The Best BigCommerce Apps for Product Sourcing

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Extensions and third-party apps are widely used in the modern e-commerce environment. They widen the options that are open to you. For instance, email marketing campaigns or automation might simplify your everyday responsibilities. Popular systems with their own app stores include Shopify and Magento as a result. In this post, we’ll examine the top BigCommerce resources for finding products. Additionally, you will learn about printing and on-demand goods. You will be able to choose for yourself the real-world applications you will employ after reading this article. Let’s begin. 

What is product sourcing?

After coming up with a business idea, the next step is to decide how you’ll get the goods you’ll be selling. This is called the product sourcing phase. A manufacturer for customized goods, a wholesaler for items from other companies, or a dropshipper are all options. 

You can use a dropshipping fulfillment model with many of the product sourcing options we’ll be discussing in this list, so you won’t have to keep or manage inventory or handle order shipping yourself; instead, the supplier you choose to work with will handle those tasks. By doing this, you’ll be able to concentrate more on developing your brand, running successful advertising campaigns, and offering excellent customer support and less on the logistics.

Best BigCommerce Product Sourcing Apps

Printful | Print-on-Demand

Because Printful offers high-quality products ranging from clothing and accessories to home & lifestyle items, you attract more repeat consumers. Additionally, you can launch your business with no upfront costs, pay only when an order comes in, and set your own retail price; we only charge you to cover production. Create attractive advertisements, product mockups, and other visuals quickly using built-in design tools. You receive such features as:

  • Beyond the fundamentals. Although t-shirt companies are fun, why stop there? Create 320+ high-end items, including furniture, pet supplies, clothing, and accessories. 
  • In control of your income. You select the profit margin for each sale. You simply pay us for production and delivery costs; you decide on the sale price. 
  • Save time and effort. Dare to unwind! While you concentrate on design and marketing, we’ll handle inventory, equipment, and shipping. 
  • Beat your competition. Increase brand awareness with personalized branding. To make your brand stand out, add your own pack-ins, packing slips, or customize your packaging.

This plugin is free to use. Get Printful | Print-on-Demand App for BigCommerce.


An automated dropshipping application for BigCommerce online retailers is called Modalyst. Find the top dropship items from USA wholesale dropshipping vendors and dropship brand names. Your online store can be expanded with thousands of popular items, and orders are delivered right to your customers. You get such features as

  • Single, Centralized Platform. Utilize a single platform to manage millions of goods and thousands of suppliers.
  • Simple Sourcing. Add products from Modalyst to your store instantly with only one click.
  • Customization of Items. Before adding products to your store, edit the descriptions, prices, variants, and artwork. 
  • Price Guidelines. All objects will be automatically marked up based on the rules you establish. You can customize pricing rules for each marketplace source to increase your revenues. 
  • Updates on Stock and Prices. The information about all items, including the quantity of stock available, images, descriptions, and prices, is updated regularly.
  • Tracking Numbers Sync. BigCommerce syncs orders and tracking numbers so that your customers will know precisely when the things will arrive. 
  • Free Delivery. Choose vendors on Modalyst that have zero delivery fees.

This software costs $35.00 each month to use. Get Modalyst App for BigCommerce

Aliexpress Dropshipping By CedCommerce

Small and medium-sized online retailers can offer their products on, a subsidiary of Alibaba, to customers primarily in the US, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and other countries. Nearly any kind of goods produced by Chinese companies is listed on Aliexpress, which is really well-liked by affiliate and drop shipping marketers. As a result, CedCommerce’s Aliexpress Bigcommerce dropshipping gives dropship sellers running Bigcommerce stores the ability to run their businesses by sourcing products from this e-commerce site and selling to their intended clients. With this plugin, you receive such features as

  • Import by Keywords/Category 
  • Filter for shipping like ePacket 
  • The Aliexpress product URL or ID import 
  • Straight import of a specialty from the Aliexpress website 
  • Choose the shipping company
  • Fulfilling orders for AliExpress 
  • Monitoring Updates 
  • Price Surcharge 
  • Inventory Control 
  • Price Control

This app costs $20/month to use. Get Aliexpress Dropshipping By CedCommerce App for BigCommerce.

Spreadr Amazon Importer

With the help of this software, you may add items from Amazon to your BigCommerce store. Utilize the Amazon Affiliate Program to make money or start a dropshipping company.

  • Add more items to your store that you’ve never had. To expand your product inventory, pick from more than a million products that are offered on Amazon. To make it bigger and more valuable, add things that go with your brand and complement your store. 
  • Curate goods and display your preferences. Because they like your brand, your customers frequent your store. Curate classy products to provide your audience a fresh incentive to return. 
  • More merchandise, more pages, and more visitors. The product descriptions of affiliate products added to your store can be changed. Improved SEO and an increase in organic traffic result from having more pages with optimized descriptions. 

After a seven-day free trial, this app costs $7.00 per month to use. Get Spreadr Amazon Importer App for BigCommerce.


With Kite, you can quickly connect to an efficient supply chain and add print-on-demand products to your BigCommerce business. Whether you’re an influencer, artist, or simply have a brilliant concept for a business, Kite enables you to monetize your ideas without having to deal with inventory and order administration hassles. Also, you get such functions like

  • On-demand sales of your designs. There are no stocking expenses or minimum orders. Pay just for completed purchases’ production and shipping expenses. 
  • Effortless international delivery. Automatic order fulfillment via drop shipping for clients around the world.  
  • Simple and quick to set up. Push products directly to your store from the app. There is no more setting necessary.

This app is available for free use. Get Kite App for BigCommerce

Art of Where

Your orders will automatically be sent for fulfillment to the app. Your orders will be printed, sewn, packaged, and shipped by Plugin. Simply provide amazing products and interact with your customers will do. You get such features as

  • Drop shipping that is simplified. With automatic fulfillment, you can save time. Without your assistance, your clients receive their orders swiftly. simplify your fulfillment. 
  • Packaged goods with branding. It all starts with your brand. One thing at a time, custom labels, artist cards, and stickers help you personalize your orders and develop your brand. 
  • Quickly create a product. Create store-ready mock-ups in a few simple steps by using our free 3D Design Labs and Photo Lab. Make a new line available without investing any money!

You can utilize this add-on for free. Get Art of Where App for BigCommerce.

League License

Thousands of high-quality NFL, NCAA, NHL, and NBA products from dependable suppliers are quickly connected to reliable eCommerce retailers through the League License app for them to sell. The eCommerce seller can opt to automatically deliver the order through League License to suppliers for fulfillment or choose to ship the products themselves. League License does away with time-consuming tasks like adding, updating, removing, and maintaining orders with suppliers so eCommerce site owners can concentrate on what matters, like attracting new consumers! With this plugin, you get such features as

  • Add products right away from a huge number of fantastic manufacturers 
  • Inventory quantities are automatically updated, so there is nothing to manage in terms of inventory 
  • Orders can be automatically sent on your behalf by suppliers, and tracking numbers reach your customers

This plugin costs $39.95 per month to use. Get League License App for BigCommerce.

MultiChannel Importer by CedCommerce

The tool offers the simplest way to move your products from Etsy to BigCommerce, Wish to BigCommerce, and eBay to BigCommerce (eBay Importer) (Etsy Importer). Using the MultiChannel Importer program, each and every aspect of the products is imported, including the images, inventory, price, and description. Additionally, you get such features as

  • Supports a variety of images. Get additional product photos for your BigCommerce business from the Marketplace Seller Center on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Wish, or Etsy. 
  • Price and Inventory Syncing. Depending on your needs, enable or disable daily inventory and price syncing of all products from the chosen marketplace to your store.

This app has a custom pricing system. Get MultiChannel Importer by CedCommerce App for BigCommerce.

Print on Demand by CustomCat

When a consumer purchases a CustomCat item from your business, it is automatically processed, printed, and sent to them in a white-labeled container! An automated tracking email is provided to your customer once the product has shipped. You get such benefits as

  • 350+ Products with Customization. Various options are available! Pick from t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, canvas, blankets, and more. internally printed using DTG, embroidery, and dye-sublimation. 
  • 20+ Years of POD Pioneering. Enjoy what only cutting-edge tools & years of knowledge can provide: reliable, top-notch fulfillment at cost-effective rates for businesses. 
  • Fulfillment in a flash. Orders are often fulfilled in two days or less, which results in MORE delighted consumers and repeat business to help you expand your e-commerce empire!

Installing this app is cost-free. Get Pring on Demand by CustomCat App for BigCommerce.

My Online Fashion Store

With the help of this plugin, you have access to more than 5000 fashion items that are currently drop-shippable from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California. Select the styles you wish to sell in your store by following a few easy steps. You get such features as

  • Quick Delivery & Free Returns. All purchases are shipped from Los Angeles, California, and plugin promise delivery in the USA within 5-7 business days. Also, app provide free returns. 
  • Big Catalog at Affordable Prices. With new items being added regularly, we have over 5000 Skus in stock and waiting for you to add to your store. With low wholesale costs and high profit margins. 
  • Responsive Customer Support. Telephone, email, or live chat assistance. If not immediately available, we will respond to all emails between 12 to 24 hours.

After a 14-day free trial, this software costs $29.00/month to use. Get My Online Fashion Store App for BigCommerce.


What is a product sourcing?

After you have an idea for a business, the next step is called product sourcing, during which you decide how you will get the goods you want to sell.

What does “sourcing” in e-commerce mean?

The act of purchasing product inventory from a supplier and then reselling it is known as product sourcing. Finding a manufacturer for custom products, buying products from a wholesaler, and working with a dropshipper are typical methods of product sourcing.