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Nowadays, social media is where people are found available all the time. Hence, it is the best medium to catch the attention of the audience as maximum as possible. Instagram is one such social platform where people are sharing, following and exploring new trends a lot. Therefore, integrating the Instagram platform into your online store will help you give your business more exposure, for that, you need Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageAnts.

Magento 2 Instagram Feed Extension can give your business a global exposure by allowing you to integrate your business Instagram feed your Magento 2 store and thus reach out the wide audience all over the world.

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There’s hardly few who are not on Instagram today, hence by marketing your business on Instagram will give you good traffic to your online store. Adding this extension will also allow you to;

  • Display of Instagram images of your whole store, specific categories or specific pages.
  • Set the number of images to be displayed.
  • Showcase the images over various CMS pages.
  • Fetch images using multiple hashtags or username.
  • Set up details regarding the images along with an URL for redirection.
  • Set various hot spots for multiple items in a single image.
  • Easy set up with your username and authenticating it using an access key.

Backend Features

Integrating Instagram into your Magento 2 store will allow you to fetch images from your Instagram business profile to your online store using the Instagram username or hashtags. The store admin can make use of multiple hashtags to fetch images as per the want.

The extension also provides a lot of configuration settings like you can share your Insta profile link to your store, share the product on Instagram profile directly from the store, enter feed, caption, heading title, set the number of images to be displayed and where, select an option to display a popup with, etc.

The store admin also gets the option to decide which images to be displayed after fetching images from the Instagram profile.

Magento 2 Instagram integration gives you easy configuration controls using which you can add the details of the images such as the title for the image, a description for the same and the URL that redirects upon on click to be displayed at your store’s gallery feed. In addition to this, it also allows to drag and drop hotspot locations to your images which contain multiple products in a single image.

The Magento 2 Instagram Integration extension comes with many features, one among which is the freedom to include the images of your Instagram feed over any CMS block in an easy way. Just by adding a particular line of code to your CMS page you can take benefit of this extension. You can also enable and disable the display of Insta feed anytime from any page or a specific page as and when you feel so.

Frontend Features

You can also set the Instagram popup feature, add the profile URL of your Instagram account etc. at the frontend.

Final thoughts

In order to connect to the maximum number of people worldwide, you need to make use of social platforms like Instagram which has a huge amount of users today. And by integrating your business Instagram profile onto your online store will help you endorse your business to the public with images.

Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageAnts can prove to be best for you as it comes with lifetime updates, 90 days free support, 30 days money back guarantee, and quick support, all at $99.00 only.

Get Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageAnts