The Best Node.js Ecommerce Platforms

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Ecommerce with Node.js

Since Node.js is an extremely powerful tool, it is widely used by developers around the world. Moreover, the environment is utilized within various spheres, including content management and ecommerce . Recently, I’ve covered all major Node.js CMSs, so now I’d like to draw your attention to some reliable ecommerce solutions based on Node.js. You can find all Firebear’s articles about the development environment listed here: The Ultimate Guide to Node.js. If you are looking for a robust ecommerce platform that offers Node-specific features, check the following article.

Despite some Node.js content management systems from our previous posts offer digital commerce opportunities, it is necessary to mention them again in this review, but with the emphasis on ecommerce features. Reaction Commerce,, StoreHippo, and other important market players illustrate how Node.js can satisfy the needs of online retail. Before we begin, pay attention to the following Node.js and ecommerce books, since they will help you get a deep insight into the topic:

Node.js Web Development

Top Node.js books

This is the most up-to-date book on Node.js that describes server-side JavaScript development with the help of Node.js. More Node.js books are available here: Node.JS From Essentials To Mastery. You can get Node.js Web Development here:

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ecommerce books

Launch is an ecommerce book that describes secrets of online business. It have more than 1 thousan reviews on Amazon and the book’s average rating is 4,6. More ecommerce books are listed here: Best Books To Level Up Your E-Commerce Skills. You can get Launch on this page:

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Reaction Commerce

Node.js ecommerce with Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce is a completely open source ecommerce platform based on JavaScript which widely utilizes Node.js. It offers a modern, scalable, and reactive architecture with real time capabilities. Besides, Reaction Commerce incorporates such platforms as Meteor and supports Docker, so you can easily get all the benefits of containerization. Below, I list some other platform’s  features:

  • Product Details. Reaction Commerce supports additional product details. This feature is utilized in a key/value list.
  • Reaction Apps. You can easily install new apps or create your own to extend the default features of this Node.js ecommerce platform.
  • Variant Management. Besides, Reaction Commerce offers a user friendly admin panel, so you can manage product options as well as related images without any headaches.
  • Fully Open Source. The Node.js ecommerce platform must be completely open source, and Reaction Commerce is not an exception.
  • Recursive Tag Taxonomy. What is this? Another useful feature which make categorization better. You can find more information on the official website.
  • Device Agnostic. It is extremely necessary to be device agnostic nowadays. Luckily, Reaction Commerce offers the same experience for both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Inline Field Editing. Simplicity is always a plus when it comes to content management. With this Node.js ecommerce platform, you can add and edit your content by clicking any text field.
  • Google Analytics Support. Reaction Commerce supports Google Analytics event tracking out-of-the-box.
  • Clone Existing Products. By using this Node.js ecommerce solution, you can create products by cloning any existing ones. It is fast and simple.
  • Tons of other features. Besides, Reaction Commerce offers tons of other ecommerce features. Don’t forget to check them on the official website here: Reaction Commerce features.

Node.js ecommerce with Traider is another reliable solution for those merchants looking for Node.js opportunities in ecommerce. The platform is open source and besides Node incorporates such modern technologies as Bootstrap and MongoDB. The creators of assure that by choosing their Node.js ecommerce platform you will be able to get maximum fidback from codding in Javascript due to the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, and Node.js). They also provide a flexible and scalable ecommerce API. As for your visitors, they will get a clean and responsive interface based on Bootstrap 3.0. Other Traider’s features are:

  • Flexible Codebase. With this Node.js ecommerce platform, you will be able to use the familiar HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript building blocks, which significantly improves the quality of your development.
  • Built-in Tools. There are tons of built-in tools offered by You can use default frontend and admin, change them, or replace with your own custom solutions.
  • Responsive Bootstrap UI. As I’ve mentioned earlier, being a device agnostic platform means everything nowadays. Therefore, offers a responsive interface based on Bootstrap technology.
  • The MEAN Stack. Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node are at your disposal, when you use
  • GitHub Integration. Besides, the platform offers all its code via GitHub. You can freely take it and perform all possible experiments.
  • Other Features. Flexibility, testability, scalability, platform independence, and easy adoption are also among core features of You can find out more about this Node.js ecommerce platform on its official website.


Node.js ecommerce with Marketcloud

Marketcloud is not an ordinary ecommerce platform. It is an API service for ecommerce development which supports Node.js. Thus, if you are not a coder, Marketcloud won’t be useful for your business, but it is always possible to hire a team of specialists. The platform is aimed at managing data while developers focus on building amazing ecommerce experience. Below, you can see some of Marketcloud’s features.

