ideas in a completely new way that may change the meaning.
  • Expand. Adds more detail and depth to increase sentence length.
  • Shorten. Strips away extra words to provide a clear message.

You can also use it in English, German, Spanish, and French.

Using a paraphraser is very simple. You just insert your text, choose a style, and press start. QuillBot does the rest for you. And you get the result.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is pretty basic software that is quite handy. Grammar Checker is also free. But there is one issue.

While there’s no denying that this tool is beneficial, most writers are likely already using a grammar checker app like Grammarly or ProWritingAid. It’s difficult to picture many people hearing about Quillbot without already having a grammar-checking solution in place.

If you don’t have one and want to obtain one, QuillBot is a decent alternative. You can upload and validate files. 


Plagiat detection software is the most useful in the realm of academic writing. Without it, you would be unable to develop high-quality content that will be promoted by Google. Because you may take anything even if you write everything by hand. 

And practically all of them must be purchased right now. QuilBot has very low pricing, which may entice many individuals. 

There’s nothing more to say; it’s convenient, inexpensive, and can assist you in a variety of ways.


This is the feature that suits students best. I believe that it can help to write a text or a paper quickly and easily.


Quillbot’s summarizer tool is one of its most intriguing capabilities. Quillbot may utilize artificial intelligence to filter through piles of reading material and summarize essential points and discoveries. This is similar to having a virtual research assistant to aid you with your task.

This tool allows you to rapidly acquire a squeeze of information without having to perform it yourself. 

QuillBot Pros & Cons

Now, after we take a look at the features, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. 


This platform is an excellent writing aid. Its goal is to assist you in writing and creating unusual material with something fascinating. And QuillBot does it really well. 

  • Brilliant paraphrasing tool that really quick and easy to use
  • You will get different paraphrasing tones and languages
  • It can save time by eliminating the need to rewrite portions of articles or documents
  • QuillBot allows you to take notes on articles from the research area
  • Great Grammar and Plagiarism Checker that can compare with Grammarly


However, every platform has drawbacks and minor issues. QuillBot is no different. 

  • AI detection technologies do not always identify output texts
  • Co-Writer will not readily produce an article for you
  • This tool is useful for students and writers, but not for marketers and other professionals


So, is QuillBot useful

And the answer – Yes. This tool can help so many writers overcome writer’s block and start writing more and more diversely. Paraphrases can also help you come up with non-standard constructions and make your text more varied. Also, a great grammar and plagiarism checker will help you not to sin with it.

Other features like Co-Writer may be to the taste of students or those who write any kind of term papers or other works. So not only writers will find this tool useful.

So, if you wondering “Use QuillBot or Not”, I think you definitely should give it a try. 

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Is QuillBot effective in producing plagiarism-free content?

Yes, QuillBot is designed to help users create plagiarism-free content. The AI algorithm generates paraphrased sentences, ensuring that the rewritten text does not match the original source word-for-word, thus reducing the risk of plagiarism. However, it is essential to remember that while QuillBot can be a helpful aid, it’s crucial for users to review and edit the output to ensure it aligns with their intended message and adheres to academic or professional guidelines regarding plagiarism.

Is QuillBot suitable for academic writing?

Yes, QuillBot can be beneficial for academic writing. Its paraphrasing capabilities allow users to rephrase sentences and paragraphs while preserving the original meaning, which can enhance the clarity and coherence of academic papers.

How accurate is QuillBot in paraphrasing complex or technical content?

This piece of information, for example, was paraphrased by Quillbot.

“The AI system used by QuillBot is designed to handle a wide range of text formats, including complicated and technical information. While it typically performs a great job of producing alternate sentence variants, its accuracy may vary depending on the complexity and domain-specificity of the supplied text.”

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