Boost Your Magento Speed and Performance With the Best and Most Affordable Cache Solution

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Magento Speed, Magento Performance

Magento is known for its robustness and unparalleled functionalities that leave other applications far behind. Store owners that power their e-commerce stores with Magento are surely on the path to success. Troubles, however, arise when technicalities come in the way of managing the application and the performance of a store deteriorates.

The most common culprit in these situations is the cache plugin. In simple words, the caching system makes a website load faster. And as for Magento website owners, performance and speed play an important role.

There are many plugins out there, but the ones that fit best with Magento are either hard to find or too complicated to make use of. Amasty, a renowned name in the industry, however, solves the conundrum of sluggish Magento performance with the release of Full Page Cache plugin. In this article, I talk about the benefits of Full Page Cache and why it is considered the best cache solution for Magento powered stores. I am sure by the end, you will have a great idea about speeding up your Magento store. So, read on!

What’s So Good About Amasty Full Page Cache?

The speed of your Magento store is an official ranking factor in search engines. Moreover, site speed hugely influences users’ behavior. Put simply, poor store performance acts as a repellent for customers.

Amasty Full Page Cache, at the same time, was designed with the main purpose of increasing the speed of your Magento 1.x store. Not only does the plugin speed up your store, it improves user experience which in turn leads to better conversion rate and improved search engine ranking.

What really makes the plugin stand out are its unique and unprecedented features. Full Page Cache plugin has all the tools that decrease your server load. It initializes early and remains responsive even during crunch times. In the midst of heavy traffic on your Magento store, Full Page Cache utilizes hole punching and it dynamically restricts the process of loading certain Magento blocks, such as checkout. So when there’s a spike in traffic and hundreds of users visit your store at once, the server resources used by Full Page Cache are far less than any other plugin.

And the best part is, Full Page Cache is highly customizable and configurable. You can define the pages that should be cached, cache storage time and enable cache for dynamic blocks in order to optimize performance.

How Can You Get Amasty Full Page Cache

Once you’re convinced with Full Page Cache, head over to the official website of Amasty and install the Full Page Cache plugin for Magento 1. The whole process is hassle-free but you’re faced with a real obstacle when you head to the checkout. The Full Page Cache extension for the Community edition of Magento 1 is priced at $199 and with 12 months of support the price tag goes above $300.

Full Page Cache plugin for Magento 1

Although the plugin has a lot to offer and the price is somewhat justified by the benefits that you get in exchange, there is still a way around it. In my research of the available cache plugins for Magento 1, I found Full Page Cache to be the best but also relatively expensive. Cloudways, however, makes the decision easy and definitive for you.

Cloudways, a managed Magento Hosting provider offers Full Page Cache plugin for no extra cost. That’s right! You don’t have to pay anything extra if you host your Magento website with Cloudways. Here’s how:

Cloudways + Amasty Full Page Cache = Super Fast Magento

Not long ago, Cloudways entered into a partnership with Amasty to offer Full Page Cache to its Magento 1.x customers. Available for free, Full Page Cache extension on Cloudways claims to make Magento stores up to 350% faster. To authenticate the claim, they even conducted a test to gauge the response time of Magento powered website using Full Page Cache on Cloudways. And to say the least, the results are astonishing!

What makes this the perfect combination is that Cloudways is an industry-leading managed cloud hosting provider and combined with Cloudways Magento Full Page Cache you are guaranteed the best store performance and ultimate UX.

Their services go beyond the regular and conventional hosting service providers. Cloudways is known for their expert level support, affordable prices and feature-enriched platform. So while you focus on the needs of your business, Cloudways takes care of the server management and deployment of Full Page Cache.

All you have to do is Sign Up on Cloudways and try out their platform for free before you even make a decision. With just a click you can activate Full Page Cache for your Magento 1 store or Varnish cache for Magento 2 store. Their trial allows users to make use of the user-friendly platform and all the amazing features such as unlimited staging areas, free SSL, and Cloudways CDN which merely costs a dollar.

It’s a no-brainer! This partnership guarantees a win-win situation for your pocket and your Magento store.