9 Tips To Optimize Ecommerce Websites For Smartphones

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Unstoppable growth of mobile-based shopping has made online retailers thinking all the time about enhanced user experience. The ever-evolving technology, revolutionary smartphones, touch pads, and other devices are making the life of online shoppers easier. A single click can make them finalize the shopping deal and get the product at doorstep. How to improve the shopping experience of online buyers at an ecommerce website? This post will reveal some tried and tested tips. Enjoy reading if you are an online retailer.

  1. Offer Geo-Location Facility

65% online shoppers think about an online search before making the final purchase decision at an offline store. Ignoring the way consumers behave means digging one’s own grave. Using Geo-location, users can find the nearest store and go for shopping.

  1. Make Checkout Customer-Friendly

High is the rate of online shoppers who abandon their shopping carts due to poor checkout experience. Such experience may require lengthy registration details. Allow guest sessions to complete the deal. Once consumers are satisfied, they will come again and again and may think about registration. WalMart allows customers to buy products without getting registered.

Using a social login is also useful and popular approach, being appreciated by more than 74% online consumers. Allow customers to pass through the buying cycle using their single Facebook password.

For user-friendly checkout process, you can use extensions like Magento Ajax cart (for Magento-based online stores). It allows adding, editing, or deleting any products without demanding any page reload.


  1. Offer Mobile-Based Payment Modes

PayPal, MasterCard MasterPass, and Google Wallet are popular payment modes for smartphone users and have supported 101% rise in smartphone conversions. Most of the U.S. online shoppers have a PayPal account, which means focusing such methods can be helpful for enhanced shopping experience of the online consumers.

GoogleWallet is a popular payment option for Android users and it allows users to sign in using their Google+ account. The better-facilitated users are during their checkout process the brighter would be the chances for improved sales volume.

  1. Use Product Videos

The worst hurdle in way of online shopping is consumers can’t touch the products before buying or they can’t experience how products look when used. To cope with such a problem, explore the power of product videos. According to Invodo study, 52% online shoppers prefer watching product videos before buying and such a habit makes them confident in the buying decision.  Highlighting product features in the video and how it looks while using can help a lot in making a confident buying decision.

  1. Optimize Product Image Gallery

This is another approach to help making an easy buying decision. Optimizing the image gallery means allowing the consumers to have fine glimpses of the product before purchasing. Allow zoom-in feature in product subpages. Try to allow shoppers using minimum efforts to have a clear glimpse of the product.

  1. Allow Social Media Recommendations

Use social media buttons to allow users recommending the products to their family and friends. Believe it; consumers prefer doing this if they are satisfied with a product. Smartphones users are more into this habit of social recommendation than desktop users. So, if you are targeting mobile shoppers, use social buttons at your online store. Allow sharing on multiple social media channels.

  1. Improve The Load Time

One bug hurdle in way of mobile shopping is more load time. The more response time a website takes while loading on user’s screen the more are chances to switch. Make intelligent use of graphics and other designing elements that could increase the load time. Quickly loading websites have better response from online consumers, so why to ignore such a success secret? Get inspired from Amazon that has increased remarkable sales due to improved page load time.

  1. Use Touch-Friendly Navigations

Mobile navigation is different from desktop navigation, so focus this aspect while optimizing the online store for smartphones. Allow users to reach their desired website location in minimum steps.

  1. Mobile Website Should Reflect The Desktop Website

There should be clear resemblance between mobile website and desktop website. Smartphone users want the enhanced desktop experience at their devices, so don’t ignore this aspect while optimizing the mobile-based ecommerce website.

Optimizing a mobile web store means providing the shoppers with enhanced shopping experience and paving the way for increased sales volume. Following the tips mentioned above, you could achieve those objectives. What do you say? Share your own tips in comments below!


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