Simplified Review 2023: Complete AI Content Creation Tool

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AI has become a buzzword in recent years. Owing to popularity of ChatGPT, everyone started talking about it. It is difficult to dispute that AI Tools may make life easier in practically every situation. 

If you’re looking for a complete tool for content development, you’ve come to the correct place. Today, we’ll look at one of these tools. 

Simplified is a content creation behemoth. 

In this post, we’ll look at how uses AI technology to provide its consumers simple content production tools and other digital services. We’ll go through the advantages of using these tools and how they may help organizations and individuals save time and money while improving content quality.

So, let’s start our journey. 

Start Creating Content with Simplified

What is Simplified?

In a nutshell, Simplified is an AI that can generate content for you. This software does it all: produce content, communicate with your team, write your copy, plan, and publish all of your material in one place for 100X greater productivity. 

With this tool, you will be able to do things such as:

  • Design 
  • Write 
  • Publish

Who is Simplified for?

Content producers, marketing teams, freelancers, and influencers that want to speed up or grow their content creation in the shortest amount of time.

Let’s review it more deeply. 

Simplified Pricing

One of the powerful benefit of this website is the free plan

It includes all of the platform’s primary features. So, if you don’t want to pay for an AI tool, this is ideal for you. Simplified is already mentioned in our essay about the 7 best free AI tools. You might also look for other beneficial choices there. 

Yet, the platform also features price plans.

Small Team

This plan’s name should speak for itself. This option is ideal for small teams and freelancers just starting out in digital marketing. It includes the following features:

  • Improve your designs by using quality stock pictures and templates. 
  • On team folders, you may collaborate, remark, and organize. 
  • Share your designs on social media right from the editor. 
  • 100 GB of storage

It comes for $30 per month. 


This is the greatest solution for developing teams scaling creatives, social, and blogs. It costs $50 per month and includes the following features:

  • Use brand kits to create content for various brands. 
  • With branded templates, you can maintain brand identification while saving time. 
  • Work with assigned responsibilities, lock components, approval procedures, and infinite folders to collaborate. 
  • 200 GB Storage


This plan is appropriate for larger teams and high-growth organizations. It costs $125 each month.

Simplified Features

So, what features does this platform provide? Let us go through this again.

When you first join onto the platform, you are given the option of how to use it. You have the following: 

  • Design
  • Video
  • AI Writing
  • Social Media


AI Art Generator

Using Simplify, you can create attractive designs for any purpose. The first is an AI art generator. You may enter any word and the AI will generate an image for you. This acts similarly to the well-known DALE2. 

It’s a handy function that allows you to easily generate any picture for your business. Do you want to see a lovely landscape? Or how about a poster design? You are welcome to it.

AI Presentation

You may make a presentation here. You must select a language and write a topic. The remainder will be handled by the AI. 

This is a helpful tool that allows you to rapidly create a foundation for your presentation. I’ve used this functionality personally and want to highlight a few points:

  • You can rapidly establish a foundation for your presentation, but you’ll need to refine it. 
  • The presentations have a terrific design. 
  • Simplify give you with a dozen of distinct templates.

Other Graphic

You may use multiple design templates for different posts or graphics here. You may make stuff like:

  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Ads
  • Tumbrl Graphic
  • Facebook Feed Ads
  • Medium Rectangle Ads
  • Skyscrapers
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • Email Headers
  • eBook Cover
  • and many others

You may also include an area for ecommerce templates. You could do things like this here:

  • Newsletter PopUp
  • Shopify Home Page Desktop Slider
  • Shopify Mobile Banner
  • Shopify Home Page Desktop Banner

AI Writing

You can use AI to produce text using Simplified. Any kind of. You may make blog entries, landing sites, email newsletters, and other things. 

When you arrive to the admin page, you may create a document. It appears to be a traditional text editor. You must give it a title and write a simple command. “Write a 5 blog titles regarding ecommerce,” for example. Following that, AI builds what you requested.

