Magento 2 Checkout Success Page by MageAnts

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Enrich order success page of your store using Magento 2 Order Confirmation Page also called “Checkout Success page extension and add details such as coupon or promo codes, order summary, easy sign up option for new customers, product carousel and advertising banner. Using this extension merchants can have a full control on the order success page which allows them to customize success page as required.

Get Magento 2 Checkout Success Page by MageAnts

  • Display order information, summary, discount codes, etc. on thank you page.
  • Customize checkout success page and set custom rules to display different information by shipping methods, customer groups, or payment.
  • Show full order details on checkout success page to make it more informative.
  • Support custom Block functionality to deliver relevant content like promotion banners, promotions carousel, campaigns, thank you video, etc. 
  • Help customers to share their shopping on social media network.

Key Features

Get order details on the success page

  • Overview an order again before completing the checkout process.
  • Customers will get the details of their orders which includes all the information: Order Summary, Order Status, Order ID, Order Date, Billing Details, Shipping Details, Payment Details, and Coupons (if any).

Add Registration and Subscription options on Success Page

  • Easy way to convert your visitors and guest users into registered customers by providing registration option on the Checkout Success Page.

  • Convert one time customers into regular shoppers by offering special offers and deals to the customers who subscribed your newsletter before leaving your e-store.

Easy to Cross-Sell and display Product Recommendations on Thank You Page

  • Admin can easily perform the cross-selling of products by adding a separate block of “Suggested Products” or “Recommended Products” to promote your products that help in increasing sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

Offer Custom and Auto-generated coupon codes

  • Admin can attract customers to their site by displaying custom and auto-generated coupons in the final step of the checkout process.
  • Admin can customize the coupon as per the need like select customer group to whom coupon can be applicable, promo message, coupon code, and other details.

Customize page using Admin Panel

  • One of the major benefits of this extension is that admin can customize and control the Order Success page easily from the backend admin panel.
  • Page Customization includes Page Title, Content, SubTitle, other blocks like CMS, Suggested Products, Coupon Codes, Order Summary, and Social Sharing. 

Social Media Sharing

  • Share orders to friends via social networks directly from Order Success Page.
  • Social Media Sharing makes Thank You Page interactive and more live and reliable.

How does it work

Installing MageAnts Magento 2 Checkout Success Page will enable an option for admin to customize and fully control the Thank You or an Order Success Page as they want. Each and Every element of the page can be configured to fit your specific site design. Using this powerful tool admin will be allowed to drive sales and attract more customers by offering user-friendly and informative Thank You Page to customers.

Customers will get all the details of an order including order summary, shipping and billing details, list of product recommendations, coupon codes, registration and subscription option and many more such advance features which make their shopping experience better and encourage them to visit again.

Why Needed

Thank You page Magento 2 is a great opportunity to get customer loyalty and gain more sales. As we know the order success page is the final step in the purchase cycle so it’s very important to convince your customers to return back for more purchases in the future. This will improve the conversion rates on our checkout pages and provide a better shopping experience to customers with the eye-catching designs and layout at the final step. Store Admin can enjoy the advanced features of this powerful tool easily as this extension has a user-friendly and simple configuration.

It’s crystal clear that investing in this tool is surely worth as it not only helps to get more sales to your business but also increases customer engagement. It is one page with multiple highly advanced features such as displaying detailed order summary, making coupon codes available, related cross-sell product display and newsletter subscription. Use MageAnts One Page Checkout Success Page for Magento2 to make your store stand out and customer-friendly.

Get Magento 2 Checkout Success Page by MageAnts