The Best BigCommerce Apps for Mobile

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There are a number of e-commerce sites with specialized app stores. BigCommerce fits this description too. Extensions and applications are becoming more and more popular because of their vast functionality and usefulness in the digital economy. In this post, you’ll learn which BigCommerce Mobile apps are the best. You can take a look at extensions to manage your store on the mobile environment. You can discover more about the demand for third-party software, the significance of mobile optimization, and other topics. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to choose the plugins you need to improve your business. For your convenience, we’ll quickly go through the attributes, price, and URL of each extension. Let’s start.

What are eCommerce Mobile Apps?

Particularly when it comes to internet purchasing, our mobile devices play a significant role in our daily lives. This is even more accurate when shopping through a specific app: 85% of online consumers, according to Forbes, prefer native e-commerce applications to e-commerce websites. 

There are native applications because of this. They assist in increasing the audience and enhancing mobile commerce. Online retailers can increase their revenue by using a simple and highly functional eCommerce app. Additionally, that highly sought-after location on a customer’s home page and notifications screen may present extra marketing possibilities and foster brand loyalty.

What features does an e-commerce app have?

Features that every e-commerce application must have:

  • Browse and search options. An eCommerce app’s goal is to make locating things as simple as possible, whether it’s searching for a specific item or looking through the newest products. 
  • Shopping carts. Every mobile commerce app must have a shopping cart so users can quickly add products, modify quantities, etc. 
  • Customer service. When making a purchase error, initiating a return, or exchanging an item, customers occasionally require assistance navigating an online retailer. When there is some kind of eCommerce customer care within their mobile app, that process is significantly simplified.

Best BigCommerce Apps for Mobile


With Klaviyo, an integrated customer platform, your online business has direct control over consumer data and interactions, enabling you to convert customer encounters into fruitful long-term partnerships at scale. The Klaviyo database interfaces effortlessly with your tech stack, allowing you to gather comprehensive information about each visitor before using that information to create targeted email and SMS conversations that help recipients feel heard. With Klaviyo, it’s simple to interact with every consumer as though you already know them and expand your company on your own terms. With this app, you get such features as

  • Paying attention to and comprehending your customers. There are over 100 pre-built integrations available from Klaviyo, ranging from shipping services to rewards schemes. Utilize Klaviyo’s free form builder as well to increase your email list without any coding and gather more data about your clients. A single view of your client’s actions, preferences, habits, and history are provided by the customer profile.
  • Exceptional Segmentation. The best-in-class segmentation offered by Klaviyo helps businesses locate the ideal audience. Customers can be targeted according to any event, profile, metric, or even time or place. Build significant client groupings via segmentation, such as engaged profiles, VIPs, and churn threats. 
  • Superior Data Science. The built-in predictive analytics in Klaviyo helps users save time and make more money by calculating churn risk, client lifetime value, gender, and smart send times. 
  • Development-focused Reporting. Klaviyo’s analytics and reports are centered on your development. Building dashboards to maintain focus on key business indicators and analyzing the efficacy of a single campaign email is quick and simple.
  • Automated Personalization. Utilize the pre-built templates to get going quickly with Klaviyo’s Flow Builder to automate touch points along the whole client journey before further focusing on and customizing each message. 
  • Social Media Marketing. In order to target the appropriate demographic on social media and boost the growth of your company, synchronize client lists and segmentation seamlessly to Facebook and Instagram. 

This software is free to use for up to 250 contacts. You then receive a custom price. Get Klaviyo App for BigCommerce.

Unbound Commerce

This plugin provides personalized iOS and Android mobile apps that are fully linked with your BC store and support B2C and B2B transactions. The application does not employ “fast” web framing and is a reputable, certified partner with over 300 app builds to date. Apps significantly boost mobile conversion rates and client engagement. You receive project delivery on time and within budget, top-notch customer service, and a quick return on investment. With every build, push notifications are included. You get such features as

  • Custom design and build for iOS and Android
  • Your BC store has an API integration
  • B2C or B2B 
  • Incorporated third-party add-ons, such as search and ratings/reviews. 
  • Push notification
  • Dashboard command console
  • Low total cost of ownership, no revenue share, and pricing to fit the majority of budgets 
  • Fast time to market and minimal IT workload 
  • Barcode scanning and other further functions can be added as needed

This software has customized pricing. Get Unbound Commerce App for BigCommerce.

Yotpo SMSBump Text Marketing

Use the effective text marketing and automation solution Yotpo SMSBump on your BigCommerce store. Yotpo SMSBump has 35%+ click-through rates and a 25x+ ROI while being fully TCPA and GDPR compliant. You get such features as

  • Text Marketing Campaigns and automation. Ensure prompt message delivery with high-quality direct routes. Based on the local timezone of your consumer, send messages at the appropriate time. Use an eye-catching graphic or a GIF to make your advertising remember. With reminders for abandoned carts, increase purchases.
  • Comprehensive Analysis. Keep track of your orders, link clicks, SMS by nation, spending, and other crucial analytics. With monthly reports, you can monitor, assess, and increase your conversion, ROI, and overall revenue. Stats broken down by text campaign and automation.
  • Adaptive Settings. To ensure that your customers won’t be startled awake in the middle of the night, enter quiet hours based on the time zone of your store. Send communications solely to specific nations by using the country limitation feature. Limit the number of text messages you send and keep your spending under control.

This application is available with configurable pricing and a monthly subscription. Get Yotpo SMSBump Text Marketing App for BigCommerce.


You may increase your revenue and sales on mobile devices with this plugin. This program doesn’t require any specific configuration or technical expertise to use. works with your current payment gateway and website. You get such features as

  • Displaying your products on mobile devices. Display your products with many high-resolution photographs in a tidy tile arrangement. 
  • There is no need for additional settings. works with your current payment gateway and website. No extra setup is necessary.
  • No coding is necessary. You only need your store name and some basic information to start your store; we will construct your app without any technical knowledge on your part.
  • Cross-platform. Download the mobile app for iOS and Android to connect with clients on both systems. 
  • Analytics. Integrate Google / Flurry analytics for your mobile app to gain insightful data and track what really matters.
  • Personalization. Use Clever Campaigns to send users tailored messages when they sign up for and use your app. 
  • Social connect. Visitors to your app can contact your merchants on social media directly with questions about the store or its products by calling, emailing, or leaving a message.

For $99 per month, you can use this plugin. Get Apptuse Plugin for BigCommerce


By fusing your web store’s style and functionality with the robust AppNotch mobile app capabilities, AppNotch transforms your BigCommerce website into a fantastic mobile application. In a few hours, the Google Play Store might have your app. With this add-on, you receive such features as

  • Strong Communication. Users may tap to locate you and phone, email, SMS, and more.
  • Powerful Push Notifications. With unlimited geo-based, classified, and scheduled push notifications, you can keep your consumers interested. 
  • Modifiable Features. You can add or remove app features whenever you want without having to publish them again. 
  • Website Synchronized. Modifications to your site update your app immediately. 
  • Social Inclusions. Add your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites.

After a 30-day free trial, this software costs $99.00 per month to use. Get AppNotch Plugin for BigCommerce.


With the help of Shopgate’s robust SaaS platform and a simple BigCommerce integration that requires no coding, BigCommerce merchants can now release revenue-generating native apps for iOS and Android. With Shopgate, you can increase conversions, foster long-term client loyalty, and boost sales for your company. With your current BigCommerce account, the Shopgate connection synchronizes product information, orders, and payments. You may reach your most lucrative client segment with mobile shopping made possible by Shopgate apps: repeat consumers. They spend 55% more money each purchase and are 65% more likely to make a purchase while they are there. You get such features as

  • Your store and app. Native apps for iOS and Android were created for BigCommerce customers. Product, inventory, and order sync in real time with your BigCommerce account. 
  • No coding is necessary. Complete design control with a collection of simple widgets.
  • One-touch payment. Options for payments that are easier to use, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet, can speed up the checkout.
  • Analytics in real-time. Pre-built connections to prominent analytics tools like Facebook for Apps and Appsflyer.
  • Contact your clients. User segmentation is a feature of an advanced push notification engine. infinite ability to generate discounts, promos, and coupons.

This app has a customized pricing structure. Get Shopgate App for BigCommerce


Using the platform Mapplico, you can quickly design and manage your own native mobile e-commerce applications for the iPhone and Android. The quickest and easiest method for building native Android and iPhone apps that are linked with your BigCommerce store. By offering a smooth mobile experience, you may increase your sales and earnings. Utilize push notifications to rapidly connect with your audience and advertise your campaigns and products.

  • Built with simplicity in mind. Simply follow the instructions to build native mobile apps for the iPhone and Android in a few simple steps. 
  • No coding is necessary. To create apps, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Our straightforward widget will help you. 
  • Various platforms. Have native Android and iPhone apps available at the same time. 
  • Your Name. Make your mobile apps unique to your brand. Your brand, your style, and your colors. 
  • Synchronization and integration occur instantly. Integration of your BigCommerce store requires just ONE click. Your mobile applications are constantly up to date thanks to automated synchronization. 
  • Notifications through push. Send as many push notifications as you like and contact your consumers right away. 
  • Simple to control. Utilize an intuitive admin panel to manage your mobile apps.

For $49 a month, you can utilize this program. Get Mapplico App for BigCommerce

Mobile Mall

With the help of this mobile marketplace for brands and shops, merchants may improve their technological prowess and offer a first-rate mobile shopping experience without having to spend money on app creation and upkeep. You get features as

  • Product listing. Beautiful product catalog that is instantly synced to your BigCommerce store with your branding and banners. 
  • Payment and Ordering. Direct native payment through the app. The sync of orders with your BigCommerce store.
  • Face-ID, Apple Pay, and Touch-ID. Your clients can use any major credit card as their preferred method of payment. 
  • Utilizing Stripe. Single click Installing a Stripe payment gateway

This application is available for 6% commission. Get Mobile Mall App for BigCommerce


With this plugin, you can keep up with the newest trends and satisfy your customers. Mobile users make up 80% of internet shoppers. By transforming your BigCommerce store into an iPhone and Android mobile app, you can keep up with the newest trends. With this app, you get such functionality as

  • Push Notifications are indefinite. Push notifications have a much higher chance of being opened by users than emails. Sending push alerts to everyone who has your application will help you retain clients and keep them returning to your cart. 
  • iPhone & Android. Drobile is natively compatible with both iPhone and Android, greatly expanding your audience. 
  • In-the-moment analytics. Learn about the number of views per product, cart visits, purchases, and more with REAL TIME analytics. 
  • Total Personalization. Add color, borders, fonts, pre-selected themes, and other customizations to your application. Make your app distinctively you while maintaining consistency with your branding.
  • Drag and Drop Interface. Use a drag-and-drop plugin interface to create your application. This makes sure your application is totally original and adheres to current branding.

This software costs $50 per month to use. Get Drobile App for BigCommerce

No-Code Mobile App Builder by Sandbox Commerce

You may build and personalize a mobile app using this plugin to enhance your brand and boost sales. Utilize rich push alerts to stay in touch with your clients, hold their interest, and generate new sales opportunities. You get features as

  • Launch on Android and iOS. With a world-class-looking app, you can easily tailor your app to reflect your brand and launch it right away on both the iOS and Android app stores. 
  • Participate in Push Notifications. Send push alerts to all of your customers to let them know when you’re running a promotion, refilling an item, or introducing a collection. 
  • Leverage Customer Data. Utilize our Marketing Dashboard’s push alerts and Customer Data Segment groupings based on parameters like “products viewed” or “location” to engage customers and increase sales.

You can pay $199.00/month after a 7-day free trial. Get No-Code Mobile App Builder by Sandbox Commerce App for BigCommerce.


Why is a mobile app necessary for e-commerce?

Because they are simpler to use, consumers prefer smartphone applications to websites. Mobile applications for e-commerce make it easy to browse and make purchases without visiting an internet business. You don’t even need to remember the URL or your account details to visit the online store.

What is mobile commerce?

The act of purchasing and selling things via wireless handheld devices like smartphones and tablets is known as mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Users can access online purchasing websites through m-commerce, a branch of e-commerce, without using a computer.

What is mobile app ecommerce?

Software for mobile e-commerce, often known as m-commerce, enables businesses who sell products online to offer better user experiences to customers who prefer to shop on their mobile devices.