The Best BigCommerce Apps for Merchandising

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There are a number of e-commerce sites with specialized app stores. BigCommerce fits this description too. Extensions and applications are becoming more and more popular because of their vast functionality and usefulness for the digital economy. In this article, you’ll learn which BigCommerce Merchandising applications are the best. You can discover more about the demand for third-party software, the significance of merchandising in eCommerce, and more. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to choose the plugins you need to improve your business. For your convenience, we’ll quickly go through the attributes, price, and URL of each extension. Let’s start.

What is merchandising in eСommerce?

The process of carefully placing products on a website in order to improve findability, conversions, and income is known as eCommerce merchandising.

The purpose of eСommerce merchandise is to increase sales by matching customers with the appropriate goods. No matter how a customer accesses your site or how they use it once they are there, eСommerce merchandising may assist you make sure that they all have a similar experience.

Why is merchandising for eСommerce significant?

Effective and distinctive customer experiences have the potential to boost conversion rates as well as build an enduring brand image that will draw repeat business from customers. Exactly in this situation may eCommerce merchandising be of use.

Additionally, eCommerce merchandising can aid companies in achieving their long-term objectives. Ads, banners, and specifically targeted content are all ways that marketing initiatives can be integrated right into the website. Consider including a strategic alliance while creating your marketing materials. This is a cordial method to promote your shared goals through cross-promotion and will draw attention to both you and your partners.

Best BigCommerce Apps for Merchandising

Yotpo SMSBump Text Marketing

Utilize Yotpo SMSBump, a powerful text marketing and automation tool, on your BigCommerce store. Yotpo SMSBump is entirely TCPA and GDPR compliant and boasts click-through rates of 35% or higher and ROIs of 25x or higher. You receive elements like

  • Text Marketing Campaigns and automation. Ensure prompt message delivery with high-quality direct routes. Based on the local timezone of your consumer, send messages at the appropriate time. Use an eye-catching graphic or a GIF to make your advertising remember. With reminders for abandoned carts, increase purchases.
  • Comprehensive Analysis. Keep track of your orders, link clicks, SMS by nation, spending, and other crucial analytics. With monthly reports, you can monitor, assess, and increase your conversion, ROI, and overall revenue. Stats broken down by text campaign and automation.
  • Adaptive Settings. To ensure that your customers won’t be startled awake in the middle of the night, enter quiet hours based on the time zone of your store. Send communications solely to specific nations by using the country limitation feature. Limit the number of text messages you send and keep your spending under control.

This application is available with configurable pricing and a monthly subscription. Get Yotpo SMSBump Text Marketing App for BigCommerce.

Product Review Importer & Exporter

With the help of this plugin, you may import Product Reviews into your BigCommerce store using a CSV file. The simplest approach to import product reviews from another system is with this method. Additionally, export all of your store’s reviews for simple importation into Yotpo. 

This application is free to use. Get Product Review Importer & Exporter App for BigCommerce.

Instant Search by Fast Simon

The most effective shopping optimization platform for retailers is InstantSearch+ by Fast Simon. For thousands of rapidly expanding BigCommerce retailers, it powers eCommerce Search, AI-powered Merchandising, and Personalization based on consumer behavior, store inventory, data, and visual cues. In order to launch, maintain, and accelerate their growth, businesses are using InstantSearch+ to make the most of their web visitors. After using the robust search platform, current InstantSearch+ merchants report increase of up to 40% year over year. You get such features as

  • Rule-based Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, and Marketing Strategies 
  • Your merchandising plan should be tested using display merchandising and optimization 
  • Rich AutoComplete Smart Filters for Search and Collections with AI-based Search The Custom Attributes 
  • Customers can perform searches inside searches or categories 
  • Customer Groups, Product Finder, Industrial B2B Filter Search 
  • Rapid page of hosted search results 
  • Include SKUs, product attributes, and other search terms 
  • Filter results using automatically derived criteria 
  • Use auto-correct to find results even if they are misspelled

After a 14 day free trial, you can use this application for $199.99/month. Get Instant Search by Fast Simon App for BigCommerce.

Shogun Page Builder

Shogun is a potent visual content management system and drag-and-drop page builder that is perfectly connected with BigCommerce. Shogun is an all-in-one retail solution. With the help of this plugin, you can create unique pages with a strong editor and a ton of no-code adjustments and controls. You also receive the following features: 

  • Pages for landing, blogs, and products. With elements like sliders, tabs, product galleries, accordions, videos, layouts, and more, you can create landing pages, blog pages, and product pages. 
  • Features of Analytics and Marketing. With analytics for sales funnels, add to cart, forms, and more, you can plan marketing campaigns and evaluate page effectiveness. 
  • Business-Grade Support. There is a group of technical support experts at App who are based in Europe, North America, and other places. 

The cost to use this app after the 7-day free trial is $39 a month. Get Shogun Page Builder App for BigCommerce.

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

A top-rated marketing platform with all the tools you require to gather and display powerful product reviews is Stamped Reviews and Ratings. To boost brand awareness and customer involvement, display and distribute reviews across your website and marketing initiatives. With this app, you get such functionality as

  • Increase Sales via Reviews. To enhance social proof and conversions, gather reviews for products, websites, Instagram, videos, and check-out pages. 
  • Review-Based Traffic Growth. Push reviews of the product and the website to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, and Google. Increase sales by using the strength of social proof and reviews. 
  • Boost the caliber of reviews. Utilizing Stamped Smart Assists powered by predictive machine learning, encourage customers to write and submit insightful, high-quality reviews.

This app is available for free use. Get Stamped Product Reviews & UGC App for BigCommerce.

Trustpilot Reviews

Merchants may automatically invite consumers to leave service and product reviews using the Trustpilot plugin for BigCommerce. Drag and drop review widgets into your website at crucial conversion points with the TrustBox tool. Find out what else you can do with a Trustpilot account by reading on. Automatically ask your consumers to provide feedback when it is most appropriate. More genuine content improves your SEO ranking and boosts website traffic. With 70 million reviewers on Trustpilot, one of the most popular websites in the world, your company profile page will usually show up on the first page of search results. You also get such features as

  • Invite customers to review services and products automatically 
  • To boost response rates, send email review reminders 
  • To fast increase your review count, ask previous customers to post a review 
  • Use TrustBox widgets to display your store’s rating at critical conversion points on your website

This plugin is free to use. Get Trustpilot Reviews App for BigCommerce.

Catalog Maker by Now In Store

You get all you require to produce printable and digital documents for your store with this program. As you produce expert PDF documents, print them, or post them online, The Catalog Maker by Now In Store will walk you through the process. You receive things like

  • No Design Experience Necessary. You don’t know how to use InDesign to make a catalog, do you? Create your product catalogs automatically using a simple drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Wholesale & Retail Catalogs for Print & Online (PDF). Create as many retail and wholesale catalogs as you want, then either print them or link the online versions to your store. 
  • Merchandise Tear Sheet. The buyer can download a PDF version of your product page by clicking a button you add to your online store. (particularly practical for wholesale)
  • Prices & Barcodes. Create and print price tags and barcodes for your products. Support for QRCode and various barcode types (EAN13, UPC-A,..).
  • Online Wholesale Store. Use our digital order form to quickly accept wholesale orders (synchronized with Shopify). Use it at trade shows or send it to people. 

This plugin has a custom pricing structure. Get Catalog Maker by Now In Store App for BigCommerce

Product Filter & Search by FreshClick

Use this BigCommerce product filter on your category, brand, and search pages to improve your online store. Customers will locate what they’re seeking for quickly and effortlessly with the help of the plugin quick search. By giving them the opportunity to filter alternatives by color, size, rating, price, brand, or even just category, you may make it easier for your customers who, according to research, already know what they want by the time they arrive on your website. It has been demonstrated that using filters increases conversion rates and sales. You get such features as

  • Filters – that are based on categories let you build filters using your category hierarchy. 
  • Custom Fields – These are the simplest ways to set filters because they let you categorize your products whatever you like. For instance, a reseller of clothing might use custom fields to develop length, color, or size filters. 
  • Product Options – With Product Options, you may give the goods your store sells more intricate variations. All available product options must have SKUs that are stocked and be managed by product-level inventories. 
  • Standard Filters – These filters, including brand, category, category tree, condition, rating, price, stock, highlighted products, sale products, and shipping, are utilized by the majority of BigCommerce stores. 
  • Build filters – directly in our app without changing the product data in BigCommerce with the help of the filter builder


Use of this application starts at £14.99 per month. Additionally, this plugin offers a free 10-day trial. Get Product Filter & Search by FreshClick App for BigCommerce.

Google Customer Reviews by Meggnotec

An opt-in survey provided by Google Customer Reviews will enable your consumers to offer insightful commentary on their online buying experience. A Google Customer Reviews logo on your website makes it simple for people to associate it with the Google name and greatly boosts user confidence. Google Customer Reviews allow you to: 

  • Gather insightful consumer feedback to become eligible for seller ratings that appear on your search advertisements and Google Shopping 
  • CTR for Google Shopping Ads is higher 
  • Greater Revenue as a Result of Higher Conversion Rate 
  • Improve the appearance of the Google opt-in and badge on your website 
  • Increased repeat sales with fewer CPC visitors 
  • Use your seller rating to gain more understanding

After a 15-day free trial, this software costs $4.99 per month to use. Get Google Customer Reviews by Meggnotec App for BigCommerce.


This program gives you with the High Quality PDF Catalogs which are also 100% automated. You can create as many unique PDFs as you like for clients, segments, events, seasons, etc. uses the same content as your website’s online store, including variations, html, and more. You will also be able to brand using your own colors, logo, and artwork. After that, every PDF has a special QR code that will direct mobile users back to your BigCommerce website (optional). 

This plugin costs $29.95 per month to use. Additionally, this software offers a 30-day free trial. Get Catalog-on-Demand App for BigCommerce.


What is eCommerce merchandising?

Ecommerce merchandising is the technique of carefully positioning products on a website to boost discoverability, conversions, and income.

What kind of merchandise is an example of?

Merchandising is the process of selling products to customers in the retail industry. Clothing, shoes, furniture, gadgets, cleaning supplies, and food items are a few examples of merchandise. Selling products with the goal of making money.

What is the role of online merchandising?

By delivering the greatest possible consumer experience on the website, the online merchandiser will significantly contribute to increasing sales and conversion. Product setup, stock management, and promotion operations are the responsibilities.