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Amasty Custom Form Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Form Extension

In the following post, we review one of the robust Amasty tools – Custom Form for Magento 2. The extension is designed to create various web forms that online store owners can utilize to collect additional information about customers. These and other use cases are illustrated in this review. The Amasty Custom Form Magento 2 extension offers an intuitive backend with flexible settings, so you can create all necessary web forms and customize them according to your ecommerce needs with zero effort.

Below, we shed light on the extension’s features and describe its admin interface and frontend user experience. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Extensions Reviewed On Firebear

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions Reviewed by the Firebear team

Below, you will find a list of Magento 2 extensions reviewed on the Firebear website. All Magento 2 modules are combined into groups depending on the vendor. We are trying to review new tools on a daily basis, so the following list is constantly growing. Besides, there is a tutorial that describes how to select a Magento 2 extension below.  As for similar articles, you can also check all Magento 2 modules compared on Firebear as well as a list of Magento 2 plugins gathered by the functionality they provide (check this section with digests), for instance, the best layered navigation extensions. Continue Reading

Amasty California Consumer Privacy Act Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

In 2018, the California state had passed a law that provided California residents with the right to be informed on how their data is collected and distributed by organizations and businesses. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into force on January 1, 2020, making all merchants whose online business covers the California region responsible for complying with the new requirements. The regulations are related to collecting, managing, and disclosing the personal information of website visitors who come from California.

The Amasty California Consumer Privacy Act extension allows Magento 2 merchants to make necessary adjustments in their privacy policy to comply with the CCPA legislation. By leveraging the module’s features, you can transparently process customers’ details and ensure their personal data safety. Below, we describe the functionality of the CCPA Magento 2 extension in more detail.

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Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extensions Comparison (Amasty, Mirasvit, Aheadworks)

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Amasty, Mirasvit, aheadWorks

Cart abandonment might be considered the biggest curse of ecommerce. Luckily, there are lots of Magento 2 extensions designed to solve this problem or, at least, reduce its influence on online business. Below, we try to figure out the relative merits of the most popular Magento 2 follow up modules: Amasty Abandoned Cart Email, Mirasvit Follow Up Email, and Aheadworks Follow Up Email. So, if you are looking for a robust Magento 2 follow up extension, you will find it here. Continue Reading

Amasty Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 Extension

magento 2 abandoned cart reminder extension

Although cart abandonment is a huge ecommerce problem, you can easily decrease its influence on your business by using proper third-party extensions. Check the following two posts to discover the most reliable Magento 2 cart abandonment software solutions the ecosystem provides: Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extensions Comparison & Magento 2 Shopping Cart Abandonment. Below, we shed light on the module specified in both digests – Amasty Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2. After you install the tool, the encouraging Magento 2 cart abandonment email will be automatically sent to a customer every time they leave a shopping cart without proceeding to checkout.

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Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension by Amasty

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Follow Up Email Module

We’ve already reviewed the Amasty Abandoned Cart Email extension. This time, we want to pay separate attention to another robust tool developed by the company – the Follow Up Email module for Magento 2. Below, we shed light on its core features and describe the backend functionality. You can discover our comparison of cart abandonment and follow up plugins here: Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extensions Comparison. Continue Reading

Amasty Customer Segmentation Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Customer Segmentation Extension

We’ve already reviewed Magento 2 customer segmentation extension by Mirasvit, and today it’s time to pay attention to its closest competitor – Amasty Customer Segmentation Magento 2 module. In the following post, you will find all its personalization features described. Besides, we provide a detailed backend guide. The tool allows you to segment both registered customers and guests by various parameters to establish more precise marketing and better personalization. Continue Reading

Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Extension Review; Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Module Overview

Showing banners on web store pages is one of the most effective ways to timely inform online shoppers about running promo campaigns and special offers. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 platform doesn’t provide an easy way to display catchy banners on store pages. Therefore, not all website visitors are informed about promotions and hot deals you offer. To solve this problem, we recommend you paying attention to the Magento 2 banner extension by Amasty. The Promo Banners module allows merchants to configure flexible conditions for promotion rules that will act as a basis for banners display. This way, you can set up targeted campaigns and reach your marketing goals more easily.  Continue Reading

Amasty Automatic Promotions for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 promotions module

Online shoppers love discounts and special offers that allow them to save money. Today, we present a powerful tool that helps online store owners create unique promo campaigns and attract website visitors’ attention using various design elements. Meet Amasty Automation Suite – a solution for Magento 2 stores that offers a comprehensive toolset for setting up exclusive marketing campaigns and automates work with promotions. Below, we describe the functionality of the Magento 2 Automatic Promotions extension. 
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Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions Comparison (Amasty, Magestore, OneStepCheckout A.S.)

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Amasty One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension

We have a separate review of Amasty One Step Checkout for Magento 2, and now it is time to compare it with another reliable OSC Magento 2 solution – Magestore One Step Checkout. Both tools combine all checkout steps on a single page and provide a bunch of features that improve the default procedure even more. So, below, Amasty and Magestore get to close quarters. If you are looking for the best Magento 2 one step checkout extension, check this post. Continue Reading