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One of the most crucial aspects of managing any store is conversion optimization. Your ability to communicate with customers is crucial. To do this, you can employ a number of tools. You can add a chat room or create a blog for the website. All of this will provide more understanding of the customers’ attitudes. Today, we’ll examine a tool that can help you better understand your customers. Typeform gives you the ability to gather information about your customers with the aid of surveys, forms, and questionnaires. We are going to examine platform features, pricing, and alternatives. Following this article, you will decide whether Typeform is a good fit for you. Let’s start.

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What is Typeform?

Let’s attempt to define Typeform now. Typeform is a flexible tool that enables you to share and collect customer information in a more relaxed and conversational manner. The platform gives users a lot of flexibility when designing questionnaires, forms, and surveys. It also features a web-based platform that you can use to develop anything from surveys to apps without writing a single line of code.

Typeform Pricing

Typeform offers a number of pricing tiers with access to various features. Additionally, there is a free plan that allows you to test out the platform; however, it is much more limited than the paid plans available for the software. 

  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Plus: $59 per month
  • Business: $99 per month

The Basic plan gives you access to the majority of Typeform’s primary features. You receive an unlimited number of forms and inquiries, along with the option to use Typeform to receive payments. 

1,000 responses per month and an unlimited number of logic jumps performed are now included with the Plus plan. Additionally, you will be able to configure a custom subdomain and meta description.

And lastly, the most expensive Business plan. It gives you access to all of the features and capabilities that platforms have. Try that option if you require full Typeform functionality and expanded functionality.

Typeform Features


In addition to the platform’s core features, Typeform offers a few additional products. Videoask and Chat.


With the help of asynchronous video, you will be able to interact directly with your audience, customers, or prospects using this feature. You can interact face-to-face with your audience and forge stronger business relationships with the help of this product. 

For these tasks, Videoask will be beneficial:

  • Lead Generation. Make a statement and personalize your lead-generation funnels to attract more leads of a higher caliber. 
  • Recruitment. Utilize pre-recorded videos for applicant screening and interviews to help you make better, quicker hiring decisions. 
  • Sales. Increase your conversion rate by providing a more individualized sales experience. 
  • Testimonials. Make it simple for both you and your satisfied customers to gather video testimonials. 
  • Audience engagement. Utilize video to make your story impossible to ignore and begin forging stronger connections with your audience. 
  • Training & Education. Use video to expand your 1:1 services or interact with your students after class.
How it works?

Start by taking a video. Start by creating a video in the app. You could also try recording a screen share, choosing a video from the Pexels or Giphy library, or uploading a video or GIF. Next, pick a category for your response—request responses via text, audio, or a multiple-choice list. Share your videoask after that. Once your videoask is complete, it’s time to increase interaction and begin sharing.


Making your own chatbot for your website is made possible by this product. It will only take a short while. Create your own chatbot quickly and easily with Typeform Chat. Chatbots have transformed how customers interact with businesses online. Chat enables you to interact with your audience in a lifelike chat while maximizing automation and efficiency, which can be used for anything from generating leads to recommending products. 

Typeform provides you with a few chatbot templates for different tasks:

  • Chatbot for customer service template. Being helpful benefits you. With the help of a website chatbot, you can find out what people need, point them in the right direction, and give them useful information. Create a positive first impression and provide a fun experience that motivates action.
  • Product recommendation chatbot template. Create a virtual shopping assistant using this template for users who are searching for inspiration or who are sure what they want to buy.
  • Event registration chatbot template. By starting a conversation that informs, inspires, and helps you get the registrations you need, you can generate excitement around your event.

With this chatbot, you gain the following advantages:

  • Engage your visitors in a seamless and individualized way. Respond to inquiries and astonish your audience with a personalized yet automated experience. You can interact with more people through chat, saving time and achieving great results.
  • Continue your conversation. You can sync the information you gather with your chatbot to other tools you use, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zapier, Slack, and more, just like you can with all type forms.
  • Minutes to create your chatbot. It’s incredibly simple to set up your own chat and get results right away. Create your own chatbot from scratch or use a template, then watch it come to life. Additionally, you can design personalized journeys that show people various content and inquiries based on their prior responses.


Additionally, Typeform offers the following apps:

  • Quiz maker
  • Survey maker
  • Form builder
  • Poll maker
  • Test maker

Quiz Maker

With the help of this online quiz creator, you can make a quiz that engages students, generates leads, or promotes your brand. You can design various forms of tests, including

  • geography quizzes. This template engages them with a friendly tone while testing their general knowledge.
  • Vocabulary quiz. This template is perfect for English teachers looking to add some fun to the classroom.
  • Trivia quiz. You can create your own trivia game using this quiz template. To start your online quiz today, add some GIFs and edit the questions.
  • Science quiz. Images, icons, and personalized messages are used in this quiz to enhance learning and increase effectiveness.

And others.

Survey Maker

You can create an online survey using this feature, and the results will be more insightful. Increase your useful feedback collection and research efforts. When they switch to our survey tool, 87% of users gain deeper insights. It allows you to:

  • Add inquiries that encourage discussion. Invite people to express their opinions in a variety of ways to elicit eye-opening feedback.
  • Branch inquiries to obtain a complete picture. Good or bad responses don’t really tell you much. However, a good old rant works. Utilize specific follow-up questions to elicit further explanations from respondents about their earlier responses.
  • Set up reporting to elicit creative thinking. Online survey results can be synced with applications like Google Sheets and Zapier.