Simplified also provides writing themes. You will receive templates such as:

  • Blog ideas
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Blog Conclusion paragraph
  • Article Summarizer
  • Article Writer
  • Company Bio

Social Media

You can post and schedule with the Soical Media function. But first, you must connect your social network accounts to the platform. You will be able to link with platforms such as:

  • Instagram Personal
  • Instagram Business
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


Simplified relies heavily on video production. Simplify can make stunning videos for a variety of media and platforms. 

I’d want to add that after using this method a few times, I was pleased with it. You may use UX design to produce short films. 

You can create videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TickTock, and other platforms.

Easy Collaboration

Put your team on the same page and say goodbye to feedback loops and complex procedures. Tagging, commenting, and sharing with your team are all available in real time. If you have many teams, create multiple workspaces to arrange tasks independently. Folders are useful for organizing tasks and other stuff.

Simplified Alternatives

It’s difficult to find a free AI platform with as much features as Simplified these days. We’ll look at platforms that can be used instead of Simplified.


Slidebean is a website for creating pitch decks for startups and small enterprises. Use our AI-powered online presentation tools to create impressive presentations, or consult with our team of professionals. Slidebean is a nice option for Simplified’s Design section. 

Slidebean’s selection of pre-designed templates is a crucial feature. These templates cover a wide range of themes, including corporate pitches and sales presentations, as well as educational lectures and personal slideshows. Each design is entirely customisable, allowing you to add your own material and make adjustments to meet your specific requirements.


Canva is not an AI tool. Nonetheless, it is extremely familiar to the design possibilities of Simple.

Canva is a visual design website that lets users create everything from social media graphics to presentations, logos, and posters. Canva’s enormous collection of templates, which span a wide range of topics and can be fully adjusted to fit your needs, is one of its distinguishing features. The platform also provides a wide range of design components, such as stock pictures, graphics, icons, and fonts, that may be effortlessly integrated into your projects. is a robust diagramming and flowchart program that allows users to build mind maps, flowcharts, diagrams, and wireframes, among other visual representations. One of’s primary advantages is its user-friendly interface, which allows you to rapidly and simply create and alter diagrams. The program also includes a selection of templates and adjustable shapes, making it easy to build diagrams that are both professional-looking and easy to understand.

Simplified Pros & Cons


  • Excellent user experience that is simple to utilize
  • A vast range of tools
  • Quality of designs and templates 
  • Excellent social media scheduling capabilities


  • The presentations are rather basic and need to be polished
  • Writer is not superior to Chat GPT
  • Simplified doesn’t have an SVG export

Final Words

In summary, Simplified is an AI tool that can provide you with practically any material you choose. You can make drawings, text, and movies. Design, write marketing content, make videos, collaborate, and post to social media platforms all in one spot. Employ hundreds of stunning templates or start from scratch to easily generate content, brand materials, and videos. Then, with a single click, publish to reach your consumers wherever they are. 

We recommend you to try this platform by yourself. 

Start Creating Content with Simplified


What is Simplified?

Simplified is an AI platform that offers a full set of content production capabilities. It allows you to make blogs, videos, and schedule social network postings, among other things.

What does Simplified have to offer you?

It provides some excellent AI features to assist marketers, authors, and social media administrators in doing much more in less time and with a single app. Simple AI enables you to rapidly produce copies based on a keyword, rewrite material in different ways, generate pictures using natural language, and much more.

Is Simplified AI available for free?

Indeed, Simplified AI Writer is completely free! All they have to do is join up for Simplified and begin writing short or long-form texts, blogs, social media postings, novels, or whatever else they choose.

How do you use Simplified AI writer?

To utilize the AI assistant, go to the write for me tool and pick the short form assistance. Then scroll down to write for me, where you just enter your writing tone and the phrase you want the AI to finish. When you press generate, the AI will produce some possibilities for you.