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Sellvana vs MagentoSellvana is a new open source eCommerce platform, which is minimalistic in both the code and the structure. It works on Fulleron – the own PHP Framework. The framework is used to define structure, events, mvc logic, etc. Minimalism and simplicity are also dominant features of the database structure. App is divided into few logical areas: admin, frontend, cron, api. The System of Sellvana is modular. Each function is represented with a separate module with all the necessary stuff within one folder: views, models, javascripts and data. All the components are triggered through main manifest file and main class. Moreover, every module can be turned off.

Sellvana vs Magento UPD (16.04.2014): A brand new marketplace is coming soon

UPD (02.05.2014): Introduction to Sellvana Module Development Webinar 

UPD (10.07.2014): Sellvana Theming Webinar 

UPD (12.06.2015): Sellvana Public Alpha has been released

Main advantages

Sellvana is mobile ready, has an advanced security level, a deep integration into social networks, powerful reporting and analytics tools, and robust SEO features. With the lightweight and powerful framework this e-commerce solution is optimized for high performance and speed even with the large amount of products. Due to easy customization and installation, Sellvana is a budget friendly solution. Because of user friendly interface, simple step-by-step guides and informative video tutorials, the platform is extremely easy in learning and daily use. The other significant advantage of Sellvana is localisation: multiple languages and currencies, localized stores, content and tax rules are integral components of the system.

Note that Twig engine is used for current views, but it is not mandatory. You can always turn to pure php, for example. Another interesting thing about Sellvana is the representation of themes: they exist as modules. The system also contains a usual public folder suitable for web accessible assets, and a private storage folder which is used for session, configuration, likes and cache log. In its turn, front bootstrap is used for the administration.

Sellvana offers main e-commerce features (basic product, checkout and cart), but it is still an incomplete solution. Installation procedure is a breeze and one step checkout is impressive, but they are not enough to turn the solution into a sterling e-commerce platform. The project will be released under the OSL 3 later this year, so it has some time to become more mature.

Innovations and main features of Sellvana

  • Best from Magento. Boris Gurvich’s Fulleron framework is based on early Magento concepts, which were unreasonably removed from the code.

  • Fast as light out of the box. The framework is fast and the same is about the overall performance, which is among major advantages of Sellvana.

  • Similarly shaped but more convenient apartment for Magento developers. Sellvana is based on modules, but has much more possibilities than Magento. The configuration is not limited to XML files, it is less abstract and more ordered than in Magento. Instead of core, community and local there are dlc and local in Sellvana. Dlc means downloadable content, so the folder is used for extensions which were downloaded from a marketplace or package management system. Other improved Magento features are areas, events and observers, MVC routing, template based layouts, etc.

  • True openness. Sellvana is absolutely open source project. This means not only free distribution, but development by everyone interested in the project.

Sellvana vs Magento

Sellvana vs Magento

  • In comparison with clean and high responsive frontend and backend of Sellvana the default Magento interface feels like a free demo version.

  • Sellvana offers Twig, which is an expensive luxury for Magento with its hard-coded PHP nested within HTML files.

  • Fulleron instead of Zend provides much cleaner and less abstract foundation.

  • Simplified EAV makes life easier and developers happier.

But don’t forget, that it is just the developer preview. At the moment Sellvana lacks a lot of necessary features, but it has all chances to become a significant competitor for the existing platforms.

A brand new marketplace is coming soon

Sellvana is growing rapidly. It is still on the stage of closed alpha, but we constantly get new information about this e-commerce solution. This time Sellvana Team shows its new Marketplace.

It seems that “One-Click” is the key principle used in a new marketplace: module publishing and installation are as easy as possible. Just add your module to a local folder of your Sellvana copy, go to Sellvana Admin Dashboard and hit “Publish to Market” option, find your module and click Publish button.

Installation is even more simple: just find the correct module and hit the Install button. That is almost all! Now you can finish the process or take a break to approve dependencies.

The best thing about Sellvana is the aim of Sellvana Team to consider all the requests from alpha users in order to make the platform better.

Introduction to Sellvana Module Development Webinar (full video)

Webinar: Sellvana Theming

Webinar covers:

  • File system overview
  • Frameworks and technology
  • Templates / Layouts / Assets
  • Admin theme settings
  • Creating CMS
  • Theme distribution
  • Answers to theming questions

Sellvana Public Alpha has been released

Sellvana Public Alpha has been released. The new version of the platform already exists for more than a month. Most of the new improvements are based on the feedbacks and comments from the community of ecommerce developers and enthusiasts. The startup is now much closer to the achieving of its final goal, since the latest version of Sellvana offers:

  • support for multiple vendors;

  • dynamic pricing out of the box;

  • new editing capabilities with the visual layout editor;

  • simplified management of product variants;

  • enhanced customization of admin dashboard and data grids;

  • updates and notifications in real time;

  • simplified module management – one-click installation, publishing, and upgrading;

  • multi-coupon promotions out of the box;

  • integration of guest order into customer account;

  • shopping assistant for customers;

  • new security features for module marketplace (Screener)

Sellvana - a new platform for ecommerce

Sellvana Public Alpha

The platform is true to the traditions of open source (we hope it will always be), so you can easily check the latest version of Public Alpha. Your constructive feedbacks and current comments will speed up the development. You can check Sellvana Demo here. This is the Git repository. Download Sellvana Public Alpha as ZIP here.

While Magento community is working on the second version of the platform, developers at Sellvana are also trying to hurry up with their ecommerce solution. Both Magento 2 and Sellvana promise lots of incredible features; rapid performance; and renewed user experience. It is still unknown, who will represent the new ecommerce platform first, but we expect that the competition will be fierce. What do you think?