The Best Magento Extensions For Extended Discounts And Promotion Rules

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Get your customers involved into the marketing process by adding the advanced discount system to your Magento store. Create different rules and motivate your visitors to perform certain actions by installing one or several Magento extensions for extended discounts and promotion rules. Enhance your e-commerce business with reliable tools and toolsets.

Magento 2 Extensions For Advanced Discounts And Promotion Rules

Special Promotions Pro by Amasty

Promotion rules magento extensions; discount Magento extensions

Special Promotions Pro Magento Extension allows you to use customers’ account information to understand the wishes of your customers. By installing the module on your store, you’ll get the ability to create special offers based on order history, and create rules based on both customer attributes and order subselection. The extension also allows you to sell the most expensive products by giving discounts to additional cross sell products. In addition, you can exclude products with special prices from your discount programs. You can purchase Special Promotions Pro by Amasty for $129.

Download Special Promotions Pro Magento Extension

Event-Based Discounts by aheadWorks

Promotion rules magento extensions; discount Magento extensions

Create various campaigns and stimulate different groups of registered customers to place their orders without delays. By installing the extension, you will add a special timer to your e-commerce shop, which indicates the remaining time of the promotion. As a result, your logged-in customers will always know how much time they have to place the order to get a fixed or a percent discount. In addition, they can get the ability to join a premium group. Hit the below link for the additional information. The price of this extension is $89.

Download aheadWorks Event-Based Discounts Magento Extension

Multiple Coupons by Amasty

Promotion rules magento extensions; discount Magento extensions

By installing this Magento extension, you provide your customers with the ability to use multiple coupons for a single order. This works for both registered and guest customers. As a store owner, you can specify coupon codes which can’t be used with other codes for one order. The extension costs $79.

Get Amasty Multiple Coupons Magento Extension

Generate and Import Coupons by Amasty

Promotion rules magento extensions; discount Magento extensions

Create thousands of coupons for constant shopping cart price rules with Generate and Import Coupons Magento extension. The module reduces the necessity to create the same rule many times. You can just use multiple codes for it. You are also able to import unlimited number of coupons from a CSV file, which is very convenient for services like Groupon. The extension costs $99. Hit the below link for all the features.

Download Amasty Generate and Import Coupons Magento Extension

Discount Conditions – Customer Edition extension for Magento

discount by customer magento extensionThis is a professional tool designed to create advanced Magento shopping cart price rule conditions adjustable for specific customers. The powerful condition builder provides the ability to define customer groups and specify their accumulative discounts. It is also possible to change the discount amount of every customer depending on order history,

or such conditions as the amount of spent money within a certain category; the first purchase or a certain order number; product reviews; personal customer’s information; newsletter subscribers, etc. Discount Conditions Magento Extension costs €106.

Download Discount Conditions

Advanced Pricing


This Magento module allows you to manage product prices with ease. By installing it, you will get the ability to use different currencies to set product prices despite of currency rates. You will also get the ability to use different monetary units any given product price adjustment. Moreover, it is possible to set product prices for each store view separately with Advanced Pricing Magento extension. In addition, you will be able to offer discounts according to geographical location of your visitors. Both fixed and percentage discounts are possible. The module costs $200.

Get Advanced Pricing Magento Extension

Collection Edition Of Discount Conditions Extension

custom discounts magento connectWith this professional toolset, you will be able to create advanced shopping cart price rule conditions for you e-commerce Magento store. The extension combines the possibilities of Customer and Sales Edition, Daily and Week Scheduler Magento modules. As a result, you can create different cart price rule conditions for your customers depending on such things as current sales or date. The tool allows you to specify the days of the week for cart price rules to be enabled or disabled, and define the time when your customers are able to use certain coupon codes. You can buy Collection Edition for €152.

Download Discount Conditions Magento Extension

Advanced Deals Extension

special deal magento extension

This extension allows you to set deal products with specific deal price and time. It supports deals for both single and multiple products. Advance Deal Product extension also allows you to set different titles for different types of deal products listings from the admin. You can also enable and disable deals there. The module allows to create and set deals on the weekly or monthly basis. You can purchase the extension for $49.

Download Advanced Deals Magento Extension

Discount For Review

Turn your customers into promoters of your store for some extra benefits like getting discount codes for the next purchase on your e-commerce site with Discount For Review Magento extension. The module generates promo and discount codes for approved reviews, written by your customers. Amazon doubled its online sales with the help of a similar tool. The module costs $79.95.

Download Discount For Review Magento Discount Extension

Discount For Order

This extension relies on the same principles as the previous one, but instead of reviews it provides discount and promo codes for making orders. As a result, you keep your customers coming back, and increase the profit of your Magento store with extra sales. With Discount For Order module, you can set a fixed amount or certain percentage discount. The extension is easy to set up, fully configurable, and provides multi-store support. You can purchase it for just $69.95.

Download Discount For Order Magento Extension

Events Discount Packages

With this extension, you will be able to create unlimited events for your discount offerings with the configurable time period. Just choose the categories and assign products for which you are going to offer discounts, and set all the necessary parameters. The module also allows to use URL identifiers to help search engines show the most relevant content to your customers. Moreover, Events Discount Packages provides the ability to set the events any custom order. In addition, you will get a WYSIWYG editor designed to enter the discount description with ease. The extension costs $169.99.

Download Events Discount Packages Magento Extension

Facebook Like Discount Extension – FB Discount

facebook discount magento extensionBy installing this extension, you will get the ability to offer discounts to your customers for liking your Facebook page. A special banner will be displayed on the shopping cart page of your e-commerce store. The customer clicks on the like button, and the discount is automatically applied. As a store owner, you can create flexible shopping cart rules. These rules will be applied automatically once the customer likes the page. You can purchase the extension for $59.99.

Get FB Discount Magento Extension

Linksture – Discount Coupon Code Link

magento discount extension

This extension creates automatic discount code in a form of URL for your customers. You can send such URLs in your newsletter campaigns. The coupon code will be applied after the product is added to the customer’s shopping cart. The system applies all shopping cart price rule automatically, so you don’t have to perform any additional tune-ups. Keep in mind, that this extension is absolutely free.

Download Linksture – Discount Coupon Code Link Magento Extension

Personal Bar – Personalized Shopping & Coupons

By installing Personal Bar Magento extension on your e-commerce store, you will be able to create a personal customer experience for all your visitors. The module will automatically trigger the right conditions for each customer. As a store owner, you will provide specific shoppers with real-time coupons, personal offers, free shipping, and promotional messages. The extension is easy to setup, fully customizable, free, and has an intuitive interface.

Download Personal Bar – Personalized Shopping & Coupons