Magento 2 Checkout Success Page by Ulmod

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A professionally designed order success page is one of the ways to increase customer retention and boost sales on an ecommerce store.

If you want to build long-lasting relations with your customers and increase loyalty to your brand, you can install the Checkout Success Page Magento 2 extension by Ulmod. The extension significantly improves the default Magento 2 success page, allowing you to provide more information to customers at the success page and encourages them for further purchases.

With the Checkout Success Page module, you can display important details on customers’ orders at your “success” page, such as shipping address, billing address, payment method, shipping method, and full order summary. Also, you can insert additional blocks at the “success” page including newsletter subscription, promotions banners, discount coupons, social sharing buttons, contact details, relevant products, and more.

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Key Features

  • Display order information, custom content and discount code at the success page
  • Display related, up-sell or cross-sell products 
  • Get more email subscriptions with the help of newsletters subscriptions
  • Social sharing buttons to increase traffic in your store and grow revenue.
  • Display help info including the telephone, email or any other detail for quick help
  • Display account creation button right on the thank you page
  • Preview the thank you page from the backend
  • Responsive for mobile devices, adjusted and work great on any devices types;
  • Easy to configure, support multiple websites, stores, and store view 
  • Multiple customizations options at the admin panel to adjust the success page style


The extension’s configuration contains 6 sections: General, Top, Middle, Bottom, Design, and Preview.

The first section let you enable/disable the extension in the storefront.

In the “Top Section”, you can show/hide the header or “Thank Message Block” at the top section, and describe a brief message to appear in the block. The WYSIWYG editor is supported to format the text. If you prefer to work with the HTML code, you can tap Show / Hide Editor.

You can enable/disable the order information block, and show/hide the order status, product thumbnail, re-order and print buttons

In the “Middle Section,” you can enable/disable the discount coupon block, specify the discount coupon message, configure the type of discount customers will get, set the minimum price of the item customers must purchase to get the discount.

Also, you can upload a background image for the discount blocks, choose customer groups who will be able to see the coupon code and specify the block order in the middle section. Up to 6 sort order position available.

Next, you can enable/disable the cms block, select the CMS static block to display and specify the sort order. 

You can also enable/disable a custom block and defines the content of your custom block to appear in the middle section, then specify the sort order of the custom block.

You can enable/disable the product relationships block, select the type of product to appear in the middle section: up-sell, cross-sell or related products. And, specify the sort order of the block in the middle section.

You can show/hide the newsletter and social sharing blocks and specify their sort order in the middle section.

In the Bottom section, you can show/hide contact blocks and specify contact details for quick help.

Also, you can enable/disable the account registration block at the bottom section

The Design section let you adjust the buttons, text and links colors of each block at the success page.

To preview the success page, specify the order number and click the Preview in a new window button, to preview the Checkout Success Page for the specified “Order Number”


The newly designed Checkout Success Page will display as follow.

You can show/hide the account registration block at the bottom, and arrange the order of each block.

The checkout success page on mobile devices, display as follow:

Final Words

Ulmod Checkout Success Page for Magento 2 is a powerful tool to create a custom success page and showing necessary details on the placed orders. As a result, you will increase loyalty to your brand,  customer retention and boost your sales.

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