How To Get An Advanced Magento Admin

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In this post, we will show you how to get an advanced Magento Admin with the help of some extensions. There are different tools designed to make default Magento Admin better and your life easier. They are both free and paid.


How To Get An Advanced Magento 2 Admin

aTemplate – Custom Admin (Backend) Template Creator


Tired of default Magento Admin design? Install aTemplate on your e-commerce store. With this extension you will be able to create your own Advanced Magento Backend Design. The module works with the Main body elements, Header, Menu, Blocks, Tables, Buttons, Footer, and Login form. aTemplate Magento extension is absolutely free.

Download aTemplate Magento admin extension

VS Preview Product from Backend


With this extension, you will be able to edit products in an advanced Magento admin and check them in frontend of your store. Get to your desired products in the frontend by viewing product links with ease. You can download VS Preview Product from Backend for free.

Get VS Preview Product from Backend Magento Admin Extension

Simple Admin Payment

This extension adds a brand new simple payment method for orders created in a Magento Admin. Additionally, invoices and shipments for new orders can be created automatically with Simple Admin Payment Magento Extension. Keep in mind, that it is a free module.

Download Simple Admin Payment Magento Extension

Enhanced Admin Grids (+ Editor)


This Magento extension allows you to change most of the administration grids. It also compares and edits attributes values from different store views in the same grid. In addition, you get an in-grid editor for CMS and products pages. Hit the below link for other features, and don’t forget that this extension is also free.

Download Enhanced Admin Grids Magento Extension

Enhanced Admin Product Grid

Enhanced Admin Product is designd to add some useful features and extra customization to the admin product management grid. New columns and tools provides you with the Full Product Search, Grid Row Highlighter, Catalog Grid Thumbnails, Mass Product Refresh, Quick Export and tons of other features. The module is free.

Get Enhanced Admin Product Grid Magento Extension

Pulse Storm Launcher


This is a fast and free productivity tool for the advanced Magento Admin. The extension gives you one-click access to the most used backend pages, as well as to global search results. Save your time and bring the power of launcher applications to your Magento store with Pulse Storm Launcher Magento Extension.

Download Pulse Storm Launcher Magento Admin Extension



Make your Admin better with V-Admin Magento Extension. The module replaces the default theme by its own. V-Admin relies on different shades of black color and a great button set. Change your admin cpanel theme with V-Admin theme by installing this free module.

Download V-Admin Magento Extension

Admin Logger


This Magento extension logs all actions performed in the backend of your e-commerce store. With Admin Logger, you will be able to discover which administrator is logged in and what actions he performs. If something goes wrong in your Magento store, you will find out the reason of the problem. The module costs $169.

Get Admin Logger Magento Extension

Admin Email Notifications


Out-of-the-box Magento doesn’t support notifications about important events from the store. As a result, you have to check the Admin Panel frequently, or you can install Admin E-mail Notifications extension. With this Magento module you will be always informed about new orders, reviews, and tags. Admin Email Notifications costs $59.

Download Admin Email Notifications Magento Admin Extension