Node.JS From Essentials To Mastery (Best Books)

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Node.JS Books amazon

Have you ever experienced this intense need for mastering Node.JS but at the same time had no time or possibility to get started? Or, what’s even worse, you might have faced the challenge of dealing with books and guides that only left a complete mess in your head? Well, it is time to finally make things easy, as we are here to help you overcome your doubts and provide you with the most comprehensive and useful Node.JS books available online. With this collection at hand, you will get the most profound understanding of Node.JS principles and a vigorous inspiration to put newly acquired knowledge into practice. Continue Reading

Node.js In Production

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Production websites on Node.js

The appearance of Node.js made a great resonance in the coding community. The solution has simplified a lot of complicated processes, introduced new features,  and made development much more user-friendly. The influence of the platform is constantly growing and as a result we can see big companies using Node.js in production. So let’s figure out how much enterprise ready is Node. Continue Reading

Node.js Full Stack Frameworks Overview

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Full Stack Node.js Frameworks

Although some users think that Node.js is a web application framework, it is not correct. Being a platform developed to streamline the creation of apps, it only seems like a framework at first glance. As for the frameworks themselves, they are built on top of Node.js. Our blog already covers some useful tools related to the platform, but this time we are going to describe Node.js full stack frameworks. Continue Reading

Node.js (Best CMS, E-Commerce systems, and Open Source projects)

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Node.js tutorial

Our Node.js tutorial includes all the important information about this runtime environment. It provides both theory and practical examples. Being an open source project, Node.js is developed to work on different platforms designed for server-side and networking apps. Talking about Node.js modules, we should mention that they are written in JavaScript. In their turn, Node.js apps can be run within the aforementioned runtime on such platforms as Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, NonStop, FreeBSD, and IBM i. Thanks to a non-blocking I/O API and an event-driven architecture, Node.js optimizes throughput and scalability of applications (often real-time web apps). It uses V8 JavaScript engine by Google for the code execution. Last but not least is an embedded library that allows apps to act as a Web server without Apache HTTP Server, IIS, or other similar software. Microsoft, Walmart, Yahoo!, Groupon, LinkedIn, PayPal are among prominent users of Node.js. But why do they use it? What is the main purpose of Node.js and what are the advantages?

The Ultimate Node.js Tutorial

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Node.js Security Improvements

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Node.js Security optimizations

In the following post, we are going to discuss crucial Node.js security improvements. The platform itself is not very risky, so all major security problems are caused by its popularity and extensive use. As a result, sloppy coding makes projects absolutely unreliable, but you can easily avoid common Node.js security problems, and you will do so with core Node.js security improvements, resources, and tools listed below. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Node.js Tutorial

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Node.js on Firebear

If you are willing to learn everything about Node.js, we are willing to provide you with all necessary materials. The following post contains a list of Firebear’s articles related to Node. Our team is always working on new stuff, so this Node.js tutorial is getting bigger. Continue Reading

Top Node.js REST API frameworks

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REST API frameworks for Node.js

Being a software architectural style, REST provides the ability to increase the performance of your projects by introducing more maintainable architecture. If you are using a heavy MVC framework, but need to cope with a fast Node.js REST API server, then pay attention to Node.js REST API frameworks. The best solutions are described in the following post, and they offer the following advantages: Continue Reading

Node.js Natural Language Processing Projects

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Node.js NLP

Node.js offers enough resources to run various natural language processing projects taking the area of human-computer interaction to a new level. Node.js natural language processing mainly involves human language understanding. As a result, Node.js applications can derive meaning from the language input. Currently, there are 4 most prominent Node.js natural language processing projects in the ecosystem: retext, franc, leven, and natural. All of them are described below.   Continue Reading

17 Node.js Tools To Streamline Your Operations With File System

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Node.js Filesystem Tools

Utilities described in this article will essentially improve your daily work with a file system. Below, you will find 17 time-tested Node.js filesystem tools, which are widely used within the community. If you are going to streamline routine tasks related to a file system, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, we recommend you to check the 75 best Node.js command line apps and utilities. Continue Reading