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Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

Magento has recently released a set of new tools designed to improve the existing ecommerce experience of the platform. We’ve just reviewed Magento Social and Magento B2B Commerce Cloud and now it’s time to tell a few words about Magento Shipping. Are you dissatisfied with the default shipping capabilities of the platform or just want to test something new? Check the following post: below, we describe the functionality of Magento Shipping – a multi-carrier shipping solution that will forever change your vision of the important customer service.


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The new product provides the ability not only to offer a completely new shopping experience, but also allows to turn such common process as shipping into a profit machine. But what exact features are available with the Magento Shipping module?

First of all, the Magento 2 extension allows you to pass the registration procedure with world’s leading carriers RIGHT IN YOUR BACKEND! Easily access and leverage USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many other providers right in the admin area of your store.

Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

Display competitive prices and convenient shipping options. Furthermore, with Magento Shipping you will always keep delivery promises, since all responsibility lies on the shoulders of top shipping providers.

It is also necessary to mention that the new service allows to automate the fulfillment procedure. Multiple locations are no longer a problem, because Magento Shipping replaces the old functionality with completely new omnichannel experience oriented at shoppers and their needs. And since multiple carriers are available with the module, customers face with more accurate and efficient carrier selection and billing.

The key secret behind Magento Shipping is Temando. It is Magento’s preferred technology partner for shipping and fulfillment. Temando knows for sure how to a strong retail tool from shipping settin reliable foundation for further business growth. Let’s take a look at core features provided by the company, since they shed light on Magento Shipping like no other.

Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

Temando’s core aspects are:

  • Reduced Costs;
  • Increased Sales;
  • Business Growth.

It helps to automate shipping processes, displays shipping options customers convert on, and scales as you grow. Thus, top-notch shipping experience, multi-carrier support, and rapid fulfillment are combined in one platform (in our case, in one module – Magento Shipping).

You get the ability to work with top carriers providing customers with the most convenient shipping options. Besides, it helps to decrease cart abandonment rate. According to Temando, more than 50% of cart abandonment is caused by inconvenient shipping conditions. With the service, you will create Amazon-like experience when shipping conditions are visible right in the cart.

Temando syncs orders from your Magento 2 storefront to the platform for multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment. Besides, you can seamlessly pick, pack, and dispatch orders from your warehouse situated anywhere.

Omni-channel support erases the boundaries between you and your customers, and the entire path from the shopping cart to the customer’s door becomes fully automated! As for shipping labels, manifests, or any other documents they can be easily integrated into every carrier: Temando provides this functionality, so Magento Shipping also supports it.

It is also important to note that the platform supports tracking, so no parcel will be lost. Besides, your customers can always monitor where their order is at every step.

In its turn Temando is backed by Neopost Shipping. If you are not familiar with this company, it is a global leader in shipping technology. Neopost Shipping has 800,000+ customers from over 30 countries, $1,2B revenue, and 6K employees. Looks intriguing, isn’t it? But what do the existing extension provides offer for Magento 2? How to enhance Magento 2 shipping capabilities with the help of Magento 2 modules?

Amasty Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups

Amasty Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups for Magento 2 and 1

This Magento 2 extension covers two areas: shipping and payment. It allows to provide access to shipping and payment methods on the basis of customer groups. Thus, you can provide local customers with privileges as well as adjust shipping according to your ecommerce requirements. For further information, check our review: Amasty Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups for Magento 2 and 1. You can purchase the module here:

Download / Buy Amasty Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups Magento 2 Extension

Amasty Shipping Table Rates

magento 2 module

This is another vital tool that essentially improves the default shopping experience. The Shipping Table Rates Magento 2 module allows to generate and fully leverage multiple custom shipping methods creating specific rates for any particular product. Furthermore, it is even possible to import table rates and edit them manually. Also note that estimated delivery time can be displayed for each shipping method. You can even display images and additional comments on product pages and during the checkout. The extension is fully reviewed here: Amasty Shipping Table Rates for Magento 2 and 1. Follow this link to purchase the module:

Download / Buy Amasty Shipping Table Rates Magento 2 Extension

Amasty Shipping Restrictions

Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

With this tool, you will easily block any shipping method of any carrier on the basis of customer’s shipping data, various product attributes, order info, customer groups, and store views. This help to avoid lots of problems or headaches caused by inconsistencies between customer’s desired and carrier’s capabilities. Check the full extension’s review here: Amasty Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 and 1.

Download / Buy Amasty Shipping Restrictions Magento 2 Module

Amasty Shipping Rules

Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

This module enables you to create all possible shipping rules on the basis of various parameters, such as product conditions and shopping cart attributes. Furthermore, Shipping Rules allows to apply additional delivery options surcharge or discount as well as hide certain shipping rates. Customer group or store view support is also among the extension’s features. For further information, follow this link: Amasty Shipping Rules for Magento 2 and 1. You can download the extension here:

Download / Buy Amasty Shipping Rules Magento 2 Module

Mageworx Shipping Suite Ultimate

MageWorx Shipping Suite Magento 2 Extension Review; MageWorx Shipping Suite Magento Module Overview

Shipping Suite Ultimate combines the functionality of the aforementioned extensions. It provides the ability to create shipping rules and restrictions based on various parameters. The extension has no limits on the amount of carriers, methods, and rules as well as allows to add your own custom shipping carriers and methods. Configurable shipping rates are also among the features of Mageworx Shipping Suite Ultimate. Furthermore, the module allows to modify any existing shipping method, create flexible delivery rates, and leverage estimating shipping rates. More information is available here: MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate For Magento 2 and 1.

Download / Buy Mageworx Shipping Suite Ultimate Magento 2 Extension


Magento Shipping Magento 2 Extension Module

This ecommerce solution allows to manage all shipping rates and options from one place. Create custom carrier rules, discounts, promotions, and markups; leverage box sizes to implement accurate dimensional shipping; provide customers with the ability to choose delivery date and time; enable address verification; and streamline other features with ShipperHQ. For further information, follow this link:

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If you are going to use drop shipping in your business, explore the following Magento 2 modules:

We also recommend you to check how to get Magento 2 Enterprise Edition features on the Community platform. Check the full article here: Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Features On A Community Website.

Final Thoughts

The Magento platform always offers something interesting, useful, and user-friendly. Both merchants, customers, and administrators benefit from the improvement, since if makes our favorite ecommerce solution better. And we sincerely believe this is just the beginning.

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