How to Import Files to Shopware 6 from Google Drive

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By default, you can only upload files to Shopware 6 manually. It means that if your update is stored somewhere else, such as a remote server, you cannot import it to your e-commerce website, not to mention such third-party services as Google Drive. If you choose the default Shopware tools, you will have to take your update from the external storage and move it to Shopware 6 manually. However, there is a way to enable Shopware 6 Google Drive import.  You will need the Improved Import, Export, and Mass Actions app because it completely revamps the standard Shopware 6 import. The following tutorial explains how to import files to Shopware 6 from Google Drive. Also, learn how to export files to Google Drive, and don’t forget to go over our Shopware Cookbook for other helpful hints.

What is Google Drive

shopware 6 google drive import

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage where you can store your files and access them online. The service syncs documents, photos, videos, etc. You can store them securely and open or edit them from any device

Another good thing is that you can open files created with Google apps in your browser or mobile app. Files of other types require regular applications, such as Adobe Reader for PDF files, or the corresponding extensions.

If your update for Shopware 6 is stored on Google Drive, you no longer need to download it and provide it to your e-commerce website manually. You can establish a direct connection between the two systems. Let’s see how to import files to Shopware 6 from Google Drive.

How to import files to Shopware 6 from Google Drive

First of all, you will need to install the Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions application to harness the Shopware 6 Google Drive import. You can find the installation procedure described in the application manual here: App Installation.

Next, you will need to prepare your Google Drive folder.

And, finally, you will be able to import data from Google Drive to Your Shopware 6 website. 

Prepare your Google Drive storage

Create a new folder on your Google Drive:

  1. Hit the New button on the left of your Google Drive main page.
    shopware 6 google drive import
  2. Choose New Folder.
    shopware 6 google drive import
  3. Name your folder “shopware-import-export” and click Create.
    shopware 6 google drive import

Next, move your update to the shopware-import-export folder:

  1. Open the context menu;
  2. Click Organize;
  3. Click Move;
    shopware 6 google drive import
  4. Select the shopware-import-export and click Move.
    shopware 6 google drive import

Now, you can import your update from Google Drive to Shopware 6.

Configure a new import profile

Go to Extensions -> Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions -> Product Import. Click the New Profile button.

shopware 6 xml import

The Select file screen displays. Follow these steps to configure your Shopeare 6 Google Drive import: 

shopware 6 google drive import

  1. Specify your profile’s name, e.g., Google Drive Import; 
  2. Select an entity you want to import (e.g., products or customers);
  3. Create a schedule of updates if applicable;
  4. Configure email notifications if necessary;
  5. Select your file format (e.g., CSV, XML, or XLSX);
  6. Choose Google Drive as your import source (alternatives include file, URLFTP, and Google Sheets):
    1. Let Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions access your storage – enable all permissions;
    2. Specify a full file name with its extension, e.g., “pe5.1.xlsx”;
    3. Note that your fill will be imported from the “shopware-import-export” folder;
  7. Specify separators if you use CSV;
  8. Configure advanced settings:  URL rewrite behavior, media replacement behavior, and stock increment strategy. 

Click Continue to proceed to the mapping screen. Specify which columns from the imported file should match the properties of the products from your Shopware 6 store.

shopware 6 google drive import

Note that the app lets you preview how products will look after you match the attributes. 

 how to import images to shopware 6 via url

Next, click the Save button to save your Google Drive import profile. When you click the Import button at the bottom of the Preview result page, the app launches the update transferring your data file from Google Drive to Shopware 6.

You can read more about the enhanced Shopware 6 import in our Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions Manual

Other Features

The Improved Import, Export, and Mass Actions app lets you address numerous issues associated with the standard data transfer tools of Shopware 6. For instance, you get the ability to work with numerous file types and sources, create update schedules, and map external attributes to local properties. The following features are at your service:

  • Full product import and export including custom properties (attributes);
  • Customer import and export including addresses;
  • Orders export;
  • Full support for product variants with a full set of attributes;
  • Product properties mapping and mapping presets;
  • Import and export schedules;
  • Support for CSV, XLSX, and XLSX file types;
  • Direct file uploads;
  • FTP/FTPS uploads.

You can find more information about the product here: 

Or just contact us