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The number of small businesses in the US alone exceeds the 30 million milestone. So, you can imagine how many entrepreneurs all over the world are in trouble now. The long-lasting impact of the crisis will never let many of them recover within the next few years. Some of them won’t be able to reappear after the pandemic. However, there is a community initiative aimed to mitigate the influence of city-wide lockdowns and states of emergencies. Meet Offline2On – a non for profit community-led project created to support businesses amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Definition and Motivation

Since SMBs are the backbone of the global economy, it is essential to support them when some are experiencing numerous issues, and some have already shut down. The crisis won’t last forever. It will end up soon, but the world won’t be the same as before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, everyone can cushion the destructive consequences of the coronavirus. Offline2On is one of the examples when the global community gathers to help those who are in need. 

By pulling together, experts from all over the globe decided to help small and medium businesses survive these difficult circumstances. The role of Offline2On is quite simple: the platform is a hub that connects SMBs and service providers to help everyone come out of this challenging situation. 1k+ experts in e-commerce, marketing, advertising, website creation, and other areas can help business owners go online or improve their current e-commerce efforts. 

If you need to contact developers, technologists, designers, marketers, writers, PR specialists, business analysts, and industry leaders from all over the world, you’ve come to the right place. Offline2On gathers experienced professionals who work with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms. The help comes from all over the e-commerce realm. In the current situation, your business needs a multichannel presence to survive, and the platform lets you get it as fast as possible.


Offline2On has several primary purposes:

  1. Data Hub. The platform is a data hub that offers unbiased information to merchants.
  2. Help Center for SMBs. It is also a place for merchants to ask for help.
  3. Platform for Experts to Provide Help. E-commerce professionals leverage Offline2On to share their services and provide help.
  4. Universal Connector. Merchants can seamlessly reach service providers they need (see the Packages chapter below).
  5. Melting Pot. Professionals all over the globe come to Offline2On to discuss the crisis and the challenges it places, generating the most efficient solutions in such areas as online operations, delivery, staffing, etc.


The coronavirus pandemic is a blessing in disguise. The problematic situation teaches us that money is not the most important value, and we should help each other for free. At least sometimes. Thus, Offline2On provides a standard list of free offerings. If you are looking to set up a new website or already have one but need to improve your e-commerce presence, the platform will help you connect to a corresponding agency for free. As for other services, they are free or paid, depending on the nature of the work needed to be done. Note that many agencies offer discounts and promotions in this tough time.

How It Works

The algorithm behind Offline2On is quite simple:

  1. Contact the platform;
  2. Find a match;
  3. Identify your solution.

During the first step, you describe your business to let the platform specialists understand how they can help you. After that, they connect you with the most suitable agencies, considering your business situation. You get the necessary help, setting up with a new or existing e-commerce store. That’s it. Now, let’s see what services the platform offers.


Offline2On provides three core packages, each of which is a result of the partnership with the biggest names in e-commerce. Choose one for free and get solutions necessary to stay afloat at minimal to no cost. Contact an expert to leverage your current online store or set up a new one. Note that BigCommerce and Shopify accounts are available for free for 90 days for new customers. A new contract with Magento Commerce with cloud hosting offers similar conditions!

Thus, depending on your business needs, you can streamline one of the following packages:

Online Now

Offline2on package

If you still don’t have an e-commerce website, this package is for you. Everyone new to e-commerce can connect with a specialist in this area who will describe the basics of getting your products online. With this plan, you can:

  • Choose an e-commerce platform;
  • Select a store domain;
  • Set up email accounts;
  • Choose a store theme and configure it according to your brand identity;
  • Prepare a few products for sale;
  • Set up a promotion;
  • Configure shipping;
  • Set up sales tax;
  • Configure a payment gateway;
  • Place a test order.

Such a good start, isn’t it? 

Store Audit

Offline2on package

For those merchants who are already present online, Offline2On offers the Store Audit package. Its purpose is to pair businesses with e-commerce experts to find and eliminate bottlenecks, improving the current shopping experience. This plan includes the following services:

  • Gift card sale or promotion configuration;
  • Speed testing;
  • App/extension examination;
  • Basic SEO audit with recommendations;
  • Social media inspection.

Marketing Intro

Offline2on package

If everything works properly, but your business still requires changes, you need this package. Marketing Intro is designed to help you reach a bigger audience. The kit includes a free 20-minute consultation regarding either organic or paid traffic. Since both topics are very complex, you can only discuss one of them. When it comes to organic traffic, you can talk about:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Webmaster Tools; 
  • Search Console setup;
  • Search engines synchronization;
  • Best SEO practices, etc.

If you want to discuss paid traffic opportunities, an expert will shed light on the following areas:

  • Best paid advertisement;
  • Optimum paid traffic budget;
  • Account setup for Google, Facebook, or Instagram Ad;
  • Ad creation.

Get Help

Don’t give up! The COVID-19 outbreak is not a reason to sit still and waste time. If you run a business and need help transferring it to online or improving its efficiency on the Internet, follow the link below. Numerous e-commerce agencies all over the globe can help merchants like you. Get a new website or optimize an existing one with enhanced online operations, fulfillment, and shipping. 

Get Help With Offline2On

Provide Help

Don’t stay aside! If you are an e-commerce agency that builds websites or an e-commerce business that can share the experience with others, you can leverage Offline2On too. The platform lets you contact those who need help. When someone leaves a request that matches your qualification, the hub notifies you and connects with that merchant. For further information, follow this link: 

Provide Help With Offline2On