The Best BigCommerce Apps for Sales Channels

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On numerous e-commerce platforms, there are specialized app stores. And BigCommerce is the same. Because of their extensive functionality and value to the digital business, extensions and applications are widely used. You’ll discover information about the top BigCommerce sales channels apps in this article. You can also discover what general Sales Channels are, why they are important, and why you require third-party software for them. You’ll be able to choose which plugins you need to upgrade your business after reading this post. For your convenience, we’ll give a brief overview of the features, cost, and links for each extension. Let’s begin.

What are Sales Channels?

A sales channel is the route a company takes to connect with its final clients so that it may either directly or indirectly offer them a good or service. Traditional markets, e-commerce, wholesale, mobile applications, and more are a few examples of sales channels.

Best BigCommerce Apps for Sales Channels 

Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

With the help of this plugin, you may increase traffic and sales with the Elite BigCommerce Partner for Google Shopping and the Award-Winning App for Google Shopping Ads. A 15-Day Free Trial is available to all new users, giving them access to nearly all of Sales & Orders’ essential features. Additionally, you may launch your products by effortlessly integrating Google Merchant Center, Ads, and Analytics with your BigCommerce store. With this app, you get such benefits as

  • Easy Product Data Feed Management. As soon as you link your business to Sales & Orders, our platform creates and sends a product stream that makes your catalog live in Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and our very own Affiliate network. 
  • Real-Time Feed Issue Reporting Aids in Maintaining the Health of Your Feed. You can swiftly address product rejections by importing product-level concerns from the Merchant Center, preventing dreaded account bans. 
  • Tools for Feed Optimization That Increase Efficiency. Simple feed rules that optimize crucial product data can enhance the effectiveness of your Shopping advertising. 
  • Draw More Customers & Boost Sales. To attract more customers, raise traffic, and generate profitable income, create, manage, and optimize product advertising and marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Shopping.

This plugin is available with a variety of pricing options starting at $10/month. Get Google Shopping by Sales & Orders App for BigCommerce.


With Sellbrite, businesses and retailers can easily list and sell their items on various online sales channels while maintaining centralized control over their inventory and orders. Along with market-leading products like ShipStation, Sellbrite’s cloud-based channel management platform interfaces with numerous well-known marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Etsy, and others. Sellbrite offers effective tools and automation with an easy-to-use interface to streamline listing, avoid overselling, and improve delivery. You can access features like:

  • You may quickly list your inventory on several channels to reach more people
  • Inventory should be automatically synced to avoid overselling
  • All orders may be shipped and discounted postage printed from a single interface

The price for this plugin’s paid plans is $29 per month. Get Sellbrite App for BigCommerce.


eBay LINK is a listing tool that automatically lists and sells on using all of your existing product and inventory information from BigCommerce. You may manage inventory, track orders, and run promotions just for eBay using the app. It offers practical features like:

  • Orders from eBay sync back into your BigCommerce store, allowing you to manage all of your orders as usual
  • Sync your product information and inventories automatically, or if necessary, manually, at any time
  • With the help of the Promotions function, you may run special sales and discounts on eBay that aren’t available in your BigCommerce store, such free delivery or a dollar- or percentage-off discount
  • To increase sales on eBay, categorize your things

You can start using this app for $29.95/month. Get eBay Link App for BigCommerce.

Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders

With the help of this tool, you can improve Facebook and Instagram traffic and sales for your BigCommerce store. You will also enjoy the following features and advantages:

  • List Your Products on Facebook & Other Platforms. You can use dynamic product ads and Facebook and Instagram shops by creating and sending product feeds to your primary marketing and advertising channels. 
  • Draw More Customers & Boost Sales. Create, oversee, and improve product marketing and advertising strategies on websites like Facebook to reach more people, drive more traffic, and generate profitable sales.
  • Improve, Examine, Grow. Utilize the tools and capabilities of our app to improve targeting, bidding, and a lot more. To get a thorough understanding of your performance and development over time, log in at any time and from any location.

After a 15-day free trial, this software costs $10 per month to use. Get Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders App for BigCommerce.


You can contact more customers on more channels with less effort by using this plugin. GoDataFeed streamlines the process of getting your products published online, saving you time and effort. 

  • Intelligent Data Aggregation. Consolidate data into an optimal feed that can be adjusted to meet the needs and best practices of each channel. 
  • Dynamic Product Listings. Create unique rules that automatically optimize data. Orders, inventory adjustments, and product updates should sync between platforms. 
  • Offered managed services. Publish product feeds that are entirely compliant and optimized. We fully optimize your feed for compliance, making sure that no product is left off the list. More products featured means more impressions and sales chances.

After a 14-day free trial, this software costs $39.00 per month to use. Get GoDataFeed App for BigCommerce.

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds

You receive a dedicated account manager with product training and cutting-edge feed management technologies when you use this plugin. Additionally, this app offers you a simple, optimized UX and round-the-clock support.

  • To improve the quality of your stream, adapt and optimize your product data
  • Simple automated category mapping for channels such as Google Shopping 
  • Easy creation of sophisticated rules for your shopping feeds. Enjoy piece of mind knowing that your data feeds are honed and constantly updated
  • DataFeedWatch interacts with more than 2,000 channels and marketplaces, including Facebook, Google Shopping, and Google Merchant Center

After a 15-day free trial, this application costs $59 per month to use. Get Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds App for BigCommerce.

Your inventory will be synced to Reverb using the Bigcommerce Sync by Reverb app. It offers you functionalities like:

  • Synchronize the inventory between Bigcommerce and Reverb 
  • Managing listing data just in one location 
  • Utilize toggles for global settings and specific custom fields to modify different aspects of your sync

This application is free to use. Get App for BigCommerce.


An excellent opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide is selling on marketplaces. ChannelUnity is here to serve you on international markets as your company grows. It can be challenging to manage several marketplace channels, but with our integrated services, you can manage everything from a single dashboard. You receive such features as

  • Make new marketplace listings in bulk or one at a time
  • Sync your Shopify product data, including Meta Fields, with new and current listings
  • Overselling risks are minimized thanks to automatic inventory control
  • Automatic order import into BigCommerce enables you to produce marketplace orders that seamlessly integrate with your current pick, pack, and dispatch procedures
  • When you dispatch an order in BigCommerce, automatic shipping/tracking confirmations make sure that the marketplace where it was placed is informed right away

This application have a custom pricing. Get ChannelUnity App for BigCommerce.

esa Product Manager

esa is a multi-channel lister that lists to BigCommerce and Etsy as well as imports from eBay. Management of both products and inventory is supported. Outside of the BigCommerce control panel, this app runs. You might have to disable your pop-up blocker. You will also have features with it like:

  • 10 items may be imported and 2 may be removed during the free trial. Plans for a day and a month are offered. The cost is determined by the number of eBay products to be imported and varies per store. 
  • Save time by swiftly syncing inventories with items you have imported from eBay! 
  • Auto Start Continually update with eBay. sends you the results while operating quietly in the background.

Use of this plugin is available for $49 per month. Get esa Product Manager App for BigCommerce.

Walmart Connector by CedCommerce

Your BigCommerce store and Walmart seller account are seamlessly connected with this integration app from CedCommerce, an official Walmart Channel Integration Partner. is the best sales channel for integrating your BigCommerce business. This application offers the following features:

  • Less time-intensive. The key features of this program enable you to save a significant amount of time that would have otherwise been lost to manual updating. 
  • Involves Minimal Effort. The majority of labor-intensive manual tasks are automated by the app, saving you time, energy, and hours of tedious work. 
  • Avoids Unnecessary Expenses. According to industry standards, the Walmart BigCommerce Integration tool from CedCommerce provides you with the most affordable quote. The exceptional customer service and powerful features offer greater value than the promotional price. 
  • One-Click Installation and Easy Onboarding. The installation process for the app only only a few clicks, and then you can begin importing and uploading the products. 

After a seven day free trial, this software costs $49.00 per month to use. Get Walmart Connector by CedCommerce App for BigCommerce.


What are Sales Channels?

A sales channel is the route a company takes to connect with its final clients so that it can either directly or indirectly sell them a good or service. Traditional markets, e-commerce, wholesale, mobile apps, and more are a few examples of sales channels.

What makes sales channels crucial?

The ability to reach a larger audience and increase sales through sales channels is perhaps the most significant benefit. You can have a systemized approach to marketing and selling your goods or services if you have a sales channel in place. Increased sales and revenue for your company may follow from this.

What do the channels serve as?

Delivering a positive customer experience comes second to selling a customer on a good or service. Businesses have the option of using direct or indirect channels to distribute their products and services.