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Extendware Cache Backends / Faster Checkout Magento Extension

Extendware Cache Backends / Faster Checkout Magento Extension Review; Extendware Cache Backends / Faster Checkout Magento Module Overview

If  you are tired of slow checkout, product saving, and tags flushing, then you’ve come to the right place. Although some specialists insist that it is necessary to perform a lot of customizations in order to solve this performance problems, we know a better way – install the Extendware Cache Backends / Faster Checkout Magento extension and you will forever forget about them. Below, we describe core features of the extension and shed light on how to configure it. Performance improvements have never been so easy. Continue Reading

Extendware Image Optimization Magento Extension

Extendware Image Optimization  Magento Extension Review; Image Optimization Module Overview

Every ecommerce store has tons of images, since visual content is extremely important for online businesses, as it provides the greatest impression on customers. Furthermore, the lack of photos makes a website look suspicious and unprofessional, so use only high quality content in a reasonable quantity. Unfortunately, you can face a problem when large images slow down the user experience reducing search engine rankings and consequently sales. To avoid this situation, we recommend you install the Image Optimization Magento extension by Extendware. This tool will help you optimize your images reducing their size without sacrificing quality. As a result, the site speed and user experience will be improved but the content quality will remain the same.   Continue Reading

Magento Performance Ultimate Guide

- E-Commerce, Magento tips & tricks


This Magento performance guide is written for all versions of the ecommerce platform (including Magento 2). It is suitable for both Community and Enterprise editions. Additionally, it is useful for php & mysql web applications. Below, you will find all vital Magento performance improvements and optimizations for server and application sides of your ecommerce website, as well as the most popular enterprise class Magento performance solutions.

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