Form builder

This free form creator generates more leads. More website visitors can be converted into hot leads. After using our online form builder, 95% of users reported getting more information quickly. It allows you to perform the following:

  • Create your form with leads in mind. It is simple to customize this online form builder. Select a color palette. Try out over 20 different question types.
  • Ask specific queries to pique leads’ interest. Match the questions you pose to the responses people provide on your form.
  • Organize leads to begin nurturing more quickly. Connect our web form builder to applications that automatically sort the data you collect, such as Mailchimp.

Poll Maker

You can create online polls for free using Typeform. To inform marketing strategy, obtain immediate feedback, or forecast voter behavior, create a poll. Any device can use it, and it is quick and free. You can use polling templates like:

  • Political Poll. Make your own poll to determine the candidates that your audience is most likely to support. View every response in a thorough report.
  • Funny Poll. To stand out from your dull corporate competitors, use polls with humorous or cultural content.
  • Straw Poll. Use this one-question vote to make decisions on particular issues. Both the making and taking of it are quick.
  • Facebook Poll. Consult your audience for suggestions on upcoming content. It functions on all gadgets.

Test Maker

The simple test creator that interests your coworkers, students, or friends. By using this test creator, you can make a multiple-choice test or an online exam that will motivate learning in a fun and interesting way.

  • Build it quickly. Making your test is very simple. Simply copy and paste your inquiries into a template to distribute it. 
  • Make education fun. With a test that is enjoyable and interesting to take on any device, you can keep your students interested from beginning to end.
  • Shrewd and interactive. Depending on the results of your students, display various Thank You screens so that you can easily monitor their development. 
  • Speedy Reporting. Set up self-notifications to let you know when people finish, and then use Typeform’s analysis tools to provide the results to each test-taker individually.


Another strong component of this platform is the templates. You can choose from a large selection of templates that Typeform offers for a wide range of circumstances. 

  • Form templates
  • Survey templates
  • Quiz templates
  • Poll templates
  • Order forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Application forms
  • Feedback surveys
  • Evaluation forms
  • Request forms
  • Signup forms
  • Business forms
  • Marketing surveys
  • HR surveys
  • Report forms
  • Customer feedback form
  • Registration form
  • Branding questionnaire
  • 360 feedback
  • Lead generation
  • Contact form
  • Signup sheet

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Typeform Integrations

There are many platforms where you can integrate Typeforms. Connect your favorite apps to beautiful, interactive forms. You can include applications like

  • Slack. Notify the appropriate parties each time a typeform is finished. Slack consolidates all team communications and files into one location that is easily searchable and accessible from anywhere. 
  • Google Sheets. You can use Google Sheets to make spreadsheets, keep track of projects, analyze data, and perform calculations by sending the typeform responses there.
  • Mailchimp. Send typeform submissions to Mailchimp, the biggest marketing automation system in the world. Discover your audience, interact with your clients, and develop your brand. While you’re at it, enjoy yourself a little.
  • Zapier. A platform for automation called Zapier offers support for thousands of the most widely used programs, including Mailchimp, Slack, and Google Sheets.
  • Airtable. Beautiful forms and straightforward spreadsheets are combined with Typeform and Airtable. More interactive forms will help you get better answers; after that, you can manage all the data at Airtable.
  • Google Analytics. With the help of Google Analytics, you can quickly analyze the traffic to your website, figure out which marketing channels are most effective, and assess the performance of your site as well as its overall return on investment.
  • ActiveCampaign. Directly send data from Typeform to ActiveCampaign. To deliver personalized customer experiences at scale, keep all your customer data and insights in one location and combine them with ActiveCampaign’s Customer Experience Automation.
  • HubSpot. At every turn of the road, Hubspot has your back. Automated lead generation can help you capture, qualify, and convert leads while fostering enduring relationships with your clients.
  • Salesforce. Salesforce is a platform for managing relationships with your customers. Send typeform responses there. Make sales, handle support tickets from customers, manage marketing campaigns, and more.

Typeform Alternatives

Formidable Forms

If you’re an experienced user trying to create technical forms for your website, Formidable Forms is a good choice. It is a Typeform substitute that enables you to customize your forms in complex ways. It comes with features like

  • Visual Builder
  • Math Calculations
  • Quiz Maker
  • Conditional Logic
  • Integrations
  • Form Notifications
  • Free Plan

Google Forms

Google Forms is an excellent substitute for Typeform if you want to create simple forms. Beyond the fundamental form functions, there isn’t much you can do with it, but it works and is free. You can create straightforward forms with some customizations using the drag-and-drop builder.


While Jotform is not a WordPress plugin, it is similar to Typeform in that you can embed your Jotform forms by copying and pasting a code snippet. In addition, it offers you a wide range of customization possibilities and integrations for tying together marketing services. It’s a formidable competitor to Typeform and has many great features.

Typeform Pros & Cons


  • A good amount of various forms
  • Templates on any color
  • Simple and intuitive interface 
  • Flexibility
  • Free API
  • Logic Jump feature


  • There are too many features that are paid for

Final Words

So, what is Typeform, and what benefits does it offer you? Typeform is excellent for lead qualification, service feedback, and other very basic survey requirements. You have the option to gather and analyze data using this platform. Products come in a variety of uses. You have more flexibility and excellent design options with the help of applications and templates. We recommend you to try Typeform by yourself.

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What is Typeform?

With the flexible tool Typeform, you can share and gather customer data in a more informal and conversational way. The platform offers users a great deal of flexibility when creating surveys, forms, and questionnaires.

What is Typeform used for?

You could share and gather customer information using Typeform. It allows you to create apps and surveys without writing a single line of code.

Is Typeform easy to use?

It is a simple-to-use tool for gathering information, comments, and more. This solution outlines the fundamentals of data collection in an effort to make it as simple and conversational as possible.