  • Enhanced development workflow. The workflow is based on Yeoman’s generators turning routine ecommerce development into fun.
  • Advanced Authentication. Provide your visitors with the ability to sign in via Facebook, Twitter, or email and get a deep insight into their preferences, browsing history, and carts.
  • Top Notch Search Engine. All Marketcloud ecommerce websites get a reliable search engine. As a  result, your customers can find almost everything on your web store.
  • Easy to Use Dashboard. The system offers a user friendly dashboard, so your administrators will be able to manage and visualize ecommerce data within a quick and powerful application.
  • Data Layer. Marketcloud relies on JSON documents when it comes to data. Since the platform’s API abstracts database-related mechanics, every client connected to your application shares the same version of data.
  • Cross Platforming Capabilities. Support for different platforms is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s a feature which help to exist on your market. Thus, Marketcloud offers the ability to build native mobile and web apps with the aid of SDKs for Javascript, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Simple And Powerful API. Incorporate new features with just a few lines of code due to simple and powerful API offered by Marketcloud .

Node.js ecommerce with Schema

The next Node.js ecommerce platform and API for creative online stores is This system incorporates a lot of modern coding technologies to provide developers with the ability to create top notch ecommerce solutions. It’s not a free solution, but there is a free plan. You can check available offers on the official website. As for features, they are listed below:

  • Extensive API. Schema provides powerful and extendable API as well as reliable tools for creating beautiful ecommerce websites.
  • Custom Admin. You can easily customize admin pages and workflows with the help of this Node.js ecommerce platform. Besides, there is the ability to automate everything.
  • Device Agnostic. works on both mobile and desktop devices, so you can extend it to all possible platforms.
  • Advanced Integration. Schema supports integration with outside content and programming frameworks. Therefore, you can use your favourite tools within the system.
  • API Centric. By choosing this Node.js ecommerce platform, you will be able to extend every part of your ecommerce project with the help of powerful API.
  • High Performance. Sell millions of products making your data available everywhere within seconds with
  • Advanced Customization. You can use standard models or customize everything according your business needs.


Node.js ecommerce with StoreHippo

StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform with a strong emphasis on mobile commerce aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Besides incorporating Node.js features, the platform offers such competitive advantages as zero IT costs, mobile support, no hidden fees, 24X7 support, SEO out-of-the-box, and social media integration. Another important aspect is StoreHippo’s Beyond e-commerce businesses strategy: the platform combines ecommerce and social media features in order to revolutionize ecommerce business. Other important features of this Node.js ecommerce platform are:

  • M-Commerce. StoreHippo provides mobile-first single page architecture and responsive themes. Besides, the platform offers both Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Modern Coding Technologies. Due to LEAN & MEAN stacks, you can get all the benefits of using Node.js and other modern coding technologies.
  • Advanced Integration. The platform offers a lot of integration features, such as apps integration with your existing inventory.
  • Automation. Updates within StoreHippo are deployed automatically.
  • Code free. If you are not a developer, you can easily create an ecommerce store with the aid of the platforms, since there is no need to write a single line of code to build something.


Node.js ecommerce with Sofa

If you are looking for a reliable tool for building web store on CouchCommerce, pay attention to Sofa. It is an SDK for building ecommerce web apps for that exact platform. Sofa offers tons of great features, relies on modular system, and is framework agnostic. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Advanced Search. The platform offers an easy to use search service with throttling support.
  • Easy Checkout. Decrease your cart abandonment rate with Sofa’s easy checkout. Besides, you will be able to provide your buyers with several payment option.
  • Promise-Based API. Get rid of callback hell with components’ asynchronous promise-based APIs, and manage flow control in your apps with ease.
  • Convenient Cart. With Sofa, you will improve customer experience due to convenient shopping carts.
  • Modular System. The platform relies on a modular system with all its components sliced into separate packages. Thus, you can choose only necessary features and install them via npm and Bower.
  • Enhanced Catalog. Sofa provides an enhanced process of accessing categories or products from a catalog.


Node.js ecommerce with 80cents

Although Node JS has quickly become a great tool for developing various web project, we still don’t have a lot of reliable ecommerce solutions among them. Thus, 80cents is the last Node.js ecommerce platform in this article. Being a fully open source platform, it should help you sell all your goods and services on the Internet. Check the following features:

  • Superior Online Experience. 80cents is here to help you with providing top notch ecommerce experience. As a seller, you will get a superb admin panel, while your customers will be able to enjoy a perfect UI. Node JS provides enough capabilities to achieve this goal.
  • Endless Customization. Get your 80cents ecommerce store ready in less than five minutes. Modify everything whenever you want.
  • Experiments. This Node.js ecommerce platform is a fully open source project; therefore, you or your developers can implement all their ideas within your web store.
  • Real-Time Experience. 80cents has been developed with real-time experience in mind, so you can easily take the advantage of this feature within your ecommerce website.
  • Device Agnostic. The platform offers the the best possible ecommerce experience on any device.

As you can see, using Node.js in ecommerce is a good idea. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of examples, but all of them deserves attention. Being a coder or an ecommerce merchant you can find out something new and interesting with the help of the aforementioned platforms. If we’ve missed an important Node.js ecommerce platform, let us know in a comment field below.