The Best Free Open Source Magento Templates 2014

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We have already written about the best Magento templates and now it is time to tell you about the best free solutions. Generally, free Magento templates and themes have less features and opportunities than paid, but one of them can become a perfect basis for your small custom project. Further, we gathered all the necessary information about the best free Magento templates and appropriate download links. If you have limited budget for your e-commerce store, this post will be useful for you.

Free Magento Absolute template


Free Magento Absolute template is available in 10 colors while paid templates offer almost unlimited palette. It works with Magento CE 1.3 – 1.8.1 and includes such features as Product preview module and Featured product slider. The template is easy to customise and upgrade, especially as all the updates are free (at least for one year). Free Magento Absolute template is 100% open source and you can download it here.

Free Theme Electronics Online by Pagayo


This Magento theme is notable for its clean and technical design. It is perfect not only for electronic products, as you might think, but also for any other kind of store. Clear structure, high usability and wide customization make Free Theme Electronics Online on of the best solutions of such kind. All the blocks in Homepage, Footer and Header can be managed in the Magento backend CMS. Hit this link to download Free Theme Electronics Online by Pagayo.

Magento Responsive Theme by GPMD


If you are looking for free Magento theme with responsive design, you can try the solution offered by GPMD. This theme is basic, but it offers great mobile experience. Home page, Category and Product pages, Cart and Checkout look clear and user friendly on a small screen. The theme combines elements from Gridless, Mobile Boilerplate and It also includes Font Awesome icon font. You can download GPMD Magento Responsive Theme from GitHub here.

Magento Boilerplate

Magento Boilerplate.png

This Magento theme utilises the features of modern browsers and offers great styling. It is responsive, open source and based on CSS3. Magento Boilerplate is powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3, because of a great variety of reusable components. As a result you can create something really unique. The theme was tested with Magento 1.6.x – 1.8.x, and it’s also compatible with 1.4.x. Hit this link to get Magento Boilerplate.

b-responsive by Interactiv4


It is another free Magento template built with Twitter Bootstrap 3. As a result, b-responsive is 100% responsive and contains a lot of modern design elements. Fluid 12 grid system is optimized for 320px, 750px, 970px, 1170px with minimal changes to the default theme structure. The only layout file of b-responsive is local.xml. It is compatible with Enterprise and Community Editions of Magento. You can download b-responsive from GitHub here.

Magento Foundation 3 Framework

Magento Foundation 3 Framework.png

Magento Foundation 3 Framework includes minimal Magento template required files, Foundation CSS and JS files and basic Magento required styles. It has fluid layout and improved product view for mobile. The other notable features are 1) clean sidebar modules; 2) icon fonts for Cart, Compare, Wishlist, Remove; 3) Customer, Cart and Checkout accounts; 4) Right and Left Off-canvas sidebar columns. Use this link to get more information about Magento Foundation 3 Framework and download the theme.