How to Export Files from BigCommerce to Google Drive

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BigCommerce has very few options when it comes to import and export. The system lets you upload files manually only. When it comes to export processes, you also have the only option: download your output and provide it to a third party manually. In other words, if your update should be placed somewhere else, you can’t export it directly. However, there is a tool that enables such operations, as BigCommerce Google Drive export. Meet the Firebear Import & Export Tool – a revolutionary application that completely revamps the standard BigCommerce export and import. The following tutorial explains how to export files from BigCommerce to Google Drive. Also, check our BigCommerce Google Drive Import guide. And don’t forget to go over our BigCommerce Cookbook for other helpful hints.

Default BigCommerce Export

The main advantage of the default BigCommerce export is that it is simple. You initiate the transfer and manually download the exported file. That’s it. 

BigCommerce FTP export 

However, every time your partner needs the update, you have to repeat the same algorithm: launch the export, download the update, and reupload it to a third-party platform. 

Luckily, you can automate this procedure. The Improved Import & Export Tool lets you export data from BigCommerce to Google Drive.

What is Google Drive

shopware 6 google drive import

The well-known cloud-based storage platform syncs documents, videos, and picture data. You may save your files and have online access to them with your Google account. They may be safely kept, modified, and accessed from any device.

You may use your browser or a mobile device to open files created via Google apps like Google Sheets. Other file types need proprietary software, such as Adobe Reader for PDF files, or browser add-ons.

Because you already have access to this cloud storage, it is simple to use, and you can quickly synchronize it with your e-commerce website, Google Drive is ideal for keeping your BigCommerce changes. With the Improved Import & Export Tool, it is possible to establish a direct connection between the two systems.

How to export files from BigCommerce to Google Drive

First of all, you will need to install the Improved Import & Export Tool. Next, prepare a Google Drive folder. After that, export data from your BigCommerce website to Google Drive. 

Prepare your Google Drive storage

Create a new folder on your Google Drive and name it “shopware-import-export”. Yes, “shopware-import-export” for BigCommerce. Since our tool also works with Shopware, you can have the same folder for both systems.

  1. Hit the New button on the left of your Google Drive main page.
    shopware 6 google drive import
  2. Choose New Folder.
    shopware 6 google drive import
  3. Name your folder “shopware-import-export” and click Create.
    shopware 6 google drive import

Don’t forget to share this folder with your partner to let them access it anytime!

Now, you can export your update from BigCommerce to Google Drive.

Configure a new export profile

Go to Apps -> My Apps -> Firebear Import & Export Tool -> Export and click the New Profile button to configure a new export profile.

The Select file screen displays. Follow these steps to configure your BigCommerce Google Drive export: 

BigCommerce Google Drive Export

  1. Specify your profile’s name, such as BigCommerce Google Drive Export
  2. Select an entity you want to export, such as products;
  3. Create a schedule of updates;
  4. Configure email notifications;
  5. Select your file format. The app supports CSV, XML, XLSX, and Google Sheets spreadsheets;
  6. Choose Google Drive as your export source (you can also use Google Sheets or FTP):
    1. Let the Improved Import & Export Tool access your storage;
    2. Specify a file name – BigCommerce Google Drive Export Test;
  7. Choose a bunch size for your file export: specify a lower value if you have a low-end server.

Click Continue to proceed to the next step – the mapping screen. Here, you can replace the default BigCommerce column titles with any custom names your partner requires. Just specify new values in front of the default ones.

BigCommerce Google Drive Export

Click next to create filters. It is possible to narrow down the selection of items you export with the help of property-based filters. For instance, you can export products with zero stock. 

Click the Save & Close button to save your BigCommerce Google Drive export profile for further use. When you click the Export button, the app launches the update transferring your data file from BigCommerce to Google Drive.

BigCommerce Google Drive Export

After the successful BigCommerce Google Drive export, you will find your update in the “shopware-import-export” folder on the connected Google Drive account.

You can read more about the enhanced BigCommerce export in our Improved Import & Export Tool Manual

Other Features

As a BigCommerce business owner, you can use the Firebear Import & Export Tool to handle a variety of concerns related to import and export operations. This software solution supports different file formats and sources, scheduling, notifications, etc., in contrast to the default data transfer tool. These are the app’s key components, which are currently accessible or will be added shortly:

  • Full product import and export with custom properties (attributes);
  • Customer import and export with addresses;
  • Orders export;
  • Product properties mapping and mapping presets;
  • Import and export schedules;
  • Support for CSV, XLSX, and XLSX file types;
  • Google Sheets import & export;
  • Direct file uploads;
  • FTP/FTPS uploads;
  • Support for Google Drive uploads. 

You can find more information about the product